O’Neill Wetsuit Size Charts

O’Neill wetsuits are made to fit waist, chest, and hip measurements down to the nearest whole number. While the waist, chest, and hip are either identical or near identical, O’Neill has sizes meant for users who are taller or shorter (skip straight to the O’Neill Wetsuit Size Charts).

The tall sizes are marked with a T while the short ones are marked with the letter S. For example the typical size Medium is referred to as “M”.

However, if a person is tall but has the measurements for a size medium, then he should go for medium tall, labeled as MT. Meanwhile, a short person will opt for MS.

The body measurements of prone users used to make O’Neill wetsuits consider average body height, calf circumference, and thigh circumference.

Therefore, if you are taller than average or shorter than average then you have to buy the sizes that are marked as “tall” or “short” respectively. 

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O’Neill Wetsuit Size Chart For Youths

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The youth sizes can be divided on a broader scale into kids’ sizes and toddler sizes. However, some adolescents might also fit on the larger end of the scale and this led to the use of the term “youth”.

Labelled SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
119 – 2148 – 5318 – 2045 – 50
220 – 2251 – 5619 – 2148 – 53
321 – 2353 – 5920 – 2250 – 55
423 – 2562 – 6720 – 2250 – 55
624 – 2664 – 6921 – 2353 – 58
826 – 2866 – 7122 – 2455 – 61
1028 – 3071 – 7624 – 2661 – 66
1229 – 3174 – 7925 – 2763 – 68
1431 – 3379 – 8426 – 2868 – 73
1633 – 3584 – 89 27 – 2971 – 76

O’Neill Wetsuit Size Chart For Men

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When measuring with a soft tape, please keep the tape level. It is best if you are measured by somebody else.

Labelled SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
XS34 – 3688 – 9328 – 3071 – 76
S36 – 3893 – 9829 – 3174 – 79
M38 – 4098 – 10330 – 3277 – 83
L40 – 42103 – 10832 – 3483 – 88
XL42 – 44108 – 11334 – 3688 – 93
2XL44 – 46113 – 11836 – 3893 – 98
3XL47 – 49119 – 124 38 – 4398 – 110

O’Neill Wetsuit Size Chart For Women

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A wetsuit is not designed for all-size busts or natural waistlines. If you happen to have a larger bust or waist than the typical person, it is compulsory to size up.

USEUGlobalChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)

How do I know my size in O’Neill?

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There is no way around it, you just have to properly measure yourself with fabric tape. This is the common type of tape that tailors use. Remember to always keep the tape parallel, then try this idea.

  1. Your hip size is the same as your hip circumference. Wrap the tape around the bone that your upper legs are joined to, and take note of the measurement. We suggest you write it down.
  2. Waist size is the waist circumference. Repeat the measurement above for the thickest part of your stomach. This is usually around the belly button
  3. Chest girth is the common ground of two different measurements. Bust and chest measurements border along a common line, this line is exactly where you measure to get a proper girth. For both genders, this border is usually close to the fullest part of the breasts.

Learn more about O’Neill Wetsuit Sizes and Specifications (video)

Guide to O’Neill Psycho tech 5/4+ wetsuit by Ocean Sports Boardriders

Frequently Asked Questions

How does O’Neill properly fit?

A well-fitted O’Neill should fit closely on your body without squeezing in on your skin. Rather it should feel like a band-aid has been applied all over your body.

Once you are in the wetsuit, pour some water on different parts of yourself. You should not be affected by the temperature of the water, rather you should feel at ease as if you are at room temperature.

Are O’Neill’s big fitting?

No, they are not. An oversized wetsuit will have pockets of trapped air. The outside temperature of the water can affect these pockets and therefore the suit won’t feel too dry.

Besides, the fasteners of a large suit may not be too closed up and therefore water might sip in.

Are O’Neill wetsuits any good?

Yes, they are. With over 50 years of experience and custom-made raw materials, O’Neill remains one of the most trusted and most celebrated brands of wetsuits.

They have several well-renowned celebrities and professional athletes among their more popular clientele. 

What is the warmest O’Neill wetsuit?

There is no single model to give that award to. The O’Neill Hyperfreak and Psycho One range are neoprene wetsuits that are among the warmest. Meanwhile, the Psychotic is the warmest of the TechnoButter 3 series of products.

The Psychotic 4/3mm is one of the warmest and most advanced suits from O’Neill. This particular model was specifically designed for cold weather and made to keep the body as warm as possible without compromising on any other specification.

What is O’Neill size L in women’s sizes?

Size large in the O’Neill women’s lineup is equivalent to US size 12 and US size 14. This is the same as EU size 42 and EU size 44. In a matter of measurements, size large has chest measurements of 35 to 39 inches and a waist measurement of 29 to 32 inches.

On the metric size chart, the measurements translate into 90 to 99 centimetres for the chest and 73 to 81 centimetres for the waist.

What is medium in O’Neill men’s sizes?

O’Neill uses a universal chest and waist measurement for men’s size medium.

Size medium has a chest measurement of 38 to 40 inches and a waist measurement of 30 to 32 inches.

On a metric size chart, these measurements translate to a chest of 98 to 103 centimetres and a waist of 77 to 83 centimetres.


O’Neill has a ranged size permissible option where they allow their customers to be measured more than once so as to improve the potential accuracy of the measurements.

If you are buying from a physical store, the measurements will be possible. But if you are buying from an online outlet, it is best if you have already measured yourself and are sure of what you are doing.

Enjoy the surf and stay safe on the wave. Please share the article and leave a comment before leaving.

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