Forever 21 Women’s Size Chart for Clothes, Accessories and Shoes

Does forever 21 sizes run small? Yes their clothes tend to. This is probably because Forever 21 caters to a youthful demographic and offers casual clothes as well as more formal attire such as dresses and workwear. It’s best to measure your body and consult the below Forever 21 women’s size charts. The company describes its style as “contemporary with adose of chic appeal.”

Forever 21 Women's Size Chart for Clothes, Accessories and Shoes
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Table of Content of Forever 21 Women’s Size Charts

What  is Forever 21 and Why is a good Forever 21 size important? 

Forever 21 are a range of clothes for by Forever 21, a  fashion chain offering stylish and trendy clothing for at relatively affordable prices. The company was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles, California, and today operates over 700 stores across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. In addition to its main Forever 21 brand, the company also operates several other brands including XXI Forever, Love & Beauty, Heritage 1981, and F21 Red. 

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A good size range gives all the opportunity to find something that fits their body type and makes them feel confident and beautiful. Forever 21 offers a wide range of sizes for all occasions which is important because no two people are the same. 

Forever 21 Women’s Size Chart

A Forever 21 size chart is important because it will help you to find the right size for you. It is always a good idea to know your measurements so that you can find the best fitting clothes for your body type.

here are some examples of forever 21 size charts

Forever 21 dress size

SizeBust Waist Hips 
XS0328124 – 2561 – 6433 – 3484 – 86
S234 – 3586 – 8926 – 2766 – 6935 – 3689 – 92
M4/636 – 3791 – 9428 – 2971 – 7438 – 4096 – 102
L8-1038 – 3996 – 9930 – 3176 – 7942 – 44107 – 112
XL12-1440 – 41101 – 10432 – 3381 – 8445 – 47114 – 119

Forever 21 women’s Denim size

SizeWaist Hips 

Forever 21 Swimwear size

SizeUnderbust Bust Waist Hips 
S26 – 2866 – 7033 – 3584 – 8826 – 2766 – 6936 – 3791 – 94
M28 – 3071 – 7535 – 3789 – 9428 – 2971 – 7438 – 3996 – 99
L30 – 3276 – 8137 – 3995 – 9930 – 3176 – 7940 – 41102 – 104

Forever 21 Bras size chart

Understanding Bra sizes, and how to measure your bra size, click the links to learn more

SizeUnderbust Bust 
32A26 – 2866 – 7032 – 3481 – 86
32B26 – 2866 – 7033 – 3584 – 89
32C26 – 2866 – 7032 – 3486 – 92
34A28 – 3071 – 7534 – 3686 – 92
34B28 – 3071 – 7535 – 3789 – 94
34C28 – 3071 – 7536 – 3892 – 97
34D28 – 3071 – 7537 – 3994 – 99
36B30 – 3276 – 8137 – 3994 – 99
36C30 – 3276 – 8138 – 4096 – 102
36D30 – 3276 – 8139 – 4199 – 104

Forever 21 Bra size conversion (International)



S26 – 2833 – 35
M28 – 3035 – 37
L30 – 3237 – 39

Forever 21 women’s Shoes Size Chart

Learn all about How to measure your feet

US SizeUKEUKorea

Forever 21 Shoes tend to run large; we recommend sizing down a half size.

How do i know my Forever 21 shoe size?

How to understand shoe width with more parameters can be found here.
Find out How to measure your shoe size correctly here.

10 easy steps to measure your feet correctly:

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon.
    Your feet swell during the day, it’s best to measure your feet at their fullest
  2. Stand When Measuring
    When in a wheelchair there’s no pressure on the feet, so it’s unnecessary to stand up.
  3. Wear socks
    With Forever 21 shoes, you most probably wear socks. Make sure you wear socks when you measure your feet.
  4. Be precise
  5. Measure both feet
    Measure your left and right foot separately as they’re not the same length. Take the biggest measurement to determine your shoe Size
  6. Stand on your piece of paper
    Keeping your body weight over your foot, trace a thin line around the outside of your entire foot.
  7. Start drawing
    When drawing the line, hold the pen perpendicular to the ground.
  8. Measure the length of your feet
    Measure vertically down the length of your foot tracing. This is your foot length.
  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape
    Measure horizontally across the widest part of your foot tracing. This is your foot width.
  10. Determine your size in the conversion charts
    Start from the measurement in inches or centimeters and define your size in the charts for men, women or kids

It is also important to note that not all clothing brands are created equal. So, it is important to make sure that the size chart for Forever 21 clothing is specific to the clothing you are looking for. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing clothing that does not fit correctly.

