Eastpak Size Chart

Eastpak is an American lifestyle brand, established in Boston, Massachusetts. The company specializes in the design, advancement, production, and global marketing and supply of a wide selection of products such as bags, backpacks, and accessories (skip straight to the Eastpak size charts).

The company set about as Eastern Canvas Products USA, Inc. in the year 1952. It used to produce bags and packs for the United States military before targeting the consumer market under the trade name Eastpak in 1976.

Over the last few years, Eastpak has attained a huge number of customers by producing high-quality and durable backpacks, with appealing designs and persuasive appearances. In addition, Eastpak responds to changing trends and colors. 

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There are several types of Eastpak bags. The brand knows how to make them in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The solid designs ensure that the bags are suitable for everyone. This means that women, men, and children can find an Eastpak bag that meets their needs. From school bags to laptop bags or stylish bags.

Most Eastpak bags are made of polyester and genuine leather while other bags are made of fabric materials that are not waterproof, but water resistant. The company aims to produce bags that protect your gadgets from penetration of water as much as possible, by using water-resistant fabric both on the inside and outside of the bag. 

The correct Eastpak bag size contains all the features you need to go out and travel with confidence since your items will be safe in the bag. Whether you are going to work, trips, or school, you need an Eastpak bag of the right size. 

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Eastpak Size Table of Contents

Eastpak size chart

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Eastpak Backpacks Size chart

Eastpak BackpackCapacityHeightWidthDepthWeightMaterial
Wyoming24.0 L40 cm 15.7 in30 cm 11.8 in18 cm 7.1 in540 g 19.05 oz 1.2 lb100% Nylon
Orbit Mini 10 L33.5 cm 13.2 in23 cm 9.1 in15 cm 5.9 in240 g 8.5 oz 0.53 lb100% Polyester
Timberland Padded24 L40 cm 15.7 in30 cm 11.8 in18 cm 7.1 in    –100% recycled 600D Polyester
Padded Pak’r24 L40 cm 15.7 in30 cm 11.8 in18 cm 7.1 in380 g 13.4 oz 0.84 lb100% Polyester/ Nylon
Austin18 L42 cm 16.5 in34 cm 13.4 in11 cm 4.3 in440 g 15.5 oz 0.97 lb100% Polyester/ Nylon
Padded Shop’r15 L37.5 cm 14.8 in25 cm 9.8 in17.5 cm 6.9 in320 g 11.28 oz 0.7 lb100% Polyester/ Nylon
Timberland x Eastpak Padded Zippl’r24 L40 cm 15.7 in30 cm 11.8 in18 cm 7.1 in380 g 13.4 oz 0.84 lbRecycled Fabric
Provider 33 L44 cm 17.3 in31 cm 12.2 in25 cm 9.8 in900 g 31.7 oz 2.0 lb100% Polyester/ Nylon
Walf 34 L45 cm 17.7 in35 cm 13.8 in22 cm 8.7 in780 g 27.5 oz 1.7 lb100% Polyester/ Nylon

Eastpak travel bags, luggage, and suitcases size chart

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Tranverz Large79 cm 31.1 in40 cm 15.7 in33 cm 13 in121 L100% Polyester/ Nylon
Tranverz Medium67 cm 26.4 in35.5 cm 14 in30 cm 11.8 in78 L100% Polyester/ Nylon
Tranverz Small51 cm 20 in33 cm 13 in23 cm 9.1 in42 L100% Vegan product
Tranzshell Extra-Large80 cm 31.5 in50 cm 19.7 in30 cm 11.8 in91 LFoam and Polyamide
Tranzshell Large77 cm 30.3 in43 cm 16.9 in26.5 cm 10.4 in75 LFoam and Polyamide
Tranzshell Medium67 cm 26.4 in42 cm 16.5 in24 cm 9.4 in56 LFoam and Polyamide
Tranzshell Small54 cm 21.3 in39 cm 15.4 in20 cm 7.9 in32 LFoam and Polyamide
Trans4 Small54 cm 21.3 in35 cm 13.8 in23 cm 9.1 in44 L100% Polyester/ Nylon
Trans4 Medium70 cm 27.6 in39 cm 15.4 in28 cm 11 in68 L100% Polyester/ Nylon
Trans4 Large75 cm 29.5 in41 cm 16.1 in28 cm 11 in80 L100% Polyester/ Nylon

How to choose the right Eastpak size

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Eastpak as a brand is focused on producing bags of high quality as well as durability since it was established in 1952. They have even placed a big 30-year warranty on their bags since they are very optimistic.

