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Lonsdale London is a brand known in contact sports such as boxing and Muay Thai. Lonsdale manufactures high-quality items needed for essential functions. The most popular are their quality gloves. Quality boxing gloves cover all aspects of the boxing sport with a few models and ranges of gloves. Improve your contact sports performance with the right size of equipment (skip straight to the Lonsdale Boxing Sizes).

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Why is the right size Lonsdale boxing gear important?

Wearing the right size gear is the only way to wear gear. This is because:

1. The right gear improves the confidence of the athlete and therefore will allow you to focus all your attention on performance. If you know that you are wearing the right thing, you will not have to worry about “what if..”

2. We wear boxing gear to “protect” the body and “enhance” performance. What good is sports gear that can’t protect or enhance? Wrong sizes not only fail to protect or enhance the athlete, but they might endanger and inhibit the athlete. You don’t want your gear moving haphazardly and slowing your movement, do you?

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Lonsdale Boxing Sizes Table of Contents

Lonsdale Boxing Size Chart For Kids

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Strictly speaking, the kid sizes in boxing are pretty much the same as the smallest sizes on the charts.

ProductMarketed Size
Boxing BootUK size 3
Boxing GloveUK size S
Boxing ShortsAge-related size
Boxing HoodieAge-related size

Lonsdale’s Size Chart For Boxing Gloves

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Lonsdale strikes basic glove is the entry-level pair of gloves. While their contest gloves have become the standard fight boxing gloves for almost all matches with gloves.


Lonsdale’s Size Chart For Sport Belts

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Although belts are usually not used in contact sports such as boxing, however, there are belts made by Lonsdale can be used for sportswear. They are usually wide and made of lightweight and well-aerated material.

InternationalEUWaist (In)Waist (Cm)

Lonsdale’s Size Chart For Boxing Shorts

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Lonsdale stretch technology is available in almost all the shorts and underwear made by Lonsdale. The sizes here are the smallest sizes that can wear the shorts regardless of their elastic waist.


Lonsdale’s Size Chart For Boxing Headgear

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Head guards and hats are the most common form of headgear from Lonsdale. The measurement below is of the diameter of the item and NOT of head circumference. One way to measure your head diameter is to use tape to measure from the widest point of your head to another. Most people usually measure from ear to ear.

Labeled SizeDiameter (In)Diameter (Cm)

Lonsdale’s Size Chart For Boxing Boots

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Lonsdale trainers boots are firm and literary and available in three sizes. However, the three sizes can accommodate a range of EU sizes.


Learn more about Lonsdale boxing gloves in this video

Londales M-Core Boxing Gloves REVIEW by Ceannasai

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different sizes of Lonsdale boxing gloves?

There are five different sizes. The sizes range from small (S) to XXL and are based on the lengths of the width of the palm and length of the fingers.

How many different punching bags does Lonsdale have?

Lonsdale has different models of punching bags (over a dozen). Don’t be too worried though, all the models can be divided into just three different types. 

How many different protective gears does Lonsdale have?

There are four major types of protective gear. Protective gear for the hands (gloves), for the mouth (mouth guard), for the head (head guard), and for different parts of the body (groin, chest, abdomen, etc).

Is Lonsdale boxing true to size?

Based on product details, yes they are.  

How does Lonsdale boxing gear fit?

According to customer reviews, Lonsdale’s product description and product information are correctly befitting. They are designed to provide comfort and protection. This makes them fit snugly but not tightly.

How do I know my size for Lonsdale boxing gear?

1. Begin with an accurate content measurement of the product. You must know how the product is sized. 

2. Measure yourself as accurately as possible.

3. Use our charts up there or visit Lonsdale’s official size guides. There are many websites that are parading as Lonsdale size guide, but always use the official ones like the ones in this article.

Is Lonsdale boxing gear worth it?

Based on their regular price range, Lonsdale isn’t exactly a brand of cheap price low-quality products. Some retailers increase the retail prices depending on shipping and trade tariffs. However, all in all, Lonsdale is a good buy. It is worth every penny.


Lonsdale has an avenue for receiving customer feedback. The customer services include answering customer questions and providing a forum for customer reviews. We suggest you shop in a physical store for the first few times and later graduate to online stores. This is because physical stores improve customer experience by making it possible to try out the boxing gear before purchase and therefore reduce the possibility of an off-size item.

As you box your way through life with a Lonsdale, please consider sharing this article and boxing a fitting comment into the comments sector.

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