In addition, Forever 21 understands that as bodies change over time, their size may also change. So they offer both plus sizes and petite sizes to accommodate all body types. With such a large variety of sizes, Forever 21 provides clothes for shoppers of all ages and stages in life.

Forever 21 women’s Plus size charts for large women

Forever 21 Plus Tops size


Forever 21 Plus Bottoms size


Forever 21 Plus Jeans and Denim size


Forever 21 Plus Dresses sizing


Forever 21 Plus Outerwear size


Forever 21 Boots Size Chart

How to measure your feet, and understanding plus size shoe sizes click the links

US SizeShaft Width
7171/2 inch
44 cm
818 inch
46 cm
9182/5 inch
47 cm
10184/5 inch
48 cm
11191/5 inch
49 cm
12191/2 inch
50 cm
Forever 21 Women’s plus shoe sizes explained by PINKFLUFF EMPIRE

The right Forever 21 size will vary depending on your individual body type and preferences. If you are wondering what sizes does forever 21 have, there is a wide range of sizes to choose from e.g forever 21 size plus, forever 21 large size. However, there are a few general tips you can keep in mind when shopping for Forever 21 clothing.

First, take note of your own measurements and then compare them to the size chart on the Forever 21 website. This will give you a good starting point for finding items that should fit well.

Next, keep in mind that Forever 21 sizing tends to run small, so you may want to size up if you’re between sizes or unsure of what size to choose. Don’t be afraid to try things in-store before purchasing. Also choose depending on your country. If you are in India, look specifically for forever 21 size chart India. 

The best Forever 21 size for you

Every person is different, so it’s tough to say what the “best” Forever 21 size would be for you. Generally speaking, smaller framed women for example will likely wear a size 2 in Forever 21, while curvier ladies might need to go up to a size 10 or 12.

That said, it’s always best to try on clothes before purchasing them, just to be sure. And if you’re ever unsure about what size to get, never hesitate to ask a store associate for help. They’ll be more than happy to assist!

How to measure, how to find your Forever 21 Size

To measure yourself, start by getting a soft measuring tape. Then, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust,  under your arms, waist, hips, inseam and height. Make sure the tape is level and not too tight or too loose. Once you have your measurement, refer to the Forever 21 size Chart to find your perfect fit! You can also use this chart to convert between standard US sizes and Forever 21 sizes.

You’ll need an actual tape measure and somewhere to record your measurements. Here’s how to take body measurements when using this sizing guide. 

A quick guide on how to take your body measures

  • Head
    Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of the forehead all the way to the back. Repeat three times and use the largest number as the measurement. 
  • Neck
    Start at the base of the neck in the front and go round and back. Avoid measuring the higher regions of the neck and focus on the base.  
  • Bust
    This is for women’s tops, dresses, and jackets. Measure around the fullest part of your bust with the tape going around your back and under your arms. Ensure it stays parallel to the floor throughout the process. 
  • Waist
    You’ll need to measure your natural waistline right under your ribcage and along your belly button. This might seem strange if you wear your pants lower than this level, but it’s the right place to take the measurement. 
  • Hips
    take a soft but durable tape measure around the hips and across the fullest point of the curved surface. You’ll need this measurement for a pair of jeans, a skirt, or a dress. 

Does Forever 21 fit true to size?

This question can also be framed as does forever 21 run small. Forever 21 generally runs a bit small – so if you’re between sizes, it’s better to size up. They also don’t carry half sizes, so if you usually wear a size 6.5, you would need to size up to a 7. That being said, their clothes are very affordable and they offer a wide range of sizes, so it’s definitely worth it. 

Forever 21 women’s size explained

What ACTUALLY Fits a Size 12 at Forever 21 by Carrie Dayton


Sizing is important when it comes to clothing, and the correct Forever 21 Size Chart will help you find the right fit for your body. Make sure to use the correct forever 21 size conversion for the type of clothing you are looking to purchase. You’ll be able to easily find clothes that fit well and look great. Thanks for reading!

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