TUI Airways Sizes: Luggage, Seats…

TUI Airways is formerly known to be a combination of three travel companies; Thomsonfly, First Choice Airways, and Thomson Airways, TUI Airways is a Charter Airline. This airline provides flights from the United Kingdom to destinations such as North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

According to Tripadvisor and Esky, TUI Airways is the largest charter airline in the globe with a record of 11.8 million passengers in 2019. It is also the fourth largest UK airline after Easy Jet, British Airways, and respectively.

TUI airways is covered by the TUI Group which is among the leading tourism companies in the globe. The Group umbrella boasts 1600 travel agencies, strong tour operators, over 400 hotels, 150 aircraft, and 16 cruise liners. So, if you are looking forward to top-quality airline services, TUI Airways is the company to call now!

TUI Airways Sizes: Luggage, Seats...
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So, why do I need the right TUI Airways size for my flight?

During your TUI flight, you will encounter different requirements and terms regarding excess luggage charges, and aircraft type, among other travel restrictions. This can cause extreme strain if not adhered to as you may have to part with more cash or bear a challenging journey. 

To avoid all these inconveniences, you should choose the right seat for you and your loved ones. In addition, you should ensure your baggage does not exceed the maximum weight limit. Alternatively, you can familiarize yourself with the extra charge for the additional baggage.  

Below are TUI Airways chart sizes and a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right TUI flight size.

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TUI Airways sizes Table of Contents

TUI Airways Size Chart

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TUI Airways Baggage Allowance Size Chart

Package Holiday
Luggage TypeLuggage AllowanceMaximum Size Dimensions
Checked-in Luggage15 kg 33 lbs
Hand Luggage10 kg 22 lbs55 x 40 x 20 cm 22 x 16 x 8 in

Flight Only Bookings
Hand luggage10 kg 22 lbs55 x 40 x 20 cm 22 x 40 x 20 in
Premium Club
Luggage Allowance23 kg 51 lbs
Hand Luggage10 kg 22 lbs

Widebody Jets Size Chart

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Economy Class

Aircraft with seatmapSeat PitchSeat WidthSeat TypeVideo TypeLaptop PowerPower TypeWi-Fi
Boeing 767-300ER (763) Layout 133 in 84 cm18 in 46 cmStandardOverhead TVNoneNoneNo
Boeing 767-300ER (763) Layout 233 in 84 cm18.0 in 46 cmStandardSeatback TVNoneNoneNo
Boeing 787-8 (788)33 in 84 cm17 in 43 cmStandardOn-Demand TVNoneNoneNo
Boeing 787-9 (789)33 in 84 cm17 in 43 cmStandardOn-Demand TVNoneNoneNo

Premium Economy

Aircraft with seat mapSeat PitchSeat WidthSeat TypeVideo TypeLaptop PowerPower TypeWi-Fi
Boeing 767-300ER (763) Layout 236 in 91 cm20.5 in 52 cmReclinerSeatback TVNoneNoneNo
Boeing 787-8 (788)36 in 91 cm18 in 46 cmReclinerOn-Demand TVAll SeatsAC PowerNo
Boeing 787-9 (789)36 in 91 cm18 in 46 cmReclinerOn-Demand TVAll SeatsAC PowerNo

Narrowbody Jet Size Chart

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Economy Class

Aircraft with seatmapSeat PitchSeat WidthSeat TypeVideo TypeLaptop PowerPower TypeWi-Fi
Boeing 737-800 (73H)28 in 71 cm17.2 in 44 cmStandardNoneNoneNoneNo
Boeing 757-200 (752)28 in 71 cm17.2 in 44 cmStandardNoneNoneNoneNo
Boeing 757-200 (752)28 in 71 cm17.2 in 44 cmStandardNoneNoneNoneNo
Boeing 757-200 (752)33 – 34 in 84 – 86 cm17.2 in 44 cmStandardNoneNoneNoneNo

Best TUI Flight for Plus Size Individuals

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AircraftMain Cabin Seat WidthMain Cabin Extra Seat WidthFirst Class Seat WidthSeat Configuration
Embraer ERJ-14517 in 43 cm17 in 43 cmN/A1 – 2
Embraer ERJ-17518.2 – 19.3 in 46 – 49 cm18.2 – 19.3 in 46 – 49 cm19.9 in 50.5 cm1 – 2 in First Class 2 – 2 in Main Cabin
Canadair RJ90016.55 – 17.33 in 42 – 44 cm16.55 – 17.33 in 42 – 44 cm19.6 – 19.7 in 49.8 – 50.0 cm1 – 2 in First Class 2 – 2 in Main Cabin
Airbus A32016.5 – 18 in 42 – 46 cm16.5 – 18 in 42 – 46 cm21 in 53 cm2 – 2 in First Class 3 – 3 in Main Cabin
Boeing 737-80015.9 – 17.3 in 40 – 44 cm15.9 – 17.3 in 40 – 44 cm20.4 – 21 in 52 – 53 cm2 – 2 in First Class 3 – 3 in Main Cabin

How to Choose the Right TUI Airways Size 

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Choosing the right TUI Airways size for you and your family can be challenging since it demands numerous considerations. Thanks to our guide, it takes you through the different essentials you need to meet to travel with TUI flights. 

