What’s My Cole Haan Shoes Size?

Shoes are everyone’s basic need. Besides showing off your sense of fashion, they have been proven to be great confidence boosters. If something’s going to affect your emotional well-being, it has to be perfect. That’s why size has to come before other factors like design, fabric, and brand. Otherwise, if the size is left out, you’ll soon develop a negative perspective on a shoe that you broke the bank to get (skip straight to the Cole Haan Shoes Size charts).

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Hence, it pays to not only get a perfect fit once but also know how to get it from all brands and for all the shoe types you want. Cole Haan men’s shoe wide width has attracted among the most positive reviews on Amazon and other online stores. So, how do these clients get it right with size repeatedly, across all shoe designs?

Let’s find out.

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Cole Haan Shoes Table of Contents

Cole Haan size charts

Cole Haan Men’s size chart

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USEUUKFoot Length (CM)Foot Length (inches)

Cole Haan women’s size chart

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USEUUKFoot Length (CM)Foot Length (inches)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cole Haan true to size?

Yes! Cole Haan’s first identity marker is its very accurate sizes. This means that it’s easy to get your dream shoe at the perfect length and width without sizing up or down. The brand has supplied as many size charts on its official website so online customers can never go wrong.

Moreover, the brand has an endless list of shoe designs with all sizes to fit any type of unique foot. That’s why clients will always bank on the company. For instance, Cole Haan size 14 men’s shoes come both wide and thin, even though most men taking out this size have wide feet. You’d simply need to know your exact shoe size and there’s literally something for everyone.

At Cole Haan, you wouldn’t be so cornered to take out overly wide shoes because you can’t find the correct width. Besides, the brand’s customer support gives you a coveted chance to have your perfect-fit shoe sewn for you, to address your feet ‘peculiarities.

How does Cole Haan measure shoe size?

To get a good shoe size with Cole Haan, take out a white piece of paper and place your foot on top of it. Use a pencil to mark the outline of your feet on the paper. Using a ruler, draw a straight line across the longest part of your feet as well as the widest parts. Use a tape measure to determine the length and width and record them.

Repeat the same process with the other foot, as it could be a little bigger or smaller. After getting both measurements, use the bigger foot’s measurement and compare them with Cole Haan’s shoe size charts. However, you want to be a little keener because the charts are categorized according to gender and different regions such as the USA, EU, and the UK. For example, a Cole Haan size 16 US is a size 15 UK, and a size 49 EU. Additionally, a Cole Haan size 12 US is a UK size 11, and an EU size 45.

The same applies to Cole Haan’s wide-width measuring standards. Cole Haan 11.5 wide (USA) comes as 97.19 narrow N or B, 100.3 regular M or D, and 103.53 wide W or EE.

Do Cole Haan run narrow?

No! According to many customer reviews, Cole Haan shoes come in a variety of widths, covering the narrowest to the widest feet.

Looking at the brand’s size charts, you’ll realize that Cole Haan Zerogrand size 13 shoes come with as much space for your feet as you require. The shoes come with your favorite features that allow you to keep them around your closet for years without realizing it.

Their extreme level of comfort and highly durable soles will help you keep one foot ahead of the other without complaining about swelling or sore feet at the end of the day. The company’s wide shoe collection also features loafers, sneakers, golf shoes, oxfords, and many more.

How should C. Haan fit?

The prime focus of Cole Haan is offering ultimate comfort to your feet. Different shoes are designed differently with their purpose in mind. For instance, if taking out Cole Haan’s loafers, you wouldn’t need as much wiggle room for your feet on a hot afternoon as when taking sneakers.

This is because of the nature of the activities you’re going to engage in with the shoes. Sneakers need a bigger expansion room if you’re working out or taking a walk around the town because your feet will expand and become a little longer than usual.

Size 14 Cole Haan’s men’s shoes come with a little wiggle room such that they don’t feel too small when needed to be big. These shoes would serve you perfectly even if you love shoes that fit snugly because the expansion room isn’t exaggerated.

Will Cole Haan stretch?

No! Cole Haan sneakers, for instance, are made of sturdy fabric that is so easy to maintain and wash. That leads to using a soft fabric brush to clean them instead of a washer. The shoes, regardless of the make, are able to fit you like they did when you first bought them if their maintenance procedures are going to be followed.

What’s size 39 in Cole Haan?

Size 39 EU is UK size 5 and USA size 6. Cole Haan sizing is classified according to different regions to make their conversion easy. Size 39 would fit a teenage boy or girl and comes in a variety of designs.


So far you might have realized that all you need to know is how Cole Haan shoes fit, their different sizes, and how to use the brand’s sizing charts. With these, you can never go wrong with sizes. Luckily we have everything here, just take your time, and as always don’t fail to ask any questions you might have about your Cole Haan shoe size. We are here to help!

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