Shein Men’s Size chart for apparel, accessories and shoes

Do you know how to use Shein Size Charts Men’s clothing and accessories? 

The charts below provide detailed highlights of the sizes available online. But to get the best from the Shein men’s size charts, you need to know the measurements of various parts of your body. Again, you’ll find a guide below showing you how to get this measurement; even in the comfort of your home or office. 

Shein has brought immense convenience to customers’ shopping habits. Now busy men can go about their day without having to bother about where their weekend outfits would come from. It is not only about the convenience, another fascinating thing about the platform is the ridiculously cheap prices. Shein offers same convenience for Women’s sizes and kids’ sizes

However, one of the major challenges you might encounter when trying to use the Shein platform is figuring out the perfect size for you. Have a specific question? jump to the FAQ section of this article.

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example of Sheins Men's SIze chart for pants
example of Sheins Men’s SIze chart for pants

Shein Men’s shirt Size Chart (inches/cm)

SizeUS/UK/AUBREU/DE/ITShoulderLengthSleeve LengthBustWaist SizeCuff

Shein Men’s Size Chart for Trousers (inches/cm)

SizeUS/AU/UK/BRMX/EU/DE/ITLengthWaist SizeHip SizeThigh
S36P46 37.8/ 9631.5-33.9/ 80-8640/ 10324.7/  62.8
M38M4838.6/ 9833.1-35.4/ 84-9042.1/ 10725.6/ 65
L40G5039.4/ 10035-37.4/ 89-9544.1/ 11226.7/ 67.7
XL42GG5240.2/ 10237-39.4/ 94-10046.1/ 11727.7/ 70.4
XXL44EGG5440.9/ 10439-41.3/ 99-10548/ 12228.8/ 73.1

Shein Men’s Jeans Size Chart (inches/cm)

SizeLengthWaist SizeHip SizeThigh
2837.8/ 9628.3/ 7236.6/ 9322.4/ 57
3039/ 9930.3/ 7738.6/ 9823.2/ 59
3240.2/ 10232.3/ 8240.6/ 10324/ 61
3441.3/ 10534.3/ 8742.5/ 10824.8/ 63
3642.5/ 10836.2/ 9244.5/ 11325.6/ 65

Shein Size Chart Men Shoes (inches/cm)

Shein Shoe SizeShoe Inner LengthPlatform Height
3910/ 25.30.6/ 1.5
4010.2/ 25.970.6/ 1.5
4110.5/ 26.640.6/ 1.5
4210.8/ 27.310.6/ 1.5
4311/ 27.980.6/ 1.5
4411.3/ 28.650.6/ 1.5

 Shein Size Chart Men Short (inches/cm)

SizeITLengthWaist SizeHip SizeThigh
S4620.9/ 5328.3-39.4/ 72-10040.9/ 10426/ 66
M4821.3/ 5429.9-40.9/ 76-10442.5/ 10826.8/ 68
L5021.7/ 5531.5-42.5/ 80-10844.1/ 11227.6/ 70
XL5222/ 5633.1-44.1/ 84-11245.7/ 11628.3/ 72

How to Measure Shein Size Men Clothings

There is a need to know the detailed measurements of various parts of the body to make the most of Shein size charts. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to essential measurements that you need. You may need measuring equipment to get this done. A tape measure/tape rule would serve.


Take the measurement of the shoulder from one end to another.


The measurement of the chest should be taken in the fullest part of the chest. Pass the tape measure over the chest, around the back through the armpit. Avoid pulling the tape measure too tight. The chest size is also referred to as the bust.


To measure the shirt length, run the tape measure from the base of the neck down to the bottom waist. Ensure to stand erect while taking this measurement. It is best to have someone help or stand in front of a mirror to take the measurement.


The measurement of the sleeves runs from the shoulder to the cuff. Short sleeves stop anywhere before the elbow.

Bottom waist

To get trouser that fits perfectly, you need to get an accurate measurement for your bottom waist. Wrap the tape measure around your waist slightly above your hips. Ensure that the tape measure is not too tight or loose. It is best to slide the tape measure up and down to see free it is.


Also, wrap the tape measure around the hip to get the hip measurement. 


The tight measurement is taken anywhere below the groin. Wrap the tape measure around the tight to get the measurement.

  • Foot Length

The length of the foot is determined by taking the measurement from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe. This forms the length of the shoe, which is critical in picking the perfect shoe size.

  • Ball Girth

The ball girth is measured by wrapping the tape measure around the widest part of the foot, usually around the ball of the foot round to the top of the foot.

Use the measurements along with the Shein Size chart Men outfits and accessories to determine the best clothing that fits your style. The chart functions like a size conversion table or sizing chart. Take your measurement and look at the sizes it falls into.

Top 4 Tips for Buying Accurate Men Shein Sizes 

Below are some vital tips to help you avoid unpleasant surprises when buying clothes from the Shein platform. The best part is to follow steps that have worked for others.

  • Figure out your size

The first and most important step is to know body sizes. Selecting sizes without an idea of what to buy could result in wrong choices. 

  • Read reviews on Shein

It is best to read other people’s reviews about the cloth you want to buy. Some people have purchased the same clothes in the past and some of them would have said something about the price and quality of the cloth. Reading an Honest review from an experienced customer would help you avoid pitfalls and make the best decision. Take the to read those comments on items and avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Check the item description on Shein website

Read detailed descriptions before making a purchase. Shein may be a fast fashion platform, but it doesn’t mean that you should be in so much hurry and leave out the details. Some insight into the sizes is provided in the product description. Take some time to read through. 

  • Conduct online research

Doing a little check on the product may help you ascertain your choice. You can use google image search to reduce the time spent. You can also plug in the name of the item online and see what comes up.

FAQ on Shein Sizing for men

Is Shein men size chart accurate?

Yes. Shein men’s clothing size chart is designed to the best fit. However, there may be slight variation in the but it is on rare occasions and the difference is usually negligible.

Is Shein men size true to size?

Yes. Shein platform makes use of industry-standard measurements and the sizes are optimised to maintain as much accuracy as possible.

Is Shein men size inclusive?

Yes. Shein features sizes that cut across all body types and sizes. The sizes are measured to specification and options are provided in the local metrics used in every country where Shein online platform operates.

What is the largest size for Shein men?

The largest Shein Size for men category is XL for shorts, XXL for shirts and trousers. And the Largest size for the shoe is EUR44. Generally, the largest sizes for Shen men fall in the size range of 50cm – 60cm in length. Although other clothing items are available on the platform specifically designed to have a size larger than this, these sizes are based on standard measurement.

Shein Men’s Sizing (video)

SHEIN MENS Clothes : REVIEW Sizing by Big Sam14


Shein Clothing has now become a sought-after clothing option, especially among fashion enthusiasts who value convenience. It is now rated among some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry, thanks to the huge collection of clothes featured on the platform.  Now that you know how to figure out your correct size and select your best fit using the Shein size chart. It’s time to go shopping. If you have a question you want to ask, leave it in the comment section. Remember to share the articles with your network. You don’t know who may need it at this moment.

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