Kizik Size Charts

Kizik is a firm that was established by Michael Pratt, the creator and former CEO of Ogio International, a manufacturer of bags that was acquired by Callaway Golf in 2017. Kizik has its headquarters in Alpine, Utah (skip straight to the Kizik Size Charts).

The Kizik sneaker is a high-end hands-free shoe created specifically for males. To ensure that the shoes are long-lasting and sturdy enough to be enjoyed for a significant amount of time, the materials used in their construction include leather made from top-grain hides in their entirety and other quality textiles.

Kizik Size Charts
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When KIZIK set out to transform the footwear business, they intended to do so in a way that only inventors can: by creating something really original and extraordinary. Their commitment to minimalism results in shoes that combine exciting style with exceptional practicality. The style of one’s footwear is one of the most popular methods to exhibit one’s individuality, but they do not believe that this must involve the hardship of tying laces or hopping around on one foot after airport security.

KIZIK designed their shoes with Hands-Free Technology in mind, so that the design of the shoe and the technology operate well together. They subject the shoes to over one hundred thousand compression tests to ensure that they live up to their promise without exception. They craft each shoe from the highest-quality material, which ensures its strength, longevity, and improved appearance with time.

They feel that functionality and style are compatible. Put on your KIZIK shoes every day knowing that they have meticulously made each pair to ensure that you adore the design, comfort, and hands-free technology. Welcome to the revolution of footwear. 

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Kizik Size Charts Table of Contents

General Kizik size chart

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Brand sizeUKEurope
4 1/23 1/236 1/2
5437 1/2
5 1/24 1/238
6538 1/2
6 1/25 1/239
7 1/26 1/240 1/2
8 1/27 1/242
9842 1/2
9 1/28 1/243
10 1/29 1/244 1/2
11 1/210 1/245 1/2
131247 1/2
141348 1/2
151449 1/2

LITTLE KIDS (10.5C – 3Y)

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US – KIDS10 C11 C12 C13 C1 Y2 Y3 Y
FOOT LENGTH6 9/16 in 16.7 cm6 15/16 in 17.6 cm7 4/16 in 18.4 cm7 9/16 in 18.7 cm7 15/16 in 20.2 cm8 4/16 in 21 cm8 9/16 in 21.7 cm

BIG KIDS (3.5Y – 7Y)

US – KIDS3.5Y4Y4.5Y5Y5.5Y6Y6.5Y7Y
US – MEN’S3.544.555.566.57
US – WOMEN’S55.566.577.588.5
FOOT LENGTH8 12/16 in 22.2 cm8 13/16 in 22.4 cm8 15/16 in 22.7 cm9 2/16 in 23.2 cm9 4/16 in 23.5 cm9 6/16 in 23.8 cm9 9/16 in 24.3 cm9 11/16 in 24.6 cm

Little kid’s shoes (10 c – 3 y)

10 C9.527
11 C10.528
12 C11.529.5
13 C12.531
1 Y13.532
2 Y1.533.5
3 Y2.535

Big kid’s shoes (3.5 Y – 7 Y)

3.5 Y335.5
4 Y3.536
5 Y4.537.5
5.5 Y538
6 Y5.538.5
6.5 Y639
7 Y640

Kizik men’s shoe size chart

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Kizik women’s shoe size chart

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How to choose Kizik shoes

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There is a plethora of men’s and women’s footwear available from Kizik that may be selected from. Because we have previously reviewed the sneakers made by Kizik New York, we are already familiar with the brand. They sent me the Athens model in Watermelon, which is one of the ten colors that are available for both men and women.

The knitted upper of the Kizik Athens for ladies comes in sizes 6-13 and is both lightweight and breathable. The Athens is available in these sizes.
Kizik calls the material that makes up their outsoles “Rabbit Foam,” and it is so pliable and cushioned that you won’t mind wearing your shoes for the entire day.

Every pair of shoes has a rubber traction pod embedded in the forefoot and heel of the sole to provide the wearer with more stability and control. They designed the cushioned insoles to be readily removed and replaced with a new set whenever necessary.

Although these shoes come with shoelaces, you won’t need to worry about tying or untying them in order to put them on or take them off. Simply pull the shoelaces to the desired level of tightness or looseness to achieve the ideal fit. After then, you won’t need to make any more use of your hands to adjust the shoes.

When you put pressure on your heel, the “cage” made of mesh in the back of the shoe flexes and then returns to its original position. To put it another way, they will not squish your heels when you are attempting to put them on. We’ve all probably tried to slip on a pair of conventional shoes without first untying them, only to discover that the heel of the shoe has been folded under the back of the foot. This happens when the shoe is too tight in the heel area.

Factors to consider when purchasing your Kizik shoes

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1. Fit

Experts say that besides trying on the shoes with the socks you want to wear while using them, engage in the activity for which you would use the shoes to determine how well they fit. When you’re just getting started with running, sometimes an option will feel wonderful standing or even walking but disclose inadequacies or fit difficulties after a few minutes.

The heel should be able to move freely within the shoe, but still, feel secure. Since your foot moves considerably more dynamically while you’re running than when you’re walking. Running or walking shoes should have lots of room for your toes to wiggle. For cycling, you want shoes that fit snugly but leave room in the toe box.

Experts recommend leaving around half an inch of space between your big toe and the front of the shoe when searching for any sport-specific footwear. When engaging in your chosen activity, you shouldn’t have any sore spots.

2. The Shoe’s Outline

The best-fitting comfortable shoes are those whose shapes are almost identical to those of the wearer’s feet. Burns refers to it as “mapping to your foot,” while Reese says that any pair of sneakers should act as an “extension of your foot.”

