Lacoste Size Chart for adults & kids: What’s my Lacoste size?

The Lacoste brand is globally known for its colorful shirts, marked by the Iconic crocodile. Aside from the styling and branding, the clothing has a very good fit. For decades the brand has been selling perfect true-to-size polo shirts for men, women and children. (skip straight to the Lacoste size chart)

Who is Lacoste?

René Lacoste, a tennis player, and businessman André Gillier established Lacoste S.A. in France in 1933. It offers the sale of apparel, accessories, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, watches, perfume, and towels. The company’s green crocodile emblem makes it easily recognizable .

When René Lacoste promised his team captain an alligator-skin briefcase that he would win his match, the press in the United States initially gave him the moniker “the Alligator.”

Lacoste Size Chart for adults & kids: What's my Lacoste size?
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Because of his perseverance on the tennis court, French supporters later gave him the new moniker “the Crocodile”. Maus Frères, a Swiss family-owned business, acquired Lacoste outright in November 2012. The official brand size charts have been helpful to the customers.

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Table of Content of Lacoste Sizing Guide

Lacoste Style Details

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Colorfastness and Color Range

Lacoste places a lot of emphasis on color, so they dye everything at once to ensure uniformity. Additionally, they evaluate the light to ensure your colors don’t fade too soon. A brilliant color will undoubtedly fade with time if exposed to light every day on a cotton knit material. But generally, I believe Lacoste does a good job of maintaining its color.

Their polo shirts’ majority of collars are composed of ribbed cotton. Additionally, the only polo shirt we had had a tiny crocodile print on it and was a slightly different shade of color. The jersey polo’s collar was also made of jersey.

Most polo shirts have these traditional collars, but I don’t particularly like them because they curl quite easily and don’t stay as sharp and tidy as collars fashioned to look like shirt collars from the same piqué or jersey material.

Collars on Lacoste Polo Shirts

Typically, the Lacoste polo shirts size has two buttons and two buttonholes. It’s interesting to note that, unlike the top collar buttonhole, which is more common, all buttonholes, regardless of how many, are cut horizontally.

One of Lacoste’s many great benefits is the variety of its colors. More than 40 hues are available. You could then respond, “Well, Ralph Lauren offers more than 60 colors.” While that is true, I find the Polo Shirts Size Lacoste Size colors to be more appealing because they have more pastel hues and are a bit less striking.

Lacoste Size charts for polo shirts and other clothing
Lacoste Size charts for polo shirts and other clothing

Lacoste size chart

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Men’s Polo Shirts size chart

Lacoste sizing373839404142434445464748
Neck circumference14inches 36cm14.5inches 37cm15inches 38cm15.5inches 39cm15.8inches 40cm16inches 41cm16.7inches 42cm17inches 43cm17.5inches 44cm18inches 45cm18.7 4719.5 49
Chest circumference35inches 90cm37inches 93cm38inches 97cm40inches 101cm41inches 105cm43inches 109cm44inches 113cm46inches 117cm48inches 121cm49inches 125cm53 13457 144
Pant waist circumference30inches 77cm31inches 81cm33inches 85cm35inches 89cm36inches 93cm38inches 97cm39inches 101cm42inches 106cm44inches 111cm46inches 116cm50 12654 138
Lacoste Men's Shirt Sizing Chart
Lacoste Men’s Shirt Size Chart

Men’s Lacoste T-Shirts size chart

Letter sizingXSSMLXL2XL3XL4X1XG2XG
Lacoste sizing234567891011
Chest circumference34inches 87cm35-37 inches 90-93cm38-40 inches 97-101 cm44-46 inches 105-109 cm44-46 inches 113-117cm44-49 inches 121-125cm51inches 129cm53inches 134cm55inches 139cm57inches 144cm
Pant waist circumference28inches 73cm30-31 inches 77-81cm33-35 inches 85-89cm36-38 inches 93-97cm39-42 inches 101-106cm44-46 inches 111-116cm48inches 121cm50inches 126cm52inches 131cm54inches 138cm

Men’s Shoes Size Guide Chart

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US Sizing77.588.599.51010.51111.51212.5131415
Lacoste Sizing39.54040.5414242.5434444.5454646.5474849
Foot Length9.7inches 24.6cm9.9inches 25.1cm10inches 25.4cm10.2inches 25.8cm10.4inches 26.5cm10.5inches 26.7cm10.7inches 27.1cm10.9inches 27.8cm11inches 28cm11.2inches 28.5cm11.5inches 29.1cm11.6inches 29.4cm11.8inches 30cm12inches 30.5cm12.2inches 31cm

Women’s Polo Shirts Size Chart

Letter sizingXSSMLXL
Lacoste sizing3234-3638-4042-4446-48
Chest circumference31inches 78cm32-34inches 82-86cm35-37inches 90-94cm39-40inches 98-102cm42-44inches 107-112cm
Waist circumference24inches 60cm25-27inches 64-68cm28-30inches 72-76cm31-33inches 80-84cm35-37inches 89-94cm
c. Low Hip circumference34inches 86cm35-37inches 90-94cm39-40inches 95-102cm42-43inches 106-110cm45-47inches 115-120cm
Arm Length22inches 55cm23inches 58cm23inches 59cm24inches 61cm24inches 61cm

Women’s shoes size chart

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US sizing55.566.577.588.599.51.10.511
Lacoste sizing35.5363737.5383939.54040.5414242.543
Foot length8.9inches 22.7cm9inches 22.9cm9.3inches 23.8cm9.4inches 24cm9.6inches 24.3cm9.9inches 25.1cm10inches 25.4cm10.1inches 25.6cm10.2inches 25.8cm10.4inches 26.3cm10.5inches 26.7cm10.6inches 27cm10.8inches 27.4cm