Choosing the correct-sized Eastpak bag will help you walk with confidence since your items are safe in the bag. Whether you are going to work, trips, or school, you need an Eastpak bag of the right size.

An Eastpak backpack is not just an ordinary bag. We understand that how you wear your bag discloses your character and your sense of style. Therefore, if you are curious about how to pick a backpack of the right size to suit your needs or the type of style to settle for, this comprehensive guide will help you.

Types of Eastpak backpacks

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Discover the wide selection of stylish Eastpak backpacks below.

  • Eastpak Wyoming Backpack

 This elegant Eastpak backpack is suitable for school, work, or traveling. The bag features a stylish urban design, a substantial main pocket and front compartment, both zipped,  quilted padded back to enhance comfort, simple padded shoulder straps, durable leather bottom, and a fortified leather grab handle.

The Eastpak Wyoming Backpacks are resistant to the penetration of water.

They measure:

  • 40 cm in height
  • 30 cm in width
  • 18 cm in depth
  • 24-liter capacity
  • 540 grams in weight
  • Eastpak Orbit Mini Backpack: Item Code 3962

The Eastpak Orbit Mini Backpack is a miniature version of the famous Padded Pak’r. The bag is compact and comfortable. The bag’s main compartment can hold your items properly. The Eastpak Orbit backpack also features a front pocket with a zip to help you assemble all your essential stuff, for quick and easy access.

The bag is made of water-repellent fabric and a laminated interior to ensure your items are dry and safe.

The bag’s special slim shoulder strap style is very comfortable and structures itself to the frame of your shoulders with time, so you hardly even feel it when carrying it. In addition, the bag’s back and shoulder straps are padded, to assist you when it’s heavy.

The main body of the Eastpak Orbit backpack is made from a sole piece of thick, ballistic-grade nylon. Each seam features both taped and locked double stitching.

The measurements of the Orbit backpack are:

  • 33.5 cm in height
  • 23 cm in width
  • 15 cm in depth
  • 10-liter capacity
  • 240 grams in weight.
  • Eastpak x Timberland Backpacks

The Eastpak x Timberland backpacks were created from two iconic brands, both born out of a love of the glorious outdoors and the aspiration to protect it. This collaboration between Eastpak and Timberland gave rise to an adventure-ready, rugged bag collection and travel kits that manifests reliability in the design and the high-quality expertise shown by the two brands for years.

These backpacks are designed to carry on for a lifetime, using at least 50% recycled 600D polyester, which is also water resistant. This helps minimize the environmental impact of material production.

The backpacks feature a zipped main compartment that’s easy to access, a padded laptop sleeve, leather detailing, and a stylish handy bottle holder.

The Eastpak x Timberland backpacks measurements are:

  • 40 cm in height
  • 30 cm in width
  • 18 cm in depth
  • 24 liter capacity
  • Eastpak Padded Pak’r Backpacks: Item Code 2740

The Eastpak Padded Pak’r is known as the school bag of school bags. It is the most popular backpack globally. The model has been in the market for decades although new styles are continually appearing. The Eastpak Padded Pak’r integrates wearing style with comfort and is sought-after by both young and old.

This iconic Eastpak model features a zipped huge main compartment, from zippered stash pocket, a padded back panel to give you lots of comfort, thick padded shoulder straps, and a logo-branded key ring. The bag is made of 100% polyester which is a vegan-friendly material.

The Eastpak Padded Pak’r measure:

  • 40 cm in height
  • 30 cm in width
  • 18 cm in depth
  • 24 liter in capacity
  • 380 grams in weight
  • Eastpak Austin Backpack

The Eastpak Austin Backpack is made of solid nylon with a stylish rope and buckle finish. The bag has a padded laptop compartment, suitable for laptops of 15 inches. Your laptops are given maximum protection against scratches in the compartment. You can also carry books, food, or clothes in the bag.

The Austin heritage backpack has accustomed details, with padded shoulder straps to help you carry it to your adventures with comfort. You can adjust the straps to your liking.

The backpack comes with a bottle holder and all-purpose side pockets where you can stash your essentials.

