Danner Boots Size for Men and Women

Danner is a renowned footwear brand that was established in 1932 by Charles Danner. For decades, this company has made high-quality boots for men and women of different occupations, including law enforcement, hunters, hikers, and casual boot-lovers (skip straight to the Danner Boots Size Charts). 

Danner Boots Size for Men and Women
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Finding the right boot size is easy if you get an accurate chart. This post features a Danner boots size chart and explains the process of selecting an excellent boot. 

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Danner Boots Size Table of Contents

Danner Boots Size Charts

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Danner Men’s Boots Size Chart

US SizeUK SizeEU SizeFoot Length CMFoot Length Inches
537½23.1 cm9.1 in
53823.5 cm9.3 in
63924.1 cm9.5 in
639½24.5 cm9.7 in
74025 cm9.8 in
74125.5 cm10.0 in
841½26 cm10.2 in
84226.5 cm10.4 in
94327 cm10.6 in
943½27.5 cm10.8 in
104428 cm11.0 in
10½1044½28.5 cm11.2 in
1110½4529 cm11.4 in
11½114629.5 cm11.6 in
1211½4730 cm11.8 in
12½1247½30.5 cm12.01 in
1312½4831 cm12.2 in
13½1348½31.5 cm12.4 in
1413½4932 cm12.6 in
14½1449½32.5 cm12.8 in
1514½5033 cm13.0 in
15½1550½33.5 cm13.2 in
1615½5134 cm13.4 in

Danner Women’s Boots Size Chart

US SizeUK SizeEU SizeFoot Length CMFoot Length Inches
53622 cm8.7 in
33722.5 cm8.9 in
637½22.8 cm9.0 in
43823.1 cm9.1 in
73923.5 cm9.3 in
539½23.8 cm9.4 in
84024.1 cm9.5 in
64124.5 cm9.7 in
941½25 cm9.8 in
74225.5 cm10.0 in
104326 cm10.2 in
10½843½26.5 cm10.4 in
114427 cm10.6 in

Danner Boot Width Size Chart

Men’s SizeWomen’s SizeRegular Width inchesRegular Width CMWide Width inchesWide Width CM
563.4 in8.6 cm3.8 in9.7 cm in8.6 cm3.8 in9.7 cm
673.5 in8.9 cm3.9 in9.9 cm in9.1 cm3.9 in9.9 cm
783.6 in9.1 cm4 in10.2 cm in9.4 cm4.1 in10.4 cm
893.8 in9.7 cm4.1 in10.4 cm in9.7 cm4.2 in10.7 cm
9103.9 in9.9 cm4.3 in10.9 cm
9.510.53.9 in9.9 cm4.3 in10.9 cm
10114 in10.2 cm4.4 in11.2 cm
10.511.54.1 in10.4 cm4.4 in11.2 cm
11124.1 in10.4 cm4.5 in11.4 cm
11.512.54.2 in10.7 cm4.6 in11.7 cm
12134.3 in10.9 cm4.6 in11.7 cm
12.513.54.3 in10.9 cm4.7 in11.9 cm
13144.4 in11.2 cm4.8 in12.2 cm
13.514.54.4 in11.2 cm4.8 in12.2 cm
14154.5 in11.4 cm4.9 in12.4 cm
14.515.54.6 in11.7 cm4.9 in12.4 cm
15164.6 in11.7 cm5 in12.7 cm

How to Choose the Best Danner Boots

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Danner boots come in various designs, colors, and sizes. Choosing the best boot pair requires some premeditation if you want a solid choice. Let’s discuss how you can select amazing boots that appropriately meet your needs.

1. Boot Size

The ideal size of your boot is easy to find since it will correspond to your standard US shoe size. So all you need is the measurement of your foot length, and you can choose a fitting pair of boots.

While choosing a good boot length is easy, selecting your boot width is where it gets tricky. 

Fortunately, Danner provides wide sizing for boots allowing you to choose the perfect width whether you have wide or narrow feet. Broad feet require a wider platform to ensure stability as you move around.

If you don’t have wide feet, you can choose your regular size. 

2. Boot Type

There are different types of boots available at Danner. Each category is specially designed to suit people in different environments. Whether you want a casual boot that matches your style or typical work boots, Danner has it all.

Here’s a list of the different boot types Danner offers:

  • Hiking boots – for all-day hikes, mountain climbing, and other adventurous outdoor activities.
  • Work boots – these are boots for industry staff and are worn for safety. A good example is a pair of boots for construction workers. 
  • Hunting boots – heavy-duty boots designed for walking off-trail scenes like forests and jungles. 
  • Military boots – these boots are especially suited for soldiers who engage in battle. 
  • Law enforcement boots –  footwear for local police, highway patrol, and first responders. 
  • Lifestyle boots – These are boots for leisure wear and are suited for those who move around in urban environments. 

3. Materials

Next, you should think about the type of materials you want your boots made from.

There are various materials Danner uses to make boots, including:

  • Full-grain leather – this is leather derived from the strongest parts of an animal’s hide. It’s the most durable type of material for making leather boots.
  • Leather – unlike full-grain leather, this one has been sanded, buffed, and altered, making it less durable than the former. 
  • Nubuck/Suede/Rough-Out – another set of materials that makes great boots. Learn more about them here
  • Textile Leather – Also known as artificial leather, it’s a manmade material that resembles leather but doesn’t offer its qualities.

