Shein Women’s Size Charts and Fitting Guide for Clothes & Shoes

With the fast growth of the Shein online e-commerce platform and its fast-fashion model, there is also a need to come up with a strategy of constantly getting your perfect size each time you visit the platform.

Shein Size Charts women’s is a perfect option to help out in that regard. 

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Shein Women's Size Charts and Fitting Guide for Clothes and Shoes
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It pays to arm yourself with techniques and methods that help you determine your ideal dress sizes even from the comfort of your room to avoid unpleasant surprises when you purchase clothing items from the platform.

Therefore we’ve put together a detailed size chart and guides to help you find out your dress size. 

Shein Size Charts Women Table of Content

Shein Size Charts Women

The table below is a collection of Shein size charts of women’s apparel used for various clothing items and accessories available on Shein’s eCommerce platform. 

The sizing chart shows the size range across multiple countries of the world where the services of Shein are available. 

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Shein size chart Women’s dress (in inches/CM)

SizeUsBRITUK/AUEU/DEShoulderLengthSleeve LengthBustWaist SizeCuff
XS2PP3663413/3348.4/12310.4/26.532.7/8326.4/679.6/ 24.5
S4P4083613.4/3449.2/12510.6/2734.3/8728/719.8/ 25
M4M42103813.8/3550/12710.8/27.535.8/9129.5/7510/ 25.5

Shein Size Chart Women’s Bodycon (in inches/CM)

SizeLengthBustWaist SizeHip Size
XS30.7/ 7826/ 6622/ 5629.1/ 74
S31.5/ 8027.6/ 7023.6/ 6030.7/ 78
M32.3/ 8229.1/ 7425.2/ 6432.3/ 82
L33.1/ 8431.5/ 8027.6/ 7034.6/ 88

Local sizes are the same as in dress

Shein Size Chart Women’s Trouser (in inches/CM)

SizeLengthWaist SizeHip Size
S44.1/ 11225.2-29.9/ 64-7633.1/ 84
M44.5/ 11326.8-31.5/ 68-8034.6/ 88
L44.9/ 11429.1-33.9/ 74-8637/ 94
XL45.3/ 11531.5-36.2/ 80-9239.4/ 100

Shein women’s Plus Size Chart

Shopping for clothing on Shein is easy, since you will find a detail of the measurements of the garment in terms of chest, waist, and hips.

These are the Shein Curve plus sizes, Shein’s plus sizes range from 44 to 54.

0XL101-107 cm39.8-42.1 inches81-87 cm31.9-34.3 inches111-117 cm43.7-46 inches
1XL107-113 cm42.1-44.5 inches87-93 cm34.3-36.6 inches117-123 cm46-48.4 inches
2XL113-119 cm44.5-46.9 inches93-99 cm36.6-39 inches123-129 cm48.4-50.8 inches
3XL119-124 cm46.9-48.8 inches99-105 cm39-41.3 inches129-135 cm50.8-53.1 inches
4XL125-131 cm49.2-51.6 inches105-111 cm41.3-43.7 inches135-141 cm53.1-55.5 inches
5XL131-137 cm51.6-53.9 inches111-117 cm43.7-46 inches141-147 cm55.5-57.9 inches
Shein women's Size Chart Plus Size
Shein women’s Size Chart Plus Size

Shein Size Chart Women’s bikini (in inches/CM)

S4P408366.9/4.1 (17/10.5)34.6/ 88
M6M4210387.3/4.5 (18.5/11.5)36.2/ 92
L8/10G44/4612/1440/427.7/4.9 (19.5/12.5)38.2/ 97

Plus Size Shein women’s Bikini sizing in inches

Shein Bikini sizeUSTop LengthBust
Shein bikini bottom sizeUSBottom lengthWasteHips
How To Shop Shein in bigger sizes 🤯 by Marissa Ambriz

 Shein Size Chart Women’s heels (in inches/CM)

SizeUSBRMXUKDEBall GirthFoot lengthHeel height
EUR36634233.58.38.3/ 21.159/ 22.834.6/ 11.6
EUR376.53523. 21.69.3/ 23.54.6/ 11.6
EUR387.53624. 22.059.5/ 24.174.6/11.6
EUR3983725.568.98.9/ 22.59.8/ 24.844.6/11.6
EUR4093826799/ 22.9510/ 25.514.6/11.6
EUR4110392789.29.2/ 23.410.3/ 26.184.6/ 11.6

Shein Women’s shoe size

Euro SizeUS sizeOutsole HeightBall GirthFoot length

*Deze gegevens zijn verkregen door het product handmatig te

Shein Size Chart Women’s Shirt (in inches/CM)

SizeUSBRUK/AUEU/DEShoulderLenghtSleeve LengthBust
XS2PP63422.8/ 5828/ 718.7/ 2244.7/ 113.5
S4P83623.6/ 6028.3/ 728.9/ 22.546.3/ 117.5
M6M103824.4/ 6228.7/ 739.1/ 2347.8/ 121.5
L8/10G12/1440/4225.6/ 6529.3/ 73.59.3/ 23.550.2/ 127.5

How to choose the right Shein Size Women’s Outfit

Shein’s platform carries thousands of women’s apparel and accessories. The list ranges from dress to bodycon, shoes, bags, heels, jewellery and lots more.