Lacoste Jackets and Coats size chart

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SizeLacoste sizeChest size Natural waist size Arm length size Across back size 

Lacoste shorts and pants size chart

SizeLacoste sizeWaist size 

Boy’s Tops size chart

Lacoste sizing1A2A3A4A5A6A8A10A12A14A16A
Chest circumference20inches 50cm21inches 53cm21inches 53cm22inches 56cm23inches 58cm24inches 61cm25inches 64cm28inches 71cm31inches 78cm34inches 86cm36inches 92
Waist circumference19inches 49cm20inches 50cm21inches 53cm21inches 53cm22inches 56cm22inches 56cm23inches 58cm25inches 64cm27inches 68cm29inches 73cm30inches 76cm
Low hip circumference20inches 50cm21inches 53cm22inches 56cm24inches 61cm24inches 61cm25inches 64cm27inches 68cm29inches 73cm32inches 81cm35inches 89cm37inches 94cm
Total Height31inches 78cm36inches 92cm39inches 98cm41inches 104cm43inches 110cm46inches 116cm50inches 128cm55inches 140cm60inches 152cm65inches 164cm69inches 176cm

Girl’s Tops Size Chart

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Lacoste sizing2A3A4A5A6A8A10A12A14A16A
Chest circumference21inches 53cm21inches 53cm22inches 56cm23inches 58cm24inches 61cm26inches 61cm28inches 72cm31inches 78cm33inches 83cm34inches 87cm
Waist circumference20inches 51cm21inches 53cm21inches 53cm22inches 55cm22inches 55cm23inches 58cm24inches 62cm26inches 66cm26inches 66cm27inches 69cm
Low Hip Circumference21inches 53cm22inches 55cm24inches 62cm24inches 62cm25inches 64cm28inches 70cm30inches 77cm33inches 84cm35inches 88cm36inches 92cm
Total Height36inches 92cm39inches 98cm41inches 104cm43inches 110cm46inches 116cm50inches 128cm55inches 140cm60inches 152cm65inches 16465inches 166cm
How to measure Size Guide for Polos & T-Shirts Lacoste
How to measure: Size Guide for Polos & T-Shirts Lacoste

How to choose the right Lacoste size

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Steps to Measure a Polo Shirt:

  1. Neck to Shoulder: Measure from the neck’s middle to the shoulder’s end.
  2. Sleeve length: Measure from the shoulder to the wrist.
  3. Shoulder to Shoulder: Measure this length from one shoulder to another.
  4. Chest: Place the tape close under the arms and make sure the tape is flat across the back.
  5. Waist: Measure across the waist area while the Polo Shirt is flat.
  6. Hem: Measure from one side to another.
  7. Front Length: Measure from the highest point of the shoulder to the desired hemline.
  8. Sleeve: At the widest point of the sleeve, measure it across while laying flat.

When measuring the neck size, measure the neck circumference where the collar would typically lie. The usual size of this neck size will determine how well the shirt will fit you. The head circumference should be a consideration to avoid stains when fitting the shirt. If you prefer a slim fit or ultra slim be careful about the measurement to avoid inconvenience for your fit polo shirts also known as Tee shirts.

When measuring your trousers size in inches, the thigh girth, belt size, hip size, Lacoste size waist, or the inseam leg length are important. Your accurate body measurement should be like the size on the label. For women’s body measures, bust circumference, medidas cintura, and pelvis size determine the margin of comfort. Many people prefer in US size which is basically the international size as compared to the Europe size. Taglia Lacoste and the best shirts for men to go for.

Lacoste also offers one of the best shoes for any gender or age. With the exact foot size, you can be able to choose the most fitting shoes for you or your loved ones.

Learn more about how to wear Lacoste (video)

How To Wear Lacoste by The Style O.G.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is 6 Lacoste?

6 Lacoste is XL’s actual size.

What size is 52 in Lacoste?

Lacoste size XS 28 is like size 1XG 52 for polo Lacoste shirts.

Is Lacoste true to size?

Shirts from Lacoste don’t fit tiny; they are true to size. The company initially rose to prominence because of its premium shirts, and it has done well to maintain fairly consistent sizing in this area.

What size is M in Lacoste?

if your actual size is M for Lacoste it’s equivalent to size 4.

What Lacoste size is large?

The large Lacoste size measure XXL XXL 130 134 – Chest Size and 109.2-114.3 cm waist size

Is Lacoste size 6 A large?

In terms of length, the classic is longer than the regular, which is longer than the slim. All the polo shirts I got were a size 6, corresponding to an extra-large.


Get your true size at Lacoste if you purchase tops and polo shirts. No need to size up or down is necessary. You might need to size up when purchasing pants or shorts. Because of the uneven sizing of Lacoste’s bottoms, it is crucial to verify the size chart before purchasing an item.

Despite not specifically targeting plus-size customers, Lacoste provides a variety of things in extended sizing. This applies to clothing and footwear, so plus-size customers can discover Lacoste items that meet their requirements.

Lacoste offers plus-sized polo shirts, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and a selection of shoes, among other clothing products. Although there are fewer possibilities than standard sizing, plus-size Lacoste buyers may still find lots of clothing.

Polo shirts from Lacoste fit true to size, but the company’s pants typically come up short compared to other brands. Sizing up is not required.

Lacoste’s sizing is a bit all over the place, but I hope this guide helped you understand it a bit more deeply. But the great thing is that the brand offers free returns and replacements, so if a product doesn’t fit you, you can get it replaced.

If our article was helpful, please leave a comment in the comment section. Also, share any concerns you’d wish us to guide you through. Thank You.

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