Boys’ to Men’s Shoe Size Guide : By Age and Foot Length

Boys’ to men’s shoe sizes usually mean converting the boy’s foot size to fit the men’s shoe. This occurs during the transition from being a boy to being a man. The development of the body also causes the foot to grow and, thus need to change the shoe size. A boy can consider buying men’s shoes when he is around 12 years old. For instance, if he is wearing a size 6Y youth shoe, then a men’s size 6 will properly fit.

The shoe size change is called Boys’ to men’s shoe size change.

Boys' to Men's Shoe Size Guide
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The right size is important as it enhances smooth walking, ensures the shoe is fitting well, and also it will enhance fashion. A shoe that does not fit well can cause harm to the foot thus it is recommendable to get the right shoe size.

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Boys’ to Men’s shoe size chart summary

What does Boys’ to men’s shoe size mean and why is a good Boys’ to men’s shoe size important?

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You might be curious about how a boy’s shoe size chart functions when you look at one. Depending on your son’s age, this will happen. When your son is a toddler, for instance, he might put on little kids’ shoes, which come in sizes ranging from 0 to 13. Most boys continue to wear toddler shoes until they are between the ages of 4 and 5. For example, typical 4-year-old boys will wear toddler shoes in size 11.

Child shoe sizes go with indications such as T, thus a size 11T would correspond to a toddler shoe size 11.

After then, there are also Youth sizes available for boys’ shoes. These come in sizes 1–7 labeled with a Y, meaning that a size 1Y corresponds to a size 1 in shoes for children. Youth sizes are typically for taller boys. A size 1Y shoe, for instance, is often bigger than a size 13T shoe.

It’s time to transfer to adult shoe sizes once your boy has outgrown the largest 7Y size.

Knowing that youth shoe sizes correspond to men’s shoe sizes is a beneficial thing. Therefore, you essentially don’t need to convert anything.

Boys’ to Men’s Shoe Size Chart

US Boys to Men Shoe Size Conversion Chart

How to convert a boy’s shoe size to a man’s shoe size in US Shoe sizes? Below is an easy to use conversion table. Shoe sizes by boys age is explained here

US Kids/Youth SizeUS Men SizeFoot length in inchesFoot length in cm
13C7 ⅜ 18.7
13.5C0.57 ½ 19
1Y0.5-17 ⅝ 19.4
1.5Y1-1.57 ⅞ 20
2.5Y2-2.58 ¼ 21
3Y2.5-38 ⅜ 21.3
3.5Y3-3.58 ½ 21.6
4Y3.5-48 ⅝ 21.9
4.5Y4-4.58 ⅞ 22.5
5.5Y5-5.59 ¼ 23.5
6Y5.5-69 ½ 24.1
6.5Y6-6.59 ⅔ 24.5
7Y6.5-79 ⅚ 25
8Y7.5-810 ⅙ 25.8
8.5Y8-8.510 ⅓ 26.2
9Y8.5-910 ½ 26.7

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Shoe size conversion table for boys to men’s shoes

US kid’s shoe SizeUK kid shoe sizeEU kid shoe sizeFoot size/length (In/CM)Men Shoe Size
13C12.530.57 3/8 in 18.73 cmx
13.5C13317 1/2 in 19.05 cm0.5
1Y13.531.57 5/8 in 19.37 cm0.5-1
1.5Y132.57 7/8 in 20 cm1-1.5
2Y1.5338 in 20.32 cm1.5-2
2.5Y2348 1/4 in 20.96 cm2-2.5
3Y2.534.58 3/8 in 21.27 cm2.5-3
3.5Y3358 1/2 in 21.59 cm3-3.5
4Y3.535.58 5/8 in 21.9 cm3.5-4
4.5Y436.58 7/8 in 22.54 cm4-4.5
5Y4.5379 in 22.86 cm4.5-5
5.5Y5389 1/4 in 23.5 cm5-5.5
6Y5.5399 1/2 in 24.13 cm5.5-6
6.5Y639.59 2/3 in 24.55 cm6-6.5
7Y6.5409 5/6 in 24.98 cm6.5-7
7.5Y7.540.510 in 25.4 cm7-7.5
8Y84110 1/6 in 25.93 cm7.5-8
8.5Y8.541.510 1/3 in 26.25 cm8-8.5
9Y94210 1/2 in 26.67 cm8.5-9

Boys’ Shoe Size Chart

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US UK EU Foot lengthkids
1C1183 5/8 in 9.21 cmBaby
2C2194 in 10.16 cmBaby
3C319.54 3/8 in 11.11 cmBaby
4C4 204 3/4 in 12.07 cmToddler
5C5 215 in 12.7 cmToddler
6C6 21.55 1/4 in 13.34 cmToddler shoes
7C7 23.55 5/8 in 14.29 cmToddler
8C8 256 in 15.24 cmSmall Kids
9C9 266 1/4 in 15.88 cmSmall Kids
10C10 27.56 5/8 in 16.83 cmSmall Kids
11C11 28.56 7/8 in 20 cmSmall Kids
12C12 307 1/8 in 18.1 cmSmall Kids
13C13 317 3/8 in 18.73 cmSmall Kids
1Y13.5 31.57 5/8 in 19.37 cmBig Kid/Youth
2Y1.5 338 in 20.32 cmBig Kid/Youth
3Y2.5 34.58 3/8 in 21.27 cmBig Kid/Youth
4Y3.535.58 5/8 in 21.9 cmBig Kid/Youth
5Y4.5379 in 22.86 cmBig Kid/Youth
6Y5.5399 3/4 in 24.77cmBig Kid/Youth

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How to choose the right boys’ to men’s size

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Changing boys to men’s pairs of shoes is very simple. If you have observed in our charts, the conversion for men is like that of boys. However, this only applies to projected youth shoe sizes. The rationale behind smaller children’s shoe sizes (1C to 13C) is specific.