The dimensions of the Eastpak Austin backpack are:

  • 42 cm in height
  • 34 cm in width
  • 11 cm in depth
  • 18 liters capacity
  • 440 grams in weight
  • Eastpak Padded Shop’r Backpack

This is your go-to bag if you are searching for a laptop backpack. It fits laptops of up to 13 inches in screen size. The padded shop’r backpack is made from 100% nylon for a strong finish.

 The Eastpak padded shop’r backpack features a zipped large main compartment to keep your gadgets safe. It also has a convenient zippered front pocket for holding smaller items. The front pocket zips down for effortless loading and retrieval of items.

In addition, the padded shop’r backpack has strong and comfortable handles with a fastening snap bottom to help you carry it with ease. The bag comes with a fastened back pocket to keep smaller essential items.

The Eastpak padded shop’r backpack measure:

  • 37.5 cm in height
  • 25 cm in width
  • 17.5 cm in depth
  • 15 liters capacity
  • 320 grams in weight
  • Timberland x Eastpak Padded Zippl’r

The padded zippl’r was born out of the collaboration between Eastpak and Timberland. The classic backpack has special features updated in the style of Timberland’s phenomenal footwear designs with co-branded logos, suede trims, and rubberized lace zip pullers.

The backpack features a main compartment and a double zip-fastening front pocket. In addition, it has a padded back panel to give you lots of comfort with adjustable shoulder straps. The iconic backpack also comes with a bottle holder.

The padded zipper backpack is suitable for carrying laptops whose screen sizes are up to 13 inches. 

The backpack measure:

  • 40 cm in length
  • 30 cm in width
  • 18 cm in depth
  • 24-liter capacity
  • 380 grams in weight
  • Eastpak Provider Backpack

The Eastpak provider backpack is ideal for laptops whose screen size is 15 inches since it has a padded laptop sleeve. It is also ideal for school and traveling. There is enough room to carry all your essentials in its two spacious pockets and zippered front compartment with an interior organizer.

The Eastpak provider backpack measure:

  • 44 cm in height
  • 31 cm in width
  • 25 cm in depth
  • 33-liter capacity
  • 900 grams in weight 
  • Eastpak Walf Backpack

This Eastpak backpack has a classic design and a wide selection of different bags. With this bag, it’s easy for you to arrange your items orderly. The authentic Eastpak Walf backpack has a padded laptop compartment and is water-resistant. The inside and outside of the bag are made from polyester.

You can fit a laptop of up to 15 inches inside the compartment. The backpack is closed with a two-way zipper that’s concealed.

The Eastpak wolf backpack measure:

  • 45 cm in height
  • 35 cm in width
  • 22 cm in depth
  • 34 liter in capacity
  • 780 grams in weight

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Frequently asked questions

Will a 10L Eastpak backpack fit a laptop?

Backpack capacity is traditionally measured in liters. Eastpak backpacks that you can fit your laptop start from 10L in capacity.

What size Eastpak bag fits a laptop?

The size of your laptop will determine the size of your backpack. Laptop backpacks have a dedicated, padded compartment to slip your laptop into, so it’s important to make sure that the pocket is large enough to fit your laptop.

Standard size dimensions include 15-, 16-, and 17-inch laptop compartments.

What is an Eastpak cabin-sized bag?

The Eastpak authentic cabin-size travel bag measures 51 cm in height, 33 cm in width, and 23 cm in depth.

How do I know what size is my Eastpak?

Check the size on the label that comes with the bag. You can also measure it manually.

How do I know if my Eastpak is real?

Only buy from reputable retailers such as an official Eastpak store, authorized Eastpak stockist, or the official eastpak.com webstore. Look for the official highly secured holographic label. (Although even this can be copied, it should not be that easy to remove this label from a genuine Eastpak product).

Are Eastpak bags durable?

Eastpak is by far the best brand for a well-made, durable, and well-designed Eastpak bag.

Is Eastpak environment-friendly?

We’re using undyed 100% recycled PET fabrics to reimagine our classic designs as responsibly-sourced styles. Our Responsible collection presents our iconic backpack and bum bag designs in their most ecological forms


The size of an Eastpak bag depends on the purpose intended. The Eastpak company makes bags for everyone. Whether you need it for your laptop, for school, for style, or even traveling, Eastpak got you covered.

In this guide, we have explored different types and sizes of Eastpak bags. After reading this guide, you can choose the right Eastpak bag size. 

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comment section below.

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