J jill Size Charts for Women

J. Jill is a women’s clothing store based in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. In 1955, Karl Lipsky started a specialty shop in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and called it after his wife Jenifer and daughter Jill. J. Jill is located in the Berkshires. Before launching her own e-commerce business, Lipsky established the mail-order clothing company Jenifer House (skip straight to the J jill Size Charts)

In 1959, J. Jill opened its first store in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Since then, the company has expanded into selling merchandise only through catalogs. Forty years later, in 1999, they launched both their brick-and-mortar stores and the online business. Their omnichannel presence, which includes the ever-expanding catalog division, robust e-commerce platform, and over 280 brick-and-mortar locations, has helped the brand earn widespread recognition among consumers.

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They established the J.Jill, Inc. Compassion Fund in 2002 to grant money to local charities that aid low-income and homeless women in achieving financial independence. The all-female firm has donated more than $14 million through the Fund.

J.Jill, Inc. is a casual, laid-back, comfortable design and modern style that embodies the ego of a woman who leads an adventurous and fulfilling life. They are an omnichannel retailer that sells women’s apparel (in misses, petite, women’s, and tall sizes), accessories, and shoes across the country.

The company’s 261 brick-and-mortar locations, website, and catalog are all dedicated to providing helpful, informative service to customers. With all the versatile styles you can be sure of getting the right sizes. All the best as you search for your J. Jill apparel.

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J jill Size Charts Table of Contents

Misses J jill size guide

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XS233.5 in 85.09 cm26.5 in 67.31 cm36.25 in 92.075 cm
XS434.5 in 87.63 cm27.5 in 69.85 cm37.25 in 94.615 cm
S635.5 in 90.17 cm28.5 in 72.39 cm38.25 in 97.155 cm
S836.5 in 92.71 cm29.5 in 74.93 cm39.25 in 90.695 cm
M1037.5 in 95.25 cm30.5 in 77.47 cm40.25 in 102.235 cm
M1239 in 99.06 cm32 in 81.28 cm41.75 in 106.045 cm
L1440.5 in 102.87 cm33.5 in 85.09 cm43.25 in 109.855 cm
L 42 in 106.68 cm35 in 88.9 cm44.75 in 113.935 cm
XL1642.5 in 107.95 cm35.5 in 90.17 cm45.25 in 114.935 cm
XL1845 in 114.3 cm38 in 96.52 cm47.75 in 121.285 cm

Petite J jill size chart

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XSP0P32 in 81.28 cm25 in 63.5 cm34.75 in 88.265 cm
XSP2P33 in 83.82 cm26 in 66.04 cm35.75 in 90.805 cm
XSP4P34 in 86.36 cm27 in 68.58 cm36.75 in 93.345 cm
SP6P35 in 88.9 cm28 in 71.12 cm37.75 in 95.885 cm
SP8P36 in 91.44 cm29 in 73.66 cm38.75 in 98.425 cm
MP10P37 in 93.98 cm30 in 76.2 cm39.75 in 100.965 cm
MP12P38.5 in 97.79 cm31.5 in 80.01 cm41.25 in 104.775 cm
LP14P40 in 101.6 cm33 in 83.82 cm42.75 in 108.585 cm
LP 41.5 in 105.41 cm34.5 in 87.63 cm44.25 in 112.395 cm
XLP16P42 in 106.68 cm35 in 88.9 cm44.75 in 113.665 cm
XLP18P44.5 in 113.03 cm37.5 in 95.25 cm47.25 in 120.015 cm

Women’s J jill size chart

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1X 43.5 in 110.49 cm36.5 in 92.71 cm46.25 in 117.475 cm
2X20W47.5 in 120.65 cm40.5 in 102.87 cm50.25 in 127.635 cm
3X22W49.5 in 125.73 cm42.5 in 107.95 cm52.25 in 132.715 cm
3X24W51.5 in 130.81 cm44.5 in 113.03 cm54.25 in 137.795 cm
4X26W53.5 in 135.89 cm46.5 in 118.11 cm56.25 in 142.875 cm
4X28W55.5 in 140.97 cm48.5 in 123.19 cm58.25 in 147.955 cm