All the apparel featured on the platform comes in various sizes. Choosing the right dress and shoe size on the Shein clothing eCommerce platform could be challenging, especially if you are new to online shopping.

The guides below provide a few measurements you can take on yourself combined with the Shein Size Charts provided above to determine the accurate sizes of Shein clothing perfect for you.

Shein also helps you with getting the right size

Belly Shape Shein Size fit guide

Belly Shape Shein women's Size fit guide
Belly Shape Shein women’s Size fit guide

Hip shape Shein Size Fit Guide

 Hip shape Shein women's Size Fit Guide
Hip shape Shein women’s Size Fit Guide

Measuring for the ideal Sizes of Shein Women’s Dress

To arrive at the perfect dress, you need to take detailed measurements of the following parts of your body. It is best to get help when you are doing this because some parts of your body may be difficult to measure on your own. 

1. Shoulder
To get your shoulder length, you need to start from one end of your should to another. In most cases, you may not be able to perform this on your own. Conversely, you can take one of your dresses that fit perfectly and measure the shoulder. 

2. Bust
Pass the tape measure or tape rule over your bust, around your back and back to the overbust. Ensure the tape measure is not too tight and place the tape parallel to the floor. Note the reading on the tape measure.

3. Underbust
To get the band size for your bikini, you need to measure the underbust. follow the same process as the bust but this time, pass the tape measure under the bust. You may need to wear any of your perfect fitting bras to get this done.

4. Waist
Follow the same process, pass a tape measure around your waist to get the waist measurement. Not whatever value you get. However, if you are using a dress you already own, stretch it out on a flat surface and measure the waist lenght. The downside here is that you may encounter errors in your measurement. It is better to take the measurement on your body directly. 

5. Hips
pass the tape around your hips to get the hip measurement. Ensure that the tape measure is not too tight to allow for free movement. 

6. Length
Run the tape measure straight from your shoulder directly to your hips or your knee, if you want a long dress. Or below your hip, if you want it short. 

7. Trouser length
The trouser length is the lenght from the hip to the ankle: you can equally stop anywhere in between, depending on your preference. 

7 Sleeves
The sleeves run from the shoulder down to the cuff. Run the tape measure along the arm and not the value at your wrist. It may be very difficult to do this by yourself. 

Getting someone to help with your measurement is a good practice. Once you have your measurement figured out, use the Shein size chart women’s clothing items above to determine the sizes that work best for you.  

When you are in a haste to get a particular dress style and you are unable to go around hunting for it. It is at this point that the values of Shein come to play.

The combination of quality and affordable items gives it superiority over alternatives. But one question that pops up in the mind of women using Shein’s services is; “how can you know your size even when shopping in an eCommerce store?’ Use the measurement you get here to decide.

Frequently asked questions about Shein Women’s Sizing

Is Shein size chart accurate?

Shein Size Chart provides relatively accurate values. Although there may be a slight variation of 1-2 inches in the values. But, in most cases, the values are dependable.

The accuracy depends on the kinds of items. The dimension of some parts of the body varies significantly from one person to another. Therefore it is best to expect some inaccuracy in the sizes.

Is Shein size-inclusive?

Yes. Shein offers all kinds of items that come in various sizes. And they feature a huge selection of items. The aim is to ensure that everyone finds their size.

The sizes cover every category of women across the world and they are manufactured to standard. 

Is Shein size true to size?

The sizes featured in the Shein Size chart are the correct size of the actual items on the platform. If you take your own measurement, you will get virtually the same readings.

The items are produced to industry standard: meaning they have to maintain the integrity of the brand and keep their usual size. 

What is the largest size for Shein woman?

Recently Shein has added a full Plus and Curve collection to serve plus-sized women. Now there’s more and more Plus sized clothing on Shein, check the charts here. At the start, the largest size available on the Shein platform is the L size, which stands for large.

Unlike other platforms, you could hardly find the XL sizes on Shein. However these days are over.

Shein Women’s sizes explained



This guide has shown you all you need to know about choosing the right size of outfit using the Shein Size Charts women clothing item version. No matter your body size, once you take your measurement, use simply reference the size chart to decide the accurate size of the item you want to buy.

And if you’re still unable to figure it out, you can leave a comment below and you will receive a swift response. Remember to share this with your friends and network. You may just help them find their next best outfit.

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