FootJoy Size Charts for Adults and Kids

Founded in Massachusetts in 1857, FootJoy is a golf apparel manufacturer. In 1985, the Acushnet Company purchased Footjoy from General Mills. Among American golfers, FootJoy is the brand of choice for both shoes and gloves. In 1970, the company formally changed its name to FootJoy, Inc., after one of its most successful product lines. The main office is now in Brockton, MA (skip straight to the FootJoy Size Charts).

FootJoy shoes are designed with the golfer’s performance, comfort, and, of course, respect, for the sport’s rich history in mind. Besides its signature FootJoy shoes, the company now sells socks, gloves, and other accessories.

FootJoy Size Charts for Adults and Kids
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The Pro SL model is among the best golf shoes made by FootJoy for regular use. Simple in the making, but striking in appearance, these golf shoes are ideal for all seasons. These shoes are not only stylish but also very comfortable thanks to the Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF) in the soles.

To be expected from a firm of this caliber is a sizable roster of athletes who have relied on its footwear and gear. Justin Thomas, Adam Scott, Bernd Wiesberger, Rafa Cabrera-Bello, Ian Poulter, and countless others are now playing for them.

FootJoy golf shoes are made from a wide range of materials, from leather to synthetics. Depending on the model, the footbeds in Footjoy’s golf shoes may be machine or hand stitched for increased comfort and durability, respectively.

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FootJoy Size Charts Table of Contents

  1. Men’s shoe size conversion chart
  2. Men’s width sizing chart
  3. Women’s shoe size conversion chart
  4. Junior boy’s shoe size conversion chart
  5. Junior girl’s shoe size conversion chart
  6. Footjoy gloves size chart
  7. Footjoy Men’s Golf Glove Size Chart
  8. Footjoy women’s Golf Glove Size Chart
  9. Footjoy men’s shirt, sweater, and jacket sizing
  10. Men’s Rain size chart
  11. Footjoy women’s shirt and jacket sizing
  12. women’s rain paint size chart
  13. Footjoy junior shirt and jacket sizing
  14. How to choose the right Footjoy sizes
  15. Frequently asked questions

Men’s shoe size conversion chart

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65382424024.0 cm 9.4 in
6.55.538.524.524524.5 cm 9.6 in
76392525025.0 cm 9.8 in
7.56.54025.525525.5 cm 10 in
8740.52626026.0 cm 10.2 in
8.57.54126.526526.5 cm 10.4 in
98422727027.0 cm 10.6 in
9.58.542.527.527527.5 cm 10.8 in
109432828028.0 cm 11 in
10.59.54428.528528.5 cm 11.2 in
111044.52929029.0 cm 11.4 in
11.510.54529.529529.5 cm 11.6 in
1211463030030.0 cm 11.8 in
12.511.546.530.530530.5 cm 12 in
1312473131031.0 cm 12.2 in
13.512.54831.531531.5 cm 12.4 in
141348.53232032.0 cm 12.6 in
14.513.54932.532532.5 cm 12.8 in
1514503333033.0 cm 13 in
15.514.550.533.533533.5 cm 13.2 in
1615513434034.0 cm 13.4 in

Men’s width sizing chart

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Women’s shoe size conversion chart

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53352222022.0 cm 8.7 in
5.53.53622.522522.5 cm 8.9 in
6436.52323023.0 cm 9.1 in
6.54.53723.523523.5 cm 9.3 in
75382424024.0 cm 9.4 in
7.55.538.524.524524.5 cm 9.6 in
86392525025.0 cm 9.8 in
8.56.54025.525525.5 cm 10 in
9740.52626026.0 cm 10.2 in
9.57.54126.526526.5 cm 10.4 in
108422727027.0 cm 10.6 in
10.58.542.527.527527.5 cm 10.8 in
119432828028.0 cm 11 in
11.59.54428.528528.5 cm 11.2 in
121044.52929029.0 cm 11.4 in

