Jumpsuit Size Chart for Adults and Kids

Regular-size chart jumpsuits are based on the numeric sizes of normal-size clothes. Although, like every monogarment size, jumpsuit size is affected by body type. To cater to the variety of heights among customers, customers are given extra fabric recommendations by some manufacturers such as ZARA WOMAN.

Jumpsuit Size Chart for Adults and Kids size-charts.com
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While extra yards of fabric might sound logical, the true content of seller monogarment size can vary because of factors as simple as the print pattern on the jumpsuit. By the way, the extra fabric usually means additional charges.

The tables below were put together to help typical shoppers make better jumpsuit sizing decisions. All the tables are for RELAXED jumpsuits only.

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Jumpsuit Size Table of Contents

Kids Jumpsuit Size Chart

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A monogarment size meant for children is best fitted to infants because of the wonderful effect of puberty. Also, the jumpsuit is more popular among infants and toddlers. As children grow older, jumpsuits become more scarce.

InternationalAge (m)Length (In)Length (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
700 – 312.2318.321
906 – 1213.8359.123
10012 – 1814.6379.424

Men’s Jumpsuit Size Chart

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All international trade considers only body length and numeric jacket size chest as the primary measurements for male jumpsuits. Tall sizes are meant for people with longer body lengths and may be denoted by the letter “T”.

Chest (In)Chest (Cm)Numeric Size

Women’s Regular Jumpsuit Size Chart

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Petite sizes are generally just a smaller version of the normal size. The sizing of petite jumpsuits for women begins the range of numeric sizes of women’s regular sizes. Plus-size denim rompers for women do NOT fall under the same size charts as regular ones.

Sizing of petite jumpsuits for women begins the range of sizes of women’s regular sizes. Plus-size denim rompers for women do NOT fall under the same size charts as regular ones.

S43431-33.5In 80-86 Cm26.5 In
68 Cm
31.2 In
80 Cm
82-88 Cm
27.3 In
70 Cm
33.5 In
86 Cm
86-92 Cm
28.9 In
74 Cm
35.1 In
90 Cm
XL144236-38 In
92-98 Cm
31.2 In 80 Cm35.9 In

Plus Size Jumpsuit Size Chart

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Plus size jumpsuits are a popular fashion choice because of their comfort. Plus-size denim jumpsuits have found particular success among other types of plus-size elegant jumpsuits.

Plus-sized women don’t really have a model size when it comes to international trade. Also plus sized pattern inquiries had proved that other than handmade items with a gorgeous pattern, plus-sized jumpsuits have absolutely no reason to be more expensive or poorly fitted.

Plus size jumpsuits vary so much in pricing that some of them require special financing and proper customs processing of import duties depending on the item location. Don’t get the size wrong, please go through this table.

GlobalBust (In)Bust (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)Hips (In)Hips (Cm)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my jumpsuit size?

1. Have a friend measure around the widest part of your chest usually below the armpits and over your nipples, this is your bust.

2. Then measure round the “thickest” part between your belly button and your hip bone, this is your waist.

3. Finally measure round the hip bone itself; the bone that your upper legs join to, this is your hip. Use the measurements to determine your size.

4. Pick the first size that covers all your measurements. Remember, you might need to perform a single-size conversion; i.e change the dimensions you measured in.

Pro tip: If you took the measurements yourself, just remove about 3 centimeters or 1 inch from each measurement.

Should I size up in jumpsuits?

No, you shouldn’t. Your actual body measurements will be larger than standard body measurements if you took the measurements yourself. 

What body shape does a jumpsuit suit?

There is no specific model size for jumpsuits. They fit everybody. You just need to know your body shape and pick a fabric that better agrees with your body. For instance, cozy stretch fabrics are not meant for the typical round body shape.

How do you measure a jumpsuit’s waist?

The best-known method is to measure the “half waist”. 

1. Place the garment face up on a flat surface and measure across the hip region from left to right.

2. Turn the garment around and now lay it face down, then measure again across the hip region from left to right one more.

3. Multiply the lower of the two numbers by two and you have the waist measurement of the jumpsuit.

Are there plus-size jumpsuits?

Yes, there are. Although the “right size weight” doesn’t exist for jumpsuits and jumpsuits are not size infinite or one size fits all; they are made for all shapes and sizes. Some manufacturers try to make them more size-inclusive by using stretchy fabric.

This idea created two different segments of the jumpsuit market based on fabric. The “relaxed” jumpsuit and the “tight” jumpsuit. The relaxed ones are just like regular clothing. They sit on the body of the wearer. The tight ones are more buddy-hugging, pretty much like a rubber pouch stretched around its content.

The tightness of the jumpsuit depends on how much elasticity is put into the fabric. Once again, all the sizes here are for relaxed jumpsuits only.

Are jumpsuits the same as swimsuits?

Strictly speaking, they are not. A jumpsuit is any one-piece garment that consists of a top-like attire (eg: a t-shirt) and a pant sewn together. A dress is like a shirt + a skirt; a jumpsuit is like a shirt + pants/shorts. 

A swimsuit on the other hand is designed to be used in the water and can take literally any form. Most swimsuits however are in the jumpsuit style. Simply put, most swimsuits appear to be a jumpsuit but most jumpsuits are NOT meant as swimwear.

Is jumpsuit sizing universal?

No, it is not. Jumpsuits merge together the sizing of two separate pieces of attire. Thus, several manufacturers have their own special sizing charts. It is however clear that manufacturers that use measurements from the same part of the world are more similar in sizing than others.

This means that Asian manufacturers generally have a more unified size when you compare their jumpsuits to one another.

Meanwhile, European manufacturers also have a more unified sizing chart when compared to one another. However, if you compare Asian jumpsuits to European ones, there will be a wider difference in the sizes. This “discovery” has led to the importance of size conversion charts being celebrated.


Although customs processing takes several business days for most international delivery; the typical business seller will usually have a return shipping service. Although returns are more common for men and plus size jumpsuits, each category of the jumpsuit has been known to be misfitting to the customer even though the customer was sure of sizing.

Whenever possible, try to buy jumpsuits in person and remember to measure regularly for clothing because a change of just one inch can affect how the suit fits.

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