Cowboy hat size chart for men, women and kids

The best way to determine the right cowboy hat size is to measure your head. It will give you a good idea of the width of your brim, the length of your hat, and the overall length of the slacks. Then, check your measurements with the relevant cowboy hat size chart, depending on which brand you are buying,  to ensure you have the correct fit.

The popularity of cowboy hats isn’t limited to the western style. Today, it’s worn by men, women, and children from every walk of life. The hat’s style is a reflection of the wearer’s place of residence and individual style. It is a comfortable choice for either a day at the lake or a night at a rock concert.

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Why it is important to know the right size before you buy a cowboy hat

If you want to buy a new cowboy hat, it is important to know the correct size. This way, you will avoid purchasing the wrong size and will avoid problems. 

Another advantage to knowing the right size before you buy a cowboy hat is that it is easier to reshape the hat. However, it is unlikely that you’ll know the shape you want until you try it on. Additionally, a good quality cowboy apron will last a long time, and can even be reshaped if needed.

Cowboy hat size chart

A cowboy hat sizing guide is a reference table or chart that helps cowboy hat shoppers to find their correct sizes. Different brands will have different charts, so you need to bear this in mind to avoid getting mixed up with multiple charts. To determine your hat size, measure your head circumference using a string or sewing measuring tape. Then, use a cowboy hat size chart for comparison. The larger the number, the bigger the hat should be.

Cowboy and Cowgirl Hat Children’s Sizes 

Children’s head size change over time while they grow up. Check this children’s hat size chart to discover more about children’s head sizes and the correct hat size.

Head Measurement (inches)20 1/4″21″21 5/8″
Hat Size6 3/86 5/86 7/8

Stetson cowboy hat sizing chart


Size Head Size
XS6.5 – 6.620.5 – 20.9
S6.8 – 6.921.2 – 21.6
M7 – 7.122 – 22.4
L7.3 – 7.422.8 – 23.1
XL7.5 – 7.623.6 – 24
XXL7.8 – 7.924.4 – 24.8

Justin cowboy hat sizes chart


More chart options you are likely to come across include Ariat cowboy hat size chart, toddler cowboy hat size chart, youth cowboy hat size chart, American cowboy hat size chart, etc. 

How to choose the right cowboy hat size

A cowboy hat fits the head naturally, so if you don’t know the exact size, try on a hat with a normal-sized brim and see how it looks. If it doesn’t fit, order one with a smaller brim and try it on again. Remember, this can’t be done on a head measurement. You should also take measurements of your finger and head so you’ll know the proper size.

If your finger is larger than your brim, order a smaller size. If you’re in between sizes, go up one size. Different suppliers use different sizing metrics, so make sure to check the size chart carefully before you make a purchase.

The best cowboy hat sizing for you

The size and shape of your face are critical when deciding on the best cowboy hat. You can choose from one with a brim that’s wide or one with a narrow brim. Many people like to choose a pinched-front because it flatters their face shape. However, if your face is square or round, you may want to consider a hat with a narrower brim. If your jawline is strong, you might want to look into an angular shaped ‘cowboy ‘hat’. Color is also a big factor in your decision-making process. You can wear a neutral color for any outfit or go for a flashy red for special events.

There are many brands and styles of cowboy hats. Some of them are affordable and easy to care for. A classic fedora hat, for example, is less expensive and requires less maintenance. The felt fedora features a large floppy brim and is appropriate for a casual western look. You can purchase both styles at a store or online.

How to measure, how to find your cowboy hat size

When you are shopping for a cowboy hat, the first thing you should do is determine your head size. The first step is to measure the circumference of your head. You should start by measuring from the forehead. A brim that’s too narrow or too wide will not look good on you. You should avoid “Woody” or “umbrella” looks – so stick to the brim that’s the right size. Then, use a measuring tape or string to mark the exact length. Compare this measurement to the cowboy hat size chart to determine which size you’ll need.

The crown is the raised portion of the hat. It can vary in height depending on the wearer. The crown is measured from the brim to the center dent of the crease. An extra inch or two on the crown can make the wearer look taller. An open crown, also known as a 10-gallon floppy bucktail, can be shaped into many different creases.

How to measure cowboy hat size

Before purchasing a new hat, you should know how to measure your head properly. This is a science and an art, so be sure to read the label. Then, compare this measurement with the corresponding number on a sizing chart. If you fall in between two sizes, order the larger size.

You can use a string or tape measure to measure your head from just above your ear to mid-forehead.

Be sure to hold the string firmly and measure at the point where you will wear the hat.

Measuring the brim

The brim, or the part of a cowboy hat that stretches across your forehead, is an easy place to measure. It is the flat horizontal portion of the hat that attaches to the crown. First, measure your head around the middle of your forehead. Hold a string or measuring tape mid-forehead and make a mark on the string. If you don’t have a mirror, you can have a friend or family member measure your head.

Next, measure your head. Using a string or sewing measuring tape, measure around the middle of your head. Be sure to hold the tape or string at your forehead and mark the area where the string crosses your forehead. Once you have this measurement, unwind the string or tape measure and compare it to the size chart on the cowboy hat. If you are in between sizes, order the next one up.

If you are unsure of your head measurement, you can also try placing a finger between your head and the cap. That will give you an idea of what size is best.

How to find your cowboy hat size

Finding the right hat size is essential to make sure that you get the perfect fit. The brim is the part of the hat that attaches to the crown and sits around the forehead. It should be the right shape to fit the shape of your head without being too loose or too tight.

A loose or too tight breech band can cause a headache and a bad fit could also cause the tiniest bit of wind to blow it off. You can measure the brim by placing a finger between your head and the cap. This will give you a good idea of the size you need.

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Cowboy hat sizing and measurement explained Goorin Bros.


Choosing the correct size for your hat is important – you should focus on finding the right size before you actually buy. Generally, if your head circumference is more than 23 inches, you should go up one size. Alternatively, if you are small, you can choose a small brim to make the rim fit. 

Did you find this cowboy hat size guide helpful? Wishing you a wonderful experience as you prepare to shop for your best cowboy hat. Remember the hat size is everything, so take time to find the correct cowboy hat size.

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