J Crew Size Chart for Men’s Clothing, Accessories and Shoes

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The J Crew size chart for men’s clothing, belts and accessories will help you find your perfect size.
Buying the wrong size of clothing is common among the average customer, especially during online shopping. Online apparel shopping makes it more difficult to buy that perfect shirt because it allows artificial sizing ratios between brands. These size ratios allows brands of contemporary styles (such as denim brands) to sell products that are not in tandem with any applicable size chart, but later defend themselves by saying that their sizes were aimed at a set of target customer.

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Table of Content of J.Crew Men’s Size Charts

Why is the right size important for J.Crew ?

In 2014 Crew’s foray into extra extra extra small sizing was questioned for vanity sizing. However, J.Crew insisted that one of the reasons behind offering the new ‘000’ size has nothing to do with vanity. “We are simply addressing the demand coming from Asia for smaller sizes” says JCrew. In 2018 J Crew launched extended sizes for its clothes with sizes up to 5X in an effort to be size-inclusive. Their specialty sizing such ad extended sizes are a continuation of their straight sizes, so instead of purchasing a 16w, you would likely purchase a size or two up. With this mash up of sizing, it becomes important to know what you are up against before committing to that new attire.

example of J Crew size chart for tall sizes
example of J Crew size chart for tall sizes

J Crew Size Chart For Men’s Tops

Chest (In)Chest (Cm)International/Japan/EuUS/UK

J Crew Size Chart For Men’s Bottoms

Waist (Inch)Waist (Cm)International/JapanEUUS/UK

J Crew Size Chart For Men’s Outerwear (Suit, Jackets, Blazers, etc)

SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)Arm (In)Arm (cm)

J Crew Size Chart For Men’s Underwear

USFranceEU & JapanWaist (In)Waist (Cm)
34458634 86

J Crew Size Chart For Men’s Shoes

All about shoes, how to measure your feet and size conversion you can learn here

USUKEUJapanFoot Length (In)Foot Length (Cm) 

J Crew Size Chart For Men’s Hats

A full hat size chart and how to measure a perfect hat you can access here

Head Circumference (In)Head Circumference (Cm)Hat Size

J Crew Size Chart For Men’s Gloves

To measure for glove size, wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hand but don’t include the thumb. i.e. Stick the thumb sideways and measure round the hand with the tape going into the inside of the thumb. All about gloves sizes you can discover here

Hand Circumference (In)Hand Circumference (Cm)Glove Size

J Crew Size Chart For Men’s Belt

One our popular size guides is the international belt size charts, check them here to learn more

Waist (In)Waist (Cm)Belt Size

Is J.Crew true to size?

Yes, J Crew is very true to standard sizing. Sometimes their standard apparel sizes might appear to be a bit tall. The extra length is actually so that you can have extra piece of clothing to fix your dress/trouser if any damage occurs.

What are J.Crew sizes?

J Crew covers all the clothing sizes that exist on the five standard measurement charts (International sizes, UK sizes, EU sizes, Australia sizes, and Japan sizes). 

What is size 4 in J.Crew?

Size 4 in J Crew is a small size and is closer to size S than to size XS. Size 4 is made with accurate body measurements of Chest: 87.5 to 90 cm (34-35 inches), waist measurement: 68.5 to 71 cm (27-28 inches), Hips: 94 to 96.5 cm (37-38 inches) and Arm length: 78.5 to 81 cm (31-32 inches).

Do J.Crew Blazers run big or small?

J Crew Blazers runs true sizes. They are neither big nor small. However their casual shirt, pair of jeans, raw denim jeans, pairs of pants and light-weight cotton flannel or natural cotton dress shirt might appear big due to a poor interpretation of sizing. A good example are their untucked shirts that uses untucked fit measurements and adds a bit more clothing to the edges so as to be tucked in. This creates size discrepancies with common brands whose clothing could be an inch shorter. J Crew appears to be a size larger while many other favorite brands appear to be somewhat tight-fitting brands. Now you see why a size guide is important.

Does J.Crew sizes run big?

No, they don’t. J Crew sizes are true to size, however you may get some extra fabric. A stretch fabric (for example spandex) is usually not given any extra space.

Do J.Crew boots run small ?

No, J.Crew footwear are all true to size, however, they are modeled after slender fit. J Crew did this so as to be inclusive of all sizes. If you try on a J Crew boot, it will definitely fit but may be snug. In this case, just buy the next size.

What is J.Crew ?

J.Crew Group, Inc., is an American multi-brand, multi-channel, specialty retailer. The company offers an assortment of women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel and accessories, including swimwear, outerwear, lounge-wear, bags, sweaters, denim, and much more. J. Crew was arguably the most popular clothing brand in the US in the 2000s. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2020 in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Crew is one of the best options around. They’re more affordable than Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren; better designed than Banana Republic or Express; and better made than Old Navy or Zara .

How To Know What J Crew Size Clothing is Right for You (How to Use The Size Guides)

What is my J Crew size?

Having an accurate body measurement is important to select the appropriate garment size is critical. Men’s and women’s measurements are generally different; men’s measurements include the chest, neck, arm, and waist, while women’s measurements include the bust, waist, and hips. The best and most complete post on how to measure your body for clothing sizes


When getting fitted for a shirt, getting the chest measurement is crucial. You’ll need to keep a tape measure handy to accomplish this. using a  tape measure over the broadest region of your chest under your arms.


To take neck measures, wrap the measuring tape around your Adam’s apple in the center of your neck. Leave the tape a bit loose to make the shirt more comfortable to wear, remember to keep the tape horizontal to avoid errors.

Arm Length

When getting fitted for a shirt, the arm measurement is also crucial. Place your hand on your hip and bend your elbow 90 degrees. Place a durable tape measure in the middle of your neck. Measure your shoulder to your elbow and down to your wrist. Your sleeve length is the whole length.

Size Waist

Waist measurements are crucial when getting fitted for a bottom (pants, jeans, skirts, boxers, etc.). To acquire your waist measurement, measure around your natural waistline with the tape a little loose.


Rise measurements determine the length of the bottoms, especially for long jeans and pants. Rise measure from the top of the waistband to the leg seam to get the rise measurement.

Leg length

The length of the bottoms is determined by the rise measurement, which is especially important for long jeans and pants. To get the rise measurement, measure from the top of the waistband to the leg seam.

J crew essentials for men explained

J crew essentials for men sizes explained by ERIC T MERAKI


Size discrepancies between brands is a reality. A casual shirt from tighter-fitting brands can not be used to guess the size of a top from the jeans brands. A Ralph Lauren shirt may not have the same size marking as a proper fit shirt from J Crew. Online shopping makes things more difficult, you can’t use a tape measure over the internet. The bottom line will be to measure yourself and follow the size guide of each individual manufacturer. When buying in physical stores, you can try things on. But when buying online, stick with the spreadsheet of measurements.

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