Junior boy’s shoe size conversion chart

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1XX1919019.0 cm 7.5 in
2132.52020020.0 cm 7.9 in
32342121021.0 cm 8.3 in
43352222022.0 cm 8.7 in
4.53.53622.522522.5 cm 8.9 in
5436.52323023.0 cm 9 in
5.54.537.523.523523.5 cm 9.3 in
65382424024.0 cm 9.4 in
6.55.538.524.524524.5 cm 9.6 in
76392525025.0 cm 9.8 in

Junior girl’s shoe size conversion chart

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1XX1818018.0 cm 7.1 in
2XX1919019.0 cm 7.5 in
3132.52020020.0 cm 7.9 in
42342121021.0 cm 8.3 in
53352222022.0 cm 8.7 in

Footjoy gloves size chart

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Palm widthMiddle finger length123456789
0xWmn SWmn SWmn MWmn M
Wmn M/L
Wmn M
Wmn M/L
1xWmn MWmn MWmn M/LWmn M
Wmn M/L
Wmn M/L
Wmn L
Wmn M/L
Wmn L
2 Wmn M/LWmn M/LWmn M/LWmn LWmn M/L
Wmn L
Wmn M/L
Wmn L
Wmn L
Men M
3 Wmn M/L
Wmn L
Wmn LWmn LWmn L
Cadet S
Wmn L
Men S
Wmn L
Men S
Men M
Men M/L
4 Wmn M/L
Cadet S
Cadet SCadet SMen SMen MMen MMen M/LMen M
Men M/L
5 Cadet S
Men S
Cadet SCadet MMen MMen M/LMen M/LMen LMen L
6 Cadet M
Men S
Cadet MCadet M/LMen M/LMen LMen LMen XL
7 Cadet M/L
Men M
Cadet M/LCadet LMen LMen XLMen XL
8 Cadet L
Men M/L
Cadet LCadet LCadet XLMen XLMen XXL
9 Cadet L
Cadet XL
Cadet XLCadet XLMen XXLMen XXL

Footjoy Men’s Golf Glove Size Chart

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SizeHand LengthCircumference
Small6 ⅞ – 7 ⅛ in 17.46 – 18.1 cm7 ¾ – 8 in 19.7 – 20.32 cm
Medium7 ⅛ – 7 ⅜ in 18.1 – 18.7 cm8 – 8 ¼ in 20.32 – 21 cm
M/L7 ⅜ – 7 ½ in 18.7 – 18.4 cm8 ¼ – 8 ⅜ in 21 – 21.3 cm
Large7 ⅜ – 7 ¾ in 18.7 – 19.7 cm8 ⅜ – 8 ¾ in 21.3 – 22.2 cm
XL7 ¾ – 8 in 19.7 – 20.32 cm8 – 9 ¼ in 20.32 – 24.8 cm
2XL8 – 8 ¼ in 20.32 – 21 cm9 ¼ – 9 ½ in 24.8 – 24.13 cm

Footjoy Women’s Golf Glove Size Chart

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SizeHand LengthCircumference
Small6 – 6 ⅜ in 15.24 – 16.2 cm6 ¼ – 7 in 17.15 – 17.78 cm
Medium6 ⅜ – 6 ⅝ in 16.2 – 16.8 cm7 – 7 ⅝ in 17.78 – 16.8 cm
M/L6 ⅝ – 6 ¾ in 16.8 – 17.1 cm7 ⅝ – 7 ¾ in 19.4 – 19.7 cm
Large6 ¾ – 7 ⅛ in 17.1 – 18.1 cm7 ¾ – 8 in 19.7 – 20.32 cm
XL7 ⅛ – 7 ⅜ in 18.1 – 18.7 cm8 – 8 ¼ in 20.32 – 21 cm

Footjoy men’s shirt, sweater, and jacket sizing

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X SMALL30 – 32 in 76.2 – 81.28 cm
SMALL34 – 36 in 86.36 – 91.44 cm
MEDIUM38 – 40 in 96.52 – 101.6 in
LARGE42 – 44 in 106.68 – 111.76 cm
X LARGE46 in 116.84 cm
XX-LARGE48 – 50 in 121.92 – 127 cm
XXX LARGE52 – 54 in 132.08 – 137.16 cm

