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Indigo airline, an Indian-based air travel provider, offers over 1600 daily flight services to both domestic destinations and international destinations. It is one of the biggest budget airlines in Asia, with over three hundred million shares of the airline by market value. It is critical to point out that indigo is not restricted to domestic airline services as some people may think, its daily flights cover locations across the globe, accepting payment in both foreign currency and local currency.

However, there are strict rules guiding the operations and boarding of Indigo airlines that help provide a stress-free flying experience to passengers. These regulations range from carry-on baggage size to extra baggage allowance. It is also critical to understand how the extra baggage policy and additional baggage allowance work. Airport security will not grant access to any passenger with noncompliant luggage.

The rules were initiated in accordance with air travel policies worldwide. Failure to adhere would result in issues with the shipping of your luggage. They are some of the most critical policies of any airport regulatory authority. They are quite similar across all airlines in the world. Failure to adhere to the instructions guiding carry-on luggage may attract strict measures during security check-in, especially during these difficult times when international policies surrounding air travel are becoming sensitive.

The tables and information below provide a detailed guide on indigo airline sizes. You’ll find information about carry-on baggage sizes and extra baggage sizes. In addition to that, you’ll find detailed information about Indigo airline seat sizes. The charts feature the sizes of all the seats across their fleet. Finally, answers are provided to some of the frequently asked questions about indigo airline sizes.

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IndiGo airline sizes Table of Contents

Indigo Airline Seat Sizes Chart

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Aircraft with seat mapNumber of planes in the fleetPassenger capacitySeat Pitch (in)Seat Pitch (cm)Seat Width (in)Seat Width (cm)
Airbus A320 CEO (180Y) Layout 14818030 in76.2 cm18 in45.72 cm
Airbus A320 neo (180Y) Layout 22518030 in76.2 cm18 in45.72 cm
Airbus A320 neo (186)11718631 in78.74 cm18 in45.72 cm
Airbus A321neo (222)5322230 in76.2 cm18 in45.72 cm
Airbus A321 (232Y)123231 in78.74 cm19 in48.26 cm
ATR 72-600 (78Y)357830 in76.2 cm18 in45.72 cm

Indigo Airline Baggage Sizes chart

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ItemLength (in)Length (cm)Width (in)Width (cm)Height (in)Height (cm)Weight
Hand baggage21.7 in55 cm9.8 in25 cm13.8 in35 cm7 kg allowance per person
Check-in Baggage62 in158 cm62 in158 cm62 in158 cm15 kg allowance per person
Liquid and toiletries3.04 oz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size of cabin baggage IndiGo?

The eligible baggage allowance or Indigo standard baggage limit varies from carry-on baggage to checked-in baggage. Indigo Baggage Policy states that 7kg is the allowed baggage allowance. However, passengers can opt in for extra baggage via the checked-in baggage arrangement.

The only downside is that it comes with excess baggage charges. Unlike the eligible baggage allowance which allows passengers to go in with their luggage free of charge. It may be best to know that there are also limits to the volume of space that each passenger have access to under the additional baggage allowance policy.

Opting for an Additional baggage allowance doesn’t mean that passengers can bring huge quantities of weight on board. There is a maximum weight limit each passenger can bring on board when using extra baggage and the excess baggage charges also increase with an increase in the weight of the language.

Can I take 2 luggage in IndiGo?

Every passenger boarding Indigo airline is entitled to two cabins of carry-on luggage. They are allowed to come on board with their carry-on baggage, which would be housed in the compartment provided in the cabin. And they are also allowed to come onboard with a personal items bag.

Each of these bags has a specified dimension above which, a passenger would incur excess baggage charges. Passengers who need extra baggage for personal belongings may opt for check-in baggage. Also, passengers carrying oversized items may have to follow specified instructions guiding such baggage items

What is special baggage on Indigo flights?

There are several items considered special baggage on indigo flights. Examples of such items include, Over Sized / Odd-Sized Items, Special Assistance Items, collapsible wheelchairs, pairs of crutches, braces, prosthetic devices, Sports/Skiing equipment, Golf bags, Bicycles, musical equipment, Surfboards, etc. Carrying some of these items may require the purchase of extra seats to provide more space for your special baggage.

The price of the extra seat comes at the same flat rate paid per seat. Also, special baggage that passengers can’t do without may be allowed on board cabin baggage either in the compartment or on an extra seat. However, if such items are fragile, the airline takes no responsibility for any form of damage. Some special baggage may attract excess baggage charges. Cabin baggage of foreign nationals on diplomatic missions is equally treated as special baggage as well.

How big are the seats in IndiGo?

30″ to 32″ pitch sizes and 18″ to 19″ width. The seat sizes vary from one plane to another. However, the sizes fall within those ranges. Economy seat sizes are smaller than the seats of the premium classes.

Passengers who need more room on the plane can opt for double seats, which are available to passengers at the time of booking.

How strict is the IndiGo with cabin luggage?

Indigo Airlines has strict rules and security guidelines regarding cabin luggage and items with passengers. There are specifications of the kind of items on board and items that passengers can carry with them for example, items like irritating materials, flammable liquids, radioactive materials, alcohol content, liquid nitrogen, virus material, Sharp instruments, butane oxygen, blank cartridges, security hazards, infectious substances, offensive odor, pistol caps, wet cell batteries, magnetized materials, installed alarm devices, alcohol by volume, Dry cell battery, fragile items, liquid items, perishable items, precious items, radio-sensitive electronic devices, etc. are not allowed onboard.

These items would be rejected during security checks and passengers insisting on bringing them on board would have to pay Additional charges. There are national regulations and international guiding the volume of liquid products that you can bring on board any flight. These regulations do not only apply to Indigo Airlines.

It is best to find out what works with the airline you are boarding before you book tickets. Also, if you must carry excess liquid weight with you, besides the maximum capacity or maximum volume allowed, Indigo Airlines would not allow you to bring it in your carry-on bag. You may have to pay additional costs. This charge allows you

What is the fleet size of Indigo Airlines?

Indigo is one of the largest airlines in Asia and it is also one of the largest operators on the continent. Unlike many airlines in Asia, Indigo airline is a low-cost airline with 270+ aeroplanes in its fleet size. Even though Indigo is not the largest airline in Asia, it still boasts of three hundred plus million customers in the airline market in Asia, with expansion plans to capture more market share.

One of the factors that helps Indigo airlines stand out is the ability to consistently create deals stronger than competitors. Indigo offers international flights, and domestic flights across various 74 Domestic destinations and 26 International Destinations


As a matter of fact, it is impossible to talk about international flights and domestic flights in Asia, without making reference to indigo Airlines. From the time of booking, through to the booking process, departure and arrival, you can expect a stress-free flying experience for all international flights and domestic flights. However, one factor that can create a slight hitch in the experience is the size recommendation prescribed by Indigo Airlines.

Also, you should bear in mind that there are strict regulations guiding liquid items and toiletries on the plane. The sizes must not be more than 100ml in volume. When the volume of 100ml is exceeded, such an item would not be allowed on the plane. Also, all liquid must be housed in a plastic bag before being held in the personal item carry-on bag.

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