As you look through your options, you should ensure you take a boot that offers ease of cleaning. If you aren’t familiar with leather care, check out this guide on how to maintain your leather boots. This will help lengthen the lifespan of your durable boot. 

4. Color

Boots come in different colors, including black, brown, green, camouflage, and more. The scene in which you’ll wear your boots determines the best color. If it’s a formal setting like a parade, black boots could do.

However, brown leather boots could be a better choice if you are heading out for a hike since they won’t quickly stain in the dirt. 

5. Boot Height

The height of your boots determines the amount of support they provide. Ankle-height boots are great for those who want a versatile work boot that can also work for casual scenes.

If you are going into jungles and unknown territory, you should get boots that reach as high as your knees. Tactical boots should have a height of between 8 and 10 inches.

The highest boot from Danner can reach 17 inches high, which is enough to reach your knees. 

Learn more about Danner boots in this review (video)

DANNER Boots Review by DIY Pinto

Why Should You Choose Danner Boots?

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There are multiple boot companies offering footwear online. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you go to Danner for your boots. So, what makes Danner boots unique?

1. 365-Day Warranty

Any pair of boots you buy from Danner will come with a 365-day warranty allowing you to practically determine whether it’s a good fit. If the boots turn out to be smaller or meet your expectations, you can ship them back.

Unlike most brands which only provide a month to return the boots, Danner allows you to try them out for a whole year. This also shows that Danner stands behind its products and is confident of the quality you’ll receive.

2. Waterproof Boots

One of the most convenient features you’ll get from Danner boots is their waterproof performance. The feeling of wet feet and socks inside your boots can be uncomfortable.

It can even make the environment inside the boots suitable for germs like bacteria and fungi. 

Luckily, you can keep your feet dry with waterproof boots. These boots are designed to prevent the entry of moisture to ensure you stay warm and cozy inside the boots. This makes waterproof boots excellent for wet weather since the rain won’t penetrate the uppers. 

3. Insulation

If you are trying to stay warm in the cold, there’s a boot version for winter. Danner winter boots are built with insulation allowing you to preserve your body heat even in freezing temperatures.

These heavy-duty boots are specially designed for cold weather and will keep you from developing cold feet. As a result, you can easily enjoy outdoor adventures even when it’s snowing without fear of freezing. 

4. Breathability

Another awesome feature of Danner boots is breathability. When working in hot weather, it’s important to maintain a cool environment inside the boots without compromising your foot safety. This is the reason why breathable boots were invented. 

These boots feature a lining with moisture-wicking properties. This means that the lining pulls sweat from your feet and releases it outside to give you cooler comfort. There’s no need to endure sweaty feet inside your boots anymore since breathable boots can keep your feet dry as you work. 

Another advantage of breathability is that it prevents the accumulation of moisture inside the boots, which is necessary for fungal and bacterial development. As a result, there’ll be lower chances of foot odors when you get these boots. 

5. Toe Cap Protection

Toe caps provide protection for your toes in case something heavy falls on your feet. If you don’t want your toes crushed, you should get boots with toe cap protection. Here are the different toe caps you’ll find in Danner boots. 

  • Steel toe – this toe cap is the one you’ll find in traditional work boots. It’s affordable and offers maximum protection. Unfortunately, it adds to the weight of the boots, making them heavier. 
  • Composite toe – These toe caps are made of fiberglass, plastic, or carbon fiber. This makes them ideal for light-duty work boots. Composite toe caps are ideal if you work with electricity since they can’t conduct.
  • Aluminum toe – Also known as an alloy toe cap, this one is as strong as steel but is much lighter. Unfortunately, these toe caps are expensive and can conduct electricity. 

6. Anti-Slip Outsoles

Walking on smooth surfaces increases the risk of slips and falls in the workplace and other environments. These slips can lead to injury, property damage, and other issues that can be avoided.

Thankfully, Danner boots are designed with dependable outsoles that maintain a good grip on the ground even if it’s slippery. 

If you work in wet environments, you should get a boot with a flat wedge outsole that provides maximum traction. The soles also feature deep treads that ensure you have stability from multiple angles and won’t slip even if there’s water or oil on the floor. 

7. Comfortable Footbed

Lastly, you should get Danny boots because they are really cozy, even for boots. Inside each boot is an EVA footbed which absorbs the shock your outsoles generate as you walk.

This provides additional comfort to your feet, preventing the development of pain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Danner boots true to size?

 Yes, they are. Danner boots are true to size, so there’s no need to size up or down. 

2. How are Danners supposed to fit?

 Danner boots should fit the natural contour of your feet but should have some extra space at the toes for walking ease. 

3. Are Danner boots narrow?

 If you have narrow feet, there’s a narrow-width option for Danner boots.

4. How do I know my boot size?

 Danner boots come in regular US sizes, so you can choose a pair according to your standard shoe size.

5. Can Danner boots be stretched?

 Yes, they can. If they are taking too long to break in, you can take them to a professional for boot recrafting to make them wider.

6. Is your Danner boot size the same as your shoe size?

 Yes, it is. 

7. Should you buy Danner boots a size bigger?

 No, you shouldn’t. Danner boots are true to size, so there is no need to size up. 


Danner footwear is made in US sizes, making it easy to choose a pair if you know your regular shoe size. This brand also offers different foot widths from narrow to extra wide, to accommodate people with all foot sizes. With your foot measurements, you can easily pick a fitting pair of boots. 

If you have questions on Danner boot sizes, leave them in the section below!

Picture in this post is by Ellena McGuinness on Unsplash

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