Men’s Rain size chart

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X SMALL24 – 26 in 60.96 – 66.04 cm30 in 76.2 cm
SMALL28 – 30 in 71.12 – 76.2 cm31 in 78.74 cm
MEDIUM32 – 34 in 81.28 – 86.36 cm31 in 78.74 cm
LARGE36 – 38 in 91.44 – 96.52 cm32 in 81.28 cm
X LARGE40 – 42 in 101.6 – 106.68 cm33 in 83.82 cm
XX-LARGE42 – 46 in 106.52 – 116.84 cm33 in 83.82 cm
XXX LARGE48+ in 121.92 cm33 in 83.82 cm
LARGE LONG36 – 38 in 91.44 – 96.52 cm36 in 91.44 cm
X LARGE LONG40 – 42 in 101.6 – 106.52 cm36 in 91.44 cm

Footjoy women’s shirt and jacket sizing

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X SMALL0 – 2
SMALL4 – 6
MEDIUM8 – 10
LARGE12 – 14
X-LARGE16 – 18

Women’s rain pant sizing

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X SMALL2 – 4
SMALL6 – 8
MEDIUM10 – 12
LARGE12 – 16

Footjoy junior shirt and jacket sizing

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How to choose the right Footjoy size

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The size of the object is important. Experiments have indicated that golfers whose shoes are a good fit improve their games by 6-21%. Quite elementary, huh? In fact, almost 70% of people are wearing the incorrect size.

When will you know whether you’re right?

Using a Rule of Thumb

The top opening of your shoe should be around the size of both of your thumbs combined. This isn’t the whole story, as other elements like arch height come into play, but it’s a nice one.

Maximal Length of a Foot’s Biggest Toe

Make sure that your longest toe has about half an inch of space between it and the bottom of the shoe when you wear it.

Bending the Rules

When putting on your shoes, your forefoot should bend. Sometimes, putting your foot into a shoe can make a satisfying “whoosh” noise if the shoe’s internal volume is just right.

Try It Out

When walking, your shoes shouldn’t wiggle around too much.

A Swinging Evaluation

Check for looseness and tightness by simulating a golf stroke.

Measuring process

What You Need to Know Before Your Fitting

It’s best to get measured because your feet can have swelled over the day.

•Make sure you are sporting decent footwear. When getting fitted for golf shoes, it is advisable to do it while wearing the socks that you normally play in. This will ensure that the shoes are a good fit. Is there any reason to wear a high-performance sock with your golf shoes?

•Sit down with your leg bent at a 45-degree angle when working out. As you stand, the pressure that comes from underneath will cause your feet and toes to expand apart. A perfect fit is completely unnoticeable.

Inevitably, as you go through life, you will grow or shrink a bit. As people become older, their feet often get flatter and wider.

•Don’t rely on the sizing chart on the box; instead, listen to what your feet have to say about the fit.

Brannock Instruments

For over seventy years, Brannock Devices have been the gold standard for measuring foot dimensions like length, breadth, and arch. However, the Brannock Device should only be used as a part of a comprehensive approach to shoe fitting.

Measurements of the Arch and Foot Length

If there is a size difference between the arch and heel-to-toe dimensions, go with the larger of the two. It is essential to do this since doing so will ensure that the ball of your foot is positioned in the location in regard to the flex point of the shoe.

Why is Footjoy the best fit

Absolute Commitment

As the only company dedicated completely to golf, FJ’s offerings are unparalleled. It’s all we care about.

Golf’s Widest Range of Sizes

The FootJoy MyJoys Program is where you’ll find the company’s full selection of sizes, which includes some that no other brand offers.

Comprehensive Evaluations

All FJ products are put through rigorous testing to ensure they will fit, perform, support, and survive whatever a golfer may encounter throughout a round.

A Verification of the Tour

More of the world’s top players wear FJ shoes than any other brand, week in and week out, year in and year out, on every circuit.

BOA Clamping Device

By pulling the foot further into the shoe and bringing it lower, the BOA Closure System enables you to get the most customized fit possible. FJ was the first golf brand to commercialize the “heel mount” accessory from BOA, which is an expensive and unique piece of equipment.


FJ is the industry standard for golf shoes and golf shoe technology because of its dedication to creating shoes for every type of golfer.