Tall J jill size chart

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ST4T34.5 in 87.63 cm27.5 in 69.85 cm37.25 in 94.615 cm
ST6T35.5 in 90.17 cm28.5 in 72.39 cm38.25 in 97.155 cm
ST8T36.5 in 92.71 cm29.5 in 74.93 cm39.25 in 99.695 cm
MT10T37.5 in 95.25 cm30.5 in 77.47 cm40.25 in 102.235 cm
MT12T39 in 99.06 cm32 in 81.28 cm41.75 in 106.045 cm
LT14T40.5 in 102.87 cm33.5 in 85.09 cm43.25 in 109.855 cm
LT 42 in 106.68 cm35 in 88.9 cm44.75 in 113.665 cm
XLT16T42.5 in 107.95 cm35.5 in 90.17 cm45.25 in 114.935 cm
XLT18T45 in 114.3 cm38 in 96.52 cm47.75 in 121.285 cm

How to choose the right J jill sizes

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How to Determine Your Dress Size

  1. Take a tape measure to your bust. If you want an accurate measurement, take it around the largest area of your bust. The preferred method of measuring the bust size is passing a soft tape measure under the arms.
    Don’t pull the tape measure taut, but don’t leave any slack either. If you pull the tape around your body too tightly (with your bust protruding over the edge), you will get inaccurate results and a dress that doesn’t fit.
  2. Take your waist size. Find the crease at your waist by bending to one side (it doesn’t matter which). If you want to fit into your favorite pair of jeans, take your measurement at the natural crease in your waist.
    Measure 2 inches above your belly button to get your true waist size. The waist is the narrowest section of a person’s physique.
  3. Get your hip size measured. Just put your feet together and stand tall. Get a measurement around your hips and your backside. Positioned roughly in the middle of your crotch and belly button. Again, it’s important to not pull too tightly on the measuring tape or your dress size may come out too tiny.
  4. Consult our sizing guide. Keep in mind that size charts vary per retailer and that you may find that you fit into a far wider range of sizes than you expected based on your dimensions and the size chart. However, this size chart should serve as a starting point.
    If your measurements fall between sizes, always go with the bigger one, especially when shopping online.
    It’s best to stay away from online dress size calculators because they frequently provide inaccurate results. Since various retailers measure women’s apparel differently, dress size generators promise to identify your exact dress size across all of your favorite retailers.
  5. Type the corresponding numerical sizes as letters. While most shops utilize the standard numbering system of 6, 8, 10, and 12, this is not always the case. Alternative sizing systems employ letters such as XS, S, and M. Thankfully, these letter sizes are typically equivalent to precise numerical sizes, so you may choose your size based on that.

    U.S. sizes 2 and 4 correspond to XS and S, 6 and 8 to M and L, 10 and XL, and 12 and XXL, respectively. This is frequently the case, though exact measurements may still vary from store to store.

Size Selection in Individual Retail Outlets

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Make use of a size chart: If you’re going to buy something online, step one is to use the sizing chart. You can find a size chart on nearly every clothes retailer’s website these days. Dresses can often run large or small, so it’s important to have your dimensions on hand to compare to the site’s sizing recommendations. Sticking to the same online retailers is beneficial because you’ll be familiar with the sizing options available.

Make sure you compare sizes across stores. Once you have your measurements, you can shop around for the best fit. For dresses, different retailers and brands use different sizing systems. Often, the label will tell you what size to get based on your dimensions.

For instance, a small at Target (in numeric size: 0 or 2) has a bust measurement of 85.09 cm to 86.39 cm, a waist measurement of 66.04 cm to 67.31 cm, and hip measures of 91.44 cm to 93.98 cm.

A Top Shop size 6 has a lower breast measurement of 87 cm, a waist measurement of 69.2 cm, and a hip measurement of 91.5 cm than the standard sizing chart shows.

Ask. Asking a sales associate about the sizing of dresses at various retailers is often the most efficient method. Not only are you not alone in your perplexity, but dress sizes are measured differently at different stores. They should be able to assist you if you bring in your measurements.

Preferring the Right Dress

To begin, if you have a straight body, choose a dress that flatters your figure. Certain dresses are more flattering than others if you have a straight body type (narrow hips, no bust, no rear). Dresses in the sheath or shift silhouette are flattering on this figure.