Any shoe expert has said that we compare men and women on who fits the kid’s shoes best men have a little trouble fitting the kid’s shoes.

Many ask themselves what shoes should boys wear?

Children’s feet develop quickly, so whether you need new shoes, it’s important to monitor how well your children’s shoes fit. And as you look at their shoes, remember the following crucial points when buying new shoes for your child, you should always measure their feet, especially if we will use them for activities like running around a sports field or hiking.

Even if you don’t think your child needs new shoes, get both of their feet measured by a qualified shoe specialist at least twice a year to keep track of things.

Once your child fusses about their shoes, have them measured again. Of course, overall length is important, but a precise fit expert will also measure the foot width and the arch length besides evaluating the quantity. These elements offer a more complete picture of the ideal shoe size for your child’s feet.

boys' to men's shoe size conversion
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If you are having trouble with the traditional test of pressing your thumb on the shoe’s tip region to determine how much room is in your child’s shoe, start by taking the shoes off, removing the insoles, and setting them on the ground. Let your child then stand on the insoles.

Make sure they position properly it on their heels and arches. This makes it easy to determine how much space is available in advance. A half-inch or a little more is preferable.

Many parents ask themselves when it is the right time to buy their boys’ men’s shoes size. This is a question that is frequently posed, yet the answer is rarely hard and fast. There is typically some overlap between the largest youth shoe sizes and the lower men’s shoe sizes.

Your boy should start considering purchasing men’s shoes when he is about 12 years old.

For instance, if he is wearing a juvenile shoe in a size 6Y or 7Y, a men’s size 6 or 7 might suit his feet just well. It’s an excellent moment to make the switch because it’s challenging to find men’s shoes in sizes lower than 6.

Learn more about Boys’ to Men’s Shoe Size Conversions (video)

Is youth shoe size 7 the same as men’s? by Ask About Tech

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a youth size 7 in men’s shoes?

In reality, men’s and children’s shoes are measured using the same scale. To put it another way, a child’s size 7 corresponds to a men’s size 7 and a woman’s size 8 or 812. These are roughly how long feet are in inches. When fitting shoes, length is simply one factor to consider well..

2. How do you convert men’s to kids’ shoe sizes?

Men’s sizing will be the same because children’s shoes are made using the same sizing system. Men’s shoes normally start at size 7, whereas children’s shoes stop at size 7.

3. Is a boy’s size 6 shoe the same as men’s?

It is important to note that the boy’s shoe scale is as similar to that of men. Thus the shoe number or size for boys is like that of men. An example is that size 6 for boys is the same as size 6 for men.

4. How do you convert kids’ shoe sizes to men’s?

Children’s shoe sizes are gender-neutral, unlike those of adults. In reality, men’s and boys’ shoe sizes are measured using the same scale or shoe sizing. To put it another way, a child’s size 7 corresponds to a men’s size 7 and a woman’s size 8 or 812. These are roughly how long feet are measured in inches.

5. Are 7Y and 7 men the same?

Men’s shoe scale is like Boy’s shoe scale thus when a shoe size is 7Y in then it means also 7 for men’s shoes. No change in sizing.

6. What size do shoes switch from boys to men?

This will vary from one person to another, shoe styles, and also shoe stores.

7. What is the smallest men’s size shoe?

While there is always an option to shop boy shoe sizes for men with smaller feet, the smallest size most adult shoe brands offer is on average a 5


Your boy’s age will determine how boys’ shoe sizes function. Your son will put on “little kids’ shoes,” which come in sizes 0 to 13 when he is a toddler. Most boys continue to wear toddler shoes until they are 4 or 5 years old. For instance, some 4-year-old boys will wear a size 11 toddler shoe. We sometimes denote sizes for toddlers with a “T,” so a size “11T” would be a size 11 in toddler shoes.

The “youth” shoe sizes are next. Sizes for these, which range from 1 to 7, are frequently denoted with a “Y,” so a size 1Y would correspond to a size 1 in youth shoes. Size 1Y shoes are larger than size 13T shoes; youth sizes are for bigger boys. It’s time to transition to adult shoe sizes once your child outgrows the largest 7Y shoes.

This is a typical query and a significant step. Sadly, there isn’t a single, unambiguous solution. Even more so amongst companies, there is some overlap between the largest youth sizes and the smallest men’s shoe sizes. Your boy may end up wearing some men’s sizes while also wearing some youth sizes of shoes.

Typically, at 12, when he can fit into a man’s size 6-7 shoe and is wearing a size 6Y-7Y shoe, your boy should start thinking about buying men’s shoes. This is the ideal moment of transition because it might challenge to get men’s shoes in sizes less than 6 in most men’s stores and departments. The difference between shoe sizes, either for infant shoes, girls shoes, or boy’s shoes correct shoe size should be important to consider.

Leave questions about shoe size you’d have in the comment section. It will be our joy to offer you any help when getting boys’ to men’s shoe sizes for your kids.

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