3. Sensation in the Shoe

How responsive or cushioned (soft) is the shoe? Is the shoe’s arch comfortable or does it feel like it’s in the way? Do you feel you have to fight the shoe to get a good stride? Most people agree they should consider these factors alongside how comfortable the shoe is and how well it protects against injuries.

According to Dorworth, your anatomy and biomechanics can make you more prone to injury, but donning the footwear can mitigate this risk. Investing in a pair of shoes that fits you perfectly will be money well spent.

4. Effects of Exercise on the Body

We advise keeping track of how you feel after trying on a pair of shoes to determine if they are the proper fit. Did you experience any foot problems, such as blisters, hot areas, or bruises, while jogging or afterward? I was wondering if you had any other aches and pains, such as shin splints or knee problems. When assessing footwear, we think about these factors and more.

5. Returns Policy of the Company

We recommend that when looking for new footwear, think about the return policies of both the Kizik and the specialty store. This is true if you are new to your sport and have little knowledge of the many shoe options, and if you are making your purchase online. Without prior experience or knowledge, it’s incredibly impossible to determine what’s going to work for you.

With only one shoe, you can get a sense of where you are in relation to where you want to go. If you try on a pair of shoes and decide you don’t like them, you’ll gain valuable insight into the fit and feel of different shoes that can guide your future choice, but you’ll still want the option to exchange or return the unwanted pair.

Learn more about Kizik Size Charts (video)

Kizik Hands-Free Shoes | The Easiest Shoes You’ll Ever Put on! by Kizik

Design: The Kizik Handsfree New York Shoe

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KIZIK has equipped the shoe with a style known as Foot Activated Shoe Technology. The F.A.S.T. system consists of a wing on top of the heel for easy entry and exit, a heel that collapses for entry, a firm tongue for a hands-free experience, and velcro straps to alter the shoe’s width.

When you put on your shoes, your heel will compress the back of the shoe, but a titanium wire spring will then push the back of the shoe back into its normal position. Because of this, the shoes can fit properly with no complicated mechanisms or electronics. The F.A.S.T. brochure explains the concept of “foot-activated shoes.”

The leather around the heel is punctured so that it can collapse with the weight of the foot. The heel and the shoe’s inner are both protected by an additional leather lining. Red leather lines the interior of these shoes. When you put weight on your heel, the groove in the shoe allows it to spread outward. Commonly, it’s not open.

The shoe’s laces can be tightened or loosened by adjusting the width of the aperture at the top of the tongue. Two industrial-strength Velcro tabs allow for a custom fit. It turned out to be possible to change the fit of the shoe by separating the panels while the foot was still inside.

Fine-tuning changes can be done without inserting the foot if a more snug fit is needed. Velcro is only supposed to function in one direction, either closing or opening the foot opening. They can adjust fit by moving the tongue forward or backward by adjusting the Velcro closure, which can be done by moving it slightly ahead or behind the centerline.

The sneaker’s technology appears easy to use, and the mechanism is very uncomplicated. Fundamentals of exceptional technology include simplicity to where it’s barely noticeable and independence from the design of how it’s used from complexity. When using an iPhone or Android, for example, the user does not know what goes on behind the scenes. Similarly, the self-tensioning heel of these shoes conducts its job without being noticed.


The evaluated footwear is a castle grey color. At first, you may think they’d just go with jeans, but it is wrong; they look well with a wide variety of bottoms. Many people will tell you how much they like them, and they’ve become somewhat of a topic of conversation.

They’re a step up from both dockers and those fake black lace-up sneakers. There is a bright red line that runs from front to back across the sole.


If have a low arch and fairly wide feet. The shoes, however, are only available in one width. After consulting the Kizik website, they will inform you that the New York fits true to size.. At first, you may be concerned that the size you ordered might be too tiny. There is an improvement in comfort up front with the following half size up, however, the back of the shoe popped up.

The leather will stretch with use and would eventually make the shoe comfortable to wear. Although the feet seem more like the shoebox than they do average feet, they always prefer it wearing shoes that are wider than the norm. So you can wear them for a few days even though they can be snug, and they will end up fitting much better by the end.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do Kizik sizes run?

Though KIZIK claims their shoes fit true to size, many customers have noted that they really come up a half size small. If you want the greatest fit, go for the next size up. That way, you can get a pair of shoes despite having large feet.

2. Do Kizik shoes fit true to size?

They rigorously checked the sizing of KIZIK shoes to make sure they conform to the norms of the footwear business to fit true to sizes.

3. What size is 37 shoes in Kizik?

size 5

4. What’s the biggest Kizik size?

There are sizes 4.5–15 in both regular and wide (EE) widths for men and 4.5–13 in both widths for women.

5. What’s the smallest shoe size Kizik makes?

Shoes labeled size 0 (or size 1) can simply be that length. This is usually the shortest length that can be made functional, though it may vary for shoes designed for children, teenagers, men, and women, making it impossible to compare sizes.

6. Where can I buy kizik footwear?

Your best bet for locating a pair of kizik shoes is to buy a pair online. Kizik Shoes are only available for purchase through their own website and other online retailers such as Amazon and Zappos.

7. Is it possible to machine-wash Kiziks?

These can be spot-cleaned with a moist cloth, some mild soap, and water, but we should not wash them in a machine. It’s a plus that we can clean the insoles in the washing machine. Its Rabbit Foam outsole appears sturdy and will keep your feet in place during the most strenuous adventures.


You might think it’s ridiculous to spend money on hands-free footwear when you can just buy a pair of Crocs. Of course, these are far more attractive than a pair of Crocs! Personally, I think Kizik shoes are fantastic for someone who travels frequently and has to go through airport security. I think these shoes are great, and the pricing is even better.

Thank you for reading our article. In case of any queries please leave them in the comment section.

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