Pickleball Court Vs. Tennis Court

A pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court in both feet and meters. A pickleball court measures 20 by 44 feet (6.1 by 13.4 meters), while a tennis court averages 27 by 78 feet (8.2 by 23.8 meters). Understanding these dimensions is important for playing sports and providing the right space for an optimal playing experience. (skip straight to the pickleball court Vs. tennis court size comparison).

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The game of pickleball, which has existed since 1965 but is just now beginning to acquire popularity worldwide, is now one of the most perplexing sports.

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Pickleball is a two- or four-player indoor or outdoor game in which the object is to hit a perforated ball over a 36-inch net until one side is victorious. Tennis ball and pickleball are two different sports, although pickleball does have some elements of tennis games.

The regulations for serving in doubles outdoor pickleball matches (or indoor) are very different from the rules for serving in a tennis match (singles matches are also different). First, there is without a doubt fault while serving in a pickleball game. In contrast to a tennis match, every player in a doubles pickleball match is permitted to serve at least once until they lose. Additionally, they are frequently more hectic and boisterous than regular tennis matches, and they frequently feature music.

However, the variances in court sizes are the biggest difference between the two games. Even pickleball newbies and many tennis players who want to play find it challenging to comprehend how pickleball court measurements compare to tennis court dimensions.

This article includes a pickleball vs. tennis ball court comparison chart; it offers the difference between pickleball and tennis courts. Additionally, it offers responses to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the two games’ respective courts on the internet.

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Pickleball Vs Tennis Court Size Chart

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 Pickleball dimensions Tennis dimensions 
Length44 Feet13.41 m78 Feet23.77 m
Width20 Feet6.10 m27-36 Feet8.23 – 10.97 m
Net at posts36 ″91.4 cm42 ‘’106.7 cm
Net at center34 ‘’86.4 cm36 ‘’91.4 cm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Size Comparison between the Pickleball and the Tennis Ball Court?

Standard pickleball and tennis courts are both rectangular in design. Compared to pickleball, tennis courts are bigger and take up more space. For singles and doubles play, pickleball are 44 feet (13.41 m) long and 20 feet wide (6.1 m).

For singles play, tennis courts are 78 feet (23.77 m) long and 27 feet (8.23 m) broad. The court is 36 feet (10.97 m) wide to accommodate doubles play. Pickleball courts are larger than badminton courts, which measure 44 feet (13.41 m) long and 17 to 20 feet (5.2 – 6.1 m) broad.

How do you convert a tennis court to a pickleball?

If there aren’t any pickleball courts available close to you, you might have to think about constructing one on an existing tennis court. Lowering the net is the first stage in the construction of a tennis court into a pickleball court.

The best way to achieve this is to buy a net conversion kit, which will ensure that the straps are not permanently damaged and enable players of pickleball and tennis to utilize the same court.

A tennis court should then be marked with pickleball lines by first separating the non-volley zone by measuring 7 feet (2.13) from the net toward the baseline on either side. The 20-foot (6.1 m) volley line should then be marked off to either sideline. By measuring 15 feet (4.57 m) from the rear of the non-volley line and extending it to the sidelines on both sides, you may mark off the volley and non-volley lines lay down the baseline, and then mark off the back of the volley line.

The right corner, where the baseline and sideline meet, needs to be precisely measured to guarantee that it measures about 48 feet and 4 inches wide (14.7 m) to ensure that the court you have drawn up is square.

The best temporary markings to use when changing a tennis court into a pickleball court include chalk dust, sidewalk chalk, or tape (best for indoor pickleball courts rather than outdoor courts).  This is especially crucial if tennis is going to be played on the court following pickleball.

Although, using permanent markings can allow a pickleball and tennis court combo; you must first get authorization from the tennis ball court’s administrators before making any long-term adjustments, especially when adjusting a community tennis ball court.

Is the pickleball bigger than the tennis court?

The size and layout of a pickleball court differ from a tennis court, which is one of the key distinctions between the two sports. Compared to a tennis court, a pickleball is much smaller.

One-fourth the size of a tennis court, a regulation-size pickleball court is only 44 feet long (13.41 m) and 20 feet (6.1 m) wide, making it easier for players of all ages and skill levels to play. The size is comparable to a regular badminton court.

Can you play pickleball on a normal tennis court?

Even though pickleball is very popular and has been around for a while, finding a court to play on is not always simple. As a result, a lot of people ask if pickleball can be played on the more typical tennis courts.

The answer is that pickleball can be played on a conventional tennis court. Pickleball may be played on tennis courts because the court surface is ideal and the net height is nearly identical. It can function flawlessly with a few modest adjustments. If available, you can also use the badminton or basketball courts.

Can you add pickleball lines on a tennis court?

A tennis court can have pickleball lines put to it, but this must be done appropriately. Otherwise, both tennis and pickleball players can become perplexed. The two games’ lines should be distinguished from one another by color.

For your pickleball court, you can choose to go either lighter or darker than the court base. Make sure that lighter hues are sufficiently distinct from white so that they cannot be mistaken for the lines of a tennis court.

Does pickleball damage a tennis court?

Unlike a tennis racquet, the pickleball paddle is composed of wood and is constructed differently. Even if the paddle is made of wood, a tennis court is not at all harmed by it.

Pickleball players complain that their frequent paddle drops harm the paddles rather than the court.

Can you use a tennis ball for pickleball?

It is not suggested to use a standard tennis ball for a pickleball game, even if it doesn’t truly alter the nature of the game. A tennis ball’s design causes it to move at a speed that is too high for pickleball.

Due to the lower court size utilized for pickleball, a tennis ball would get to the players too quickly. Tennis balls bounce higher than the Wiffle balls used in pickleball, which is another reason why they are not appropriate for the sport.

Are tennis and pickleball nets the same?

No, the pickleball and tennis net heights are very different. A pickleball net’s height is 34 inches. The straps that secure it to the posts, which are often an additional inch in length, are not included in this height.

Tennis nets are 36 inches in comparison. Pickleball nets are shorter than badminton nets, which have a center height of 5 feet 1 inch.


Even though they are still quite popular all around the world, competitive sports can be rather complicated. Even though pickleball and tennis balls have key differences from one another, they are frequently confused. Net height, ball shapes, ball inches in diameter, paddles and tennis rackets (difference between tennis racquets and pickleball paddles), scoring, serving rules (singles and doubles match in pickleball vs singles and doubles tennis), and court size are a few of these differences between tennis ball games and pickleball games.

The aforementioned page provided a reference for pickleball and tennis ball court sizes; it included a comparison chart for pickleball and tennis ball courts as well as responses to some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet about the size of the courts used for the two games.

Remember that pickleball and tennis courts are both rectangular in design and if there aren’t any pickleball courts available close to you, you could construct one on an existing tennis court pad. The size and layout of a pickleball differ from a tennis court, which is one of the key distinctions between the two sports but a tennis court can have pickleball lines put to it.

While the games are similar, it is not advisable to use a tennis ball for a pickleball game also, the two nets are very different in height.

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