Consistency in Size

Each model of FJ shoe shares the same sizing system. Although the fit of the DryJoys and other FJ shoes may be slightly different, a DryJoys size 9 Medium is equal to a size 9 Medium in all other FJ shoes.


After a proper fitting, you should be able to wear any FootJoy shoe, regardless of brand, provided that the size is the same; the feel of each shoe will be unique. The lasts that shoes are made on will have a role in shaping the final product’s silhouette. Some people find that shoes with a ‘V-shaped collar fit more snugly across the ball of the foot and the toes. The snug fit may be more appealing to some.

Conversely, persons with high arches will benefit from the additional room in the instep area provided by shoes with a U-throat or Blucher opening. It’s possible that both options are equally functional, but they do not aim for aesthetic judgments. Pay attention to your feet; they know a lot. You have an excellent grasp of the sensations that satisfy you.

It is useful to chat with the fitter about the details of the shoe feel (what you like, what you don’t like) in order to find a pair of shoes that not only fits you well but also feels fantastic. This will allow you to find shoes that not only fit you well but also feel amazing.

Influential aspects of shoe size


The toe shape (full-rounded or fashion) is just one aspect of the shoe’s overall form that can alter the way it feels.


It’s possible the shoe’s feel will change depending on how it opens. The most spacious option is a blucher, while the most constricting is a V-throat.


Feelings can also be altered by changing the linings in your shoes. Leather linings are preferred by some, while others may prefer a cloth interior.


The most common cause of people wearing shoes that are too small for them is that when they buy shoes, they do not take into account the width of their feet.

Approximately forty percent of people who buy and wear shoes that are described as having a medium or “normal” width actually need shoes that are either narrower or wider than what they are currently wearing.

FootJoy has the largest width options in Golf, so you won’t have to settle for a shoe that doesn’t feel just right.

How can I tell if the width of the shoes I’m wearing is wrong?

The top eyelets have to have a distance between them of around the breadth of a thumb.

This is a helpful rule of thumb to keep in mind, while it may be affected by other factors like arch height.

Learn more about FootJoy size and more in this video

FootJoy | Meet Dylan Menante (EAGS) by FootJoy

Frequently asked questions

1. Do FootJoy shoes fit true to size?

Many FJ shoes use a common sizing system. If you are a DryJoys size 9 M, you should be OK wearing the same size in other FJ shoes, despite the fact that the fit may be slightly different. They have a typical forefoot and instep width and a narrower heel width than most shoes. The size and width are accurate, living up to FootJoy’s excellent reputation for fit. A plush, pillowlike sensation is afforded with each stride thanks to the additional padding underfoot.

2. Is FootJoy a good golf shoe?

In terms of actual use, this keeps coming through. Out of the box, they are quite comfortable, and the sole design is on par with the best spikeless golf shoes we have tried. Even in the snow and ice, it gives you all the grip you need.

3. How much room should be in the toe of a golf shoe?

It is recommended that there be a gap of around 1.5 inches between the end of your longest toe and the front of your shoe. When you walk, your shoe shouldn’t be able to slide around too much. Your foot’s natural bending motion should coincide with the shoe’s flex point.

4. Are FootJoy golf shoes the same size as regular shoes?

All types of FJ shoes use a common sizing system. Although the fit of the DryJoys and other FJ shoes may be slightly different, a DryJoys size 9 Medium is equal to a size 9 Medium in all other FJ shoes.

5. How wide are FootJoy shoes?

This depends on your foot size or the shoe size you wear.

6. What’s size 42 in FootJoy?

1.0668 meters.

7. Should I size up for golf shoes?

There should be enough space for half an inch between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe when it is properly fitted. Shoes that don’t allow your toes to move freely are too small. To put it simply, if there is more than a quarter of an inch of clearance, they are too big. Get up out of that chair and walk around in those golf shoes.


FootJoy advises seeking medical attention if you regularly have pain in your back, legs, or feet when golfing. Most golfers blame their swing (or lack of golfing!) for aches and pains in their back, legs, and feet. People frequently report that their pain disappears after visiting a podiatrist and switching to supportive footwear.

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