Basketball Hoop Rim Size and Diameter

Basketball Hoop Rim size? What Is The Diameter? This is one of the most common questions that beginners and basketball enthusiasts ask. The standard size of a basketball rim is 18 inches, 45.72 cm, 457.2 mm or and approximately 56.55 inches in circumference (143.9 cm, or 1436.4 mm). These sizes may vary slightly from tournament to everyday basketball play.

Generally, tournament measurements are largely regulated and enforced by bodies overseeing the sport. However, outside tournaments and professional leagues, individuals can choose basketball hoop sizes that work best for them based on their immediate needs.

Basketball Hoop Rim Size and Diameter
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Tournaments come in various categories, from junior basketball leagues to NBA. When it comes to hoop rim measurements, there is no difference between the sizes of junior basketball and NBA measurements. Moreover, rim heights and hoop heights also follow the same measurement for all categories. For clarity, the hoop height is the distance from the tip of the hoop rim to the floor of the court. It is set at 10 feet, 120 inches, and 304 cm, for every category.

This article reviews various hoop sizes, ranging from tournament sizes to mini hoops. Besides the size charts provided below, you’ll also find answers to some of the common questions that come up regarding the size of basketball hoops and rims.

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Basketball Hoop Rim Table of Contents

Mini Basketball Hoop Rim Size

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FeaturesSmall (in/cm)
Medium (in/cm)
Large (in/cm)
X-large (in/cm)
Rim Diameter9 in   22.9 cm10.3 in   26.2 cm12 in   30.5 cm13.5 in   34.3 cm
Rim circumference28.3 in   71.9 cm32.4 in   82.3 cm37.7 in   95.8 cm42.4 in   107.7 cm
Distance from Backboard18 in   45.7 cm19.75 in   50.2 cm22 in   55.9 cm24.5 in   62.2 cm
Backboard size18 in x 12 in   45.7 cm x 30.5 cm24 in x 16 in   61 cm x 40.7 cm  24 in x 16 in   61 cm x 40.7 cm32 in x 21 in   81.3 cm x 53.34 cm

Standard Basketball Hoop Rim Size

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FeaturesStandard Basketball Hoop dimension (in/cm)
Rim Diameter18 in   45.7 cm
Rim circumference56.6 in   143.8 cm
Distance from Backboard18 in – 18.5 in   45.7 cm – 47 cm
Backboard size72 in x 42 in   182.8 cm x 106.7 cm

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a basketball rim measured?

A basketball rim or basketball hoop is usually measured according to its diameter.  You can use a rod, ruler, tape rule, or tape measure. The distance from one point on the rim to the opposite end is the diameter of the rim. Some measurements also consider the circumference of the rim. The measurement is simply the distance around the edges of the rim.

To get the measurement manually, rap a rope or tape measure around the edges of the rim. However, there is an arithmetic formula that can be used to calculate the circumference using the diameter.

Is the NBA rim bigger than the college?

Junior and college basketball rim or basketball hoop is the same size as NBA. The standard rim diameter for most tournaments is 18 inches or 45.7 cm. The only measurement that varies from one tournament to another is the height of the hoop or the backboard.

What is the rim of a basketball hoop?

The rim of the basket ball hoop is the circular ring on which the basketball net hangs. The combination of the rim (ring), net, and backboard form the hoop (basket) that results in the name of the sport, basket board. The basketball rim is often made from solid metallic material with sufficient tensile strength to withstand the weight and consistent shots from players.

Most basketball rims, rings, or hoops have a diameter of about 18 in (45.72 cm). This size is the standard. However, the size can vary for personal hoops. Check the size charts above for details of hoop sizes. 

What is the standard size of a basketball ring?

18″. The recommended diameter for any basketball competition or tournament is 18″, 18 inches in diameter, 45.72 cm, or 457.2 mm. If you are trying to construct your basketball ring by yourself, it’s best to leave an average of 1-inch to 2 inches allowance for the sake of expansion.

Therefore, at the point of construction, the size of a basketball ring could be 16 inches to 17 inches. The size would expand with use.

Can 2 basketballs fit through a rim?

Yes. Basketball has a diameter of 9 inches to 9.5 inches. Basketball diameter is about half of the size of a standard basketball hoop or ring. Placing two basketball side by side in the ring would fit in perfectly.

Interestingly, most rings are produced from materials with the capacity to stretch. It means that if a little force is applied, three basketballs would fit a hoop, ring, or rim.

How much weight can a basketball rim hold?

The weight tolerance of a basket ball rim depends on the kind of material used in fabricating the rim and the types of rims. Most basketball hoop rims used in tournaments and leagues are produced from tensile carbon steel, which provides a high capability to withstand any amount of weight applied to it.

An average rim made from carbon steel can withstand thousands of pounds of weight. Also, rims produced from special alloy materials can withstand more weight, up to a hundred thousand pounds of weight.

What is the diameter of the high school basketball ring?

18″ High school basketball ring follows the same measurement as the standard basketball ring measurement according to the regulation basketball bodies like NCAA, WNBA, NBA, and FIBA follow. The only variation in size is the height of the hoop, which is usually, 10 feet tall or 120 inches tall from the ground.

Basketball Backboard sizes are also the same for every category of player. Also, high school courts are the same as NBA. The essence of the large rim diameter is to make for a successful shot. The big size increases shot accuracy and makes it convenient for all basketball players to have a chance.

Are all basketball rings the same size?

Yes. Every organized tournament at all levels: junior basketball, college basketball, basketball leagues, and national and international tournaments, follows the same ring sizes. The basketball court size for all levels is the same as the ring, rim, hoops, backboard, and basketball nets.

Basketball size itself is also different for all categories and games of basketball. Personal and informal courts, however, can follow slightly different sizing since there’s no specific regulation overseeing the individual design of courts and personal designs.

Also, there are specialized mini-hoops for in-house use that are quite small in size. Again, there are kids’ rings and portable basketball hoops that are quite small, ideal for toddlers and infants. All these rings have much smaller sizes than Adult rings.


Basketball comes with several rules and regulations. These rules cover every aspect of the game including the sizes and dimensions of the courts and other critical facilities and equipment used for the game. The size basketball hoop is one such critical measurement in basketball games. Generally, the size is always 18″.

This size is the same from school level up to college level and NBA. Other independent sizes can be a couple of inches wide, depending on individual choices. If you have questions that are not answered in the article, leave them in the comments below and you’ll get a prompt response.

Again, remember to share the article and help others benefit from the valuable information provided.

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