So, what should I evaluate before booking a TUI flight?

1. Seat Size 

TUI aircraft offer you different seat sizes depending on the flight you book. For instance, the Economy class has seat pitches of 33 inches or 84 cm and seat width of 18 in or 46 cm. In contrast, the Premium Economy class usually boasts  seats with 36 in or 91 cm pitch and 20.5 in or 52 cm width. 

So, if you need more room you should choose the Economy Premium service. Suppose you are traveling with an infant or you are a plus-size, this class may work best for you. All you need to do is ask TUI customer support team to guide you in booking the right TUI flight size.

2. Number of People Traveling

Before you grab that Economy or Economy Premium ticket, you have to confirm whether its suitable for the number of people you are traveling with. Some of the questions you need to answer before booking the flight include: Can I afford to pay the specific flight ticket for three or four people?

This way, you will find the right TUI flight size that will accommodate you and your loved ones while giving you an exhilarating travel experience. It will also save you financial strain as you can choose from affordable TUI options. 

3. Kids Item Size

Traveling with infants demands carrying along some essential items such as baby strollers. Some of these items can exceed the maximum size requirement, making it challenging for most parents to travel with their children.

Thanks to the TUI Airways guide it shows you the required dimensions. Whether you need a Package Holiday or Flight Only Booking, TUI Airways states the maximum size requirements to be 55 x 40 x 20 cm or 22 x 16 x 8 in. 

This demands you get a highly compatible stroller for airplane travel. This will make your travel easy and fun as you can have your stroller throughout your flight and holiday. 

4. Weight Allowance

How much weight does TUI Airways allow me to carry for baggage and hand luggage?

When packing your items, you should ensure you adhere to the Airline baggage regulation. Check the weight limit for the different TUI fly airlines; this ranges between 10 kg to 23 kg. Depending on your luggage needs, you can book the Package Holiday or Premium Club TUI flight airlines options. 

5. Ticket Price 

TUI Airways offers you a wide range of options at different prices, including Economy Class and Premium Economy class.

Depending on your budget plan, you can choose the Widebody jet Economy, Premium Economy, or Narrowbody Economy aircraft.

6. Services

Every flight option has unique service standards from food to amenities like power type and seat type. If you are boarding a long flight, you need a comfortable seat (recliner seat) and enough room for easy travel. 

Suppose you are traveling with a loved one with special needs, you need a TUI flight that can support them with top-quality service. This way, they will enjoy the flight as they have all they need to travel comfortably. 

Check out this video to learn more about TUI Airways Sizes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my hand luggage is too big TUI Airways?

Keeping your hand luggage below the TUI limits can be an uphill struggle. That’s why most individuals find themselves with excess hand luggage. If you find yourself in this  case; don’t panic. The TUI Airways offers larger items an extra charge rate.

What size is hand luggage for TUI Airways flights?

TUI Airways allows a hand luggage limitation of 10 kg or 22 lbs. 

Can I bring 2 checkins for international TUI Airways flights?

TUI only allows 1 hand luggage per person which should be 10 kg or 22 lbs. It should also meet the size dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm or 22 x 16 x 8 in. Suppose you have to bring more pieces of luggage, TUI collects extra charges from you.

How big are seats in TUI Airways airplanes?

TUI airplanes have different seat sizes for every flight you book. The widebody TUI jets usually have 33 in seat pitch and 18 in seat width for economy class and 36 in and 20.5 in for the Premium Economy class.

The narrowbody economy class has smaller measurements, 28 in seat pitch and 17.2 in seat width. 

How big is TUI Airways?

TUI Group is one of the top travel companies in the world. As a leading tourism group, TUI limited boasts 1600 travel agencies, over 400 hotels, 150 aircraft, and 16 cruiser lines.

TUI offering enables the company to offer millions of customers with impeccable holiday experience in over 150 regions. You can always book with TUI for top-notch travel experiences!


Planning a family vacation to Africa or Asia?

TUI Airways got you covered with top-quality flights. Whether you need an economy or premium economy service, you can grab the best ticket for you and your loved ones. Moreover, the airline provides all the measurements and weight requirements you should meet for you to travel with any of the TUI Airways.

You can learn all these limitations from the TUI size charts. And suppose you get stuck choosing the right seat or luggage size, feel free to ask for help in the comments below. Our professionals will guide you step-by-step to ensure you get the best TUI size!

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