Hats Size Chart

Wig Sizes and Different Types

It isn’t easy to know what size wig cap will work best for you. It seems only fair that we provide you with some information on standard sizing charts and instructions for taking your lovely head measurement. This will guide you when choosing the wig size for you. All the best in choosing the right wig.


Comhats Hat Sizes

Comhats hats combine fashion and style. Comhats hats have several advantages, from supplying sun protection to giving your outfit the ideal final touch. Despite your preferred fashion, it’s crucial to make sure a hat fits you well before buying it. Use our Comhats hat size chart to review your hat sizes comprehensively.


Goorin Hat Sizes

Looking to add an aura of dignity to your appearance with some cool Goorin hat? Remember it all starts with sizing. Get it right and the hat will look fabulous on you. Get it wrong and the look will no doubt let you down no matter the style. Use this guide on Goorin hat sizes.