How To Convert Women’s Shoe Size To Men’s Shoe Size

When you’re a tall lady, you most probably have a bigger shoe size. For women it’s not always easy to find appropriate shoes in bigger sizes. A helpful tip is to go looking in men’s sizes. Find out how to convert Women’s Shoe Size To Men’s Shoe Size in the below page. For US shoe sizing, there’s a 1.5-size difference between men’s & women’s US sizing.

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Us Women’s to Men’s Shoe Size

The exact difference of sizing will vary depending on the brand, but in general, there’s about 1.5 sizes difference between the two departments.

  • Men’s size 7 responds to a women’s 8.5
  • Men’s size 7.5 responds to a women’s 9
  • Men’s size 8 responds  to a women’s 9.5
  • Men’s size 8.5 responds to a women’s 10
  • Men’s size 9 responds to a women’s 10.5
  • Men’s size 9.5 responds to a women’s 11
  • Men’s size 10 responds to a women’s 11.5
  • Men’s 10.5 responds to a women’s 12
  • Men’s 11 responds to a women’s 12.5
  • Men’s 11.5 responds to a women’s 13
  • Men’s 12 responds to a women’s 13.5
  • Men’s 12.5 responds to a women’s 14
women's shoe size in mens size for USA Europe and UK shoe sizing
women’s shoe size in mens size for USA Europe and UK shoe sizing

The most complete Women’s Shoe Size To Men’s Shoe Size conversion table

How to use the women’s to men’s shoe sizing chart

Length conversion

Most Shoe sizing systems have the same size indication for men to women’s shoes sizing, some haven’t, like the US, UK, Japanese shoe sizes. Discover them in the below table. Like in many of our size charts it’s best to start from your actual foot length. if you want to learn more: read the how to measure your foot length below or in our separate page

U.S. & CanadaM45678910½11½12½14U.S. & CanadaM
W567891010.512131415.5U.S. & CanadaW
Russia & UkraineW33½343536373839Russia & UkraineW
Korea (mm.)228231235238241245248251254257260267273279286292Korea

Women’s to Men shoe width

Widths, however, remain the same during conversion: if you wear a women’s D width, you will also wear a men’s D width.

Women’s shoe width

3A, AAA, Sx-narrow or slim
2A, AA, Nnarrow
A, B, Mregular
C, D, Wwide
2E, EE, 2XWx-wide
4E, EEEE, 4XWxx-wide

If you want to understand more about the importance of shoe width? Read it here.

Finding Your Shoe Size

From sports running shoes to men’s work boots, shoes are sized according to length and width. Understanding how your foot compares to the standard sizes will ensure your shoes fit perfectly, whether you buy them in a real store or order them online.

Measure your feet for the right shoes size

How do I know my Shoe size?

You will need: a pair of socks, a piece of paper or cardboard, a tape measure or ruler, and a pen

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How should shoes fit and how to define the perfect fitting shoe Size?
10 easy steps to measure your feet correctly:

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon.
    Your feet swell during the day, it’s best to measure your feet at their fullest
  2. Stand When Measuring
    When in a wheelchair there’s no pressure on the feet, so it’s unnecessary to stand up.
  3. Wear socks
    Most of the time, you wear socks. Make sure you wear socks when you measure your feet. If you plan to buy clogs or sandals, you can leave the socks behind.
  4. Be precise
  5. Measure both feet
    Measure your left and right foot separately as they’re not the same length. Take the biggest measurement to determine your running shoes Size
  6. Stand on your piece of paper
    Keeping your body weight over your foot, trace a thin line around the outside of your entire foot.
  7. Start drawing
    When drawing the line, hold the pen perpendicular to the ground.
  8. Measure the length of your feet
    Measure vertically down the length of your foot tracing. This is your foot length.
  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape
    Measure horizontally across the widest part of your foot tracing. This is your foot width. A post dedicated on the importance of the width of shoes and the different width sizing systems for shoes you find here
  10. Determine your running shoe size in the conversion charts
    Start from the measurement in inches or centimeters and define your size in the charts for women to mens size conversion

Read our dedicated How To Measure Your Feet Post

shoe sizing how to measure your feet - how to place heel, paper and pencil
shoe sizing how to measure your feet – how to place heel, paper and pencil

Helpful Measuring Tips and takeaways in a nutshell

Keep these tips in mind to help you get the best results from your measurement:

  1. Take your measurements at the end of the day
  2. When measuring, wear the socks or tights you plan to wear with this pair of shoes.
  3. Always trace and measure both feet.
  4. Use the largest foot to find your shoe size.
  5. to keep your balance while tracing, do it next to a chair or table that you can hold to steady yourself.
  6. Some people also find it easier to have a friend trace the foot.

Frequently asked questions about women’s to men’s shoe sizes

How to convert women’s shoe size to men’s shoe sizes?

The easiest way to convert a women’s shoe size to men’s size is using the above shoe size conversion chart. To make it easy, subtract 1.5 points from the women’s size. A women’s size 9.5 would be a men’s size 8, while a men’s size 7 would be a women’s 8.5.

What is a men’s shoe size 9 in Women’s shoe size?

A men’s size 9 will be a women’s size 10.5. There’s generally a 1.5 point difference. But this depends on the brand.

Can an woman wear men shoes?

Yes, women can wear men’s shoes. But, they’re usually half a size wider. Moreover, women’s shoe sizes are anywhere between 1.5 to 2 points more than men’s. Women who have wide feet may find it more comfortable to wear unisex designs made for men.

Women’s to men’s shoe size explained (video)

Women’s to men’s shoe size explained by Sari Qasem

Conclusion on Women’s to Men’s shoe size conversion

When you buy a pair of shoes, you really want to have that pair that’s generally marketed to the opposite gender. If you find yourself in this situation, you can use the women’s shoe size to men’s shoe size chart to find out the opposite sex’s sizing. In general, women’s shoe sizes are about 1.5 points bigger than men’s shoe sizes in the US shoe sizing system, but the widths are roughly the same. The above shoe size charts are pretty useful, but if you can, try on the shoes before buying them.

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