If you’re lacking in the curve department, try on dresses with an empire waist or an A-line skirt.

The addition of an off-the-shoulder dress will also add drama to your outfit. This dress is perfect for showing off your collarbones and upper arms thanks to its plunging neckline.

If you have a pear shape, choose tops that draw attention up to your bust. You are more pear-shaped if your bust is smaller than your hips and thighs and your hips are wider than your bust. Dresses with low or no necklines and straps are great for emphasizing the bust and other upper body features.

Wearing an empire waist, or a full or A-line skirt, can also assist draw attention to your hips and make you appear fantastic.

Third, emphasize your curves if you have an hourglass shape. You have a full breasts, full hips, and a trimmer, more defined waist. Dresses that cinch in at the waist will look best on you.

Wearing a wrap, knit dress, or sheath with a defined waist is a safe pick if you want to flaunt your curves.

If you have an apple form, lift the focus upward. This shows that the smallest part of your body is above your natural waist, in the rib cage. If you want to emphasize your upper body, an empire waist is a safe pick because the waistline falls just below the bust.

Pick out a dress with interesting accents at the neckline to stress your best features.

Dresses with full or A-line skirts can make you look more feminine and even help you achieve an hourglass shape.

If you have large breasts, try to have people focus on your waist. If your chest is larger than your hips and rear, it is recommended that you choose dresses that have more of a defined waist and narrower hips in order to create a more balanced silhouette.

Necklines like Vs and halter tops can make you look slimmer (and look good with fuller busts).

Dresses with a-line or full skirt can help you strike the right proportions between your top and bottom halves. Dresses with flared or ruched hems or other interesting embellishments at the bottom can do the same.

Learn more about J jill Size and more (video)

Size Inclusivity in Fashion With J.Jill by AZTV7

Frequently asked questions

1. Is J. Jill true to size?

Their sizes run a little large, especially in the linen.

2. Does J. Jill run big?

Yes. Especially the linen, the sizes run a little on the large side. Pure J. Jill, Inc. clothing is, hands down, the most comfortable clothing. Many of J. Jill’s customers have reported that the brand runs large, often extremely large.

You should order two sizes down if you have the shape of an hourglass, and you should order one size down if you have the shape of an apple. My justification for this assertion is that most of their garments have a boxy fit and appear to have a lot of spare space in the midsection.

3. Does J. Jill, Inc. have plus-size clothing?

Yes. J. Jill’s sizing is spacious at the top end, making it a good option for women who have larger busts or hips. At J. Jill, there are many clients that can wear anything in the store.

4. What’s the smallest size in J. Jill, Inc.

sizes 0–28 and XS-4X.

5. Which sizes do you consider petite?

Petite sizes, 0P–18P and XSP–XLP, are designed for women 5’4″ and shorter. Sleeves, lengths, and inseams fall in precisely the right place.

6. Which sizes do you consider tall?

Tall sizes, 4T–18T and ST–XLT, are designed for women 5’7½” and taller. Sleeves, lengths, and inseams are lengthened proportionately.

7. Which sizes do you consider regular?

The new regular sizes, 2–28 and XS–4X are designed for women 5’4″ to 5’7″. On certain styles, to ensure the perfect fit, they add bust darts or elasticized waistbands.


When you have selected what you want to buy, you can click on the item (or items) that you want, and then add them to your shopping bag. Then proceed to the checkout by clicking the button labeled “proceed to checkout” and following the on-screen instructions.

once you have added items to your shopping bag and continued to the checkout page, you will be sent to the billing information page where you may enter the information for your foreign address.
They will deliver international shipments between 10 and 14 business days (Mon–Fri) from the date they ship the package.

J. Jill, Inc. believes that making returns should be just as simple as purchasing with them, which is why they provide several return ways; this way, you may choose the option that is most convenient for you.

Use the order status link, which can be found in the footer section at the bottom of each page on the J.Jill, Inc. website, to find out whether your return or credit has been processed. You will get a confirmation email alert as soon as your credit is applied to your credit card, your refund is completed, or your item credit is processed, whichever comes first.

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