What’s My Nike Tactical Boot Size?

Nike is among the most popular brands of innovative outfits, athletic shoes, sports equipment, and lifestyle footwear. It’s easy to assume that Nike exclusively makes sports shoes and sneakers, but they also make excellent boots (skip straight to the Nike Tactical Boot Size Chart).

Nike’s military-style boots look elegant, light, and responsive. 

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This post discusses the best Nike tactical boot size for different individuals. Let’s hit the ground running!

Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

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Nike Tactical Boot Size Table of Contents

Nike Tactical Boot Size Chart

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US Men’s SizeUS Women’s SizeUK SizeEUR SizeFoot Length CMFoot Length Inches
12.50.532.520 cm7.9 in
1.5313320.5 cm8.1 in
23.51.533.521 cm8.3 in
2.5423421.5 cm8.5 in
34.52.53522 cm8.7 in
3.55335.522.5 cm8.9 in
45.53.536          23 cm9.1 in
4.56436.5       23.5 cm9.3 in
56.54.537.5       23.5 cm9.3 in
5.57538          24 cm9.4 in
67.55.538.5       24 cm9.4 in
6.5863924.5 cm9.6 in
78.5640          25 cm9.8 in
7.596.540.5       25.5 cm10 in
89.5741          26 cm10.2 in
8.5107.542          26.5 cm10.4 in
910.5842.5       27 cm10.6 in
9.5118.54327.5 cm10.8 in
1011.5944          28 cm11 in
10.5129.544.5       28.5 cm11.2 in
1112.51045          29 cm11.4 in
11.51310.545.5       29.5 cm11.6 in
1213.51146          30 cm11.8 in
12.51411.54730.5 cm12 in
1314.51247.5       31 cm12.2 in
13.51512.54831.5 cm12.4 in
1415.51348.532 cm12.6 in
14.51613.54932.5 cm12.8 in
1516.51449.533 cm13 in
15.51714.55033.5 cm13.2 in
1617.51550.5       34 cm13.4 in
16.51815.551          34.5 cm13.6 in
1718.51651.5       35 cm13.8 in
17.51916.552          35.5 cm14 in
1819.51752.5       36 cm14.2 in
18.52017.55336.5 cm14.4 in
1920.51853.537 cm14.6 in
19.52118.55437.5 cm14.8 in
2021.51954.538 cm15 in
20.52219.55538.5 cm15.2 in
2122.52055.539 cm15.4 in
21.52320.55639.5 cm15.6 in
2223.52156.540 cm15.8 in

How to Choose the Right Tactical Boot Size from Nike

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The right size of your tactical boots depends on the actual size of your foot. You can find out the right boot size by measuring your foot length. This is the distance between your heel and toe.

Since Nike uses standard US sizing when making boots, you can pick a fitting pair using your regular shoe size. If your measurements come between two boot sizes, you should go with the larger size for better comfort. 

What Makes Nike Tactical Boots the Best?

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Nike is famous for making great sports shoes and sneakers, but it also offers high-quality boots you’ll love wearing. Here’s why we say so. 

1. Anti-Slip Performance

Walking on slippery surfaces like wet floors, snow, or greased walkways can lead to disaster if your boots don’t have excellent traction. Luckily, with Nike tactical boots, slips and falls will be a thing of the past, thanks to the rubber outsole. Rubber is among the best materials for non-slip performance. 

Nike’s slip-resistant outsoles will ensure you have a multi-surface grip making it easier to walk without slipping.

Additionally, the boots feature an aggressive tread pattern that gives the soles exceptional traction. The deeper tread cuts make the boots ideal for moving through smooth and rough terrain with stability. 

2. Puncture-Resistant Outsole

If you plan to take a hike or hunt for game in the woods, you need boots that can withstand the penetration of sharp thorns and rocks. That’s where Nike military boots come in.

These boots won’t let anything on the ground pierce through the soles because they feature an internal rock shield. 

You can therefore wear each boot confidently, knowing that there’s a barrier that protects your foot from punctures. The internal rock shield also reduces the pressure you feel on your feet, allowing you to walk for longer without fatigue.  

3. Flexible and Lightweight High-Performance Boots

Traditional combat boots come in a rugged construction for maximum durability but tend to feel stiff. That’s one of the reasons Nike’s athletic boots are a more comfortable choice. Nike combat boots are made like sneakers making them flexible and lightweight. 

When walking over long distances, the lightest boot can make the journey more tolerable. That’s why we think Nike has the best boot for backpacking and other outdoor activities. The boots also feature shallow flex grooves that facilitate the natural motion of the feet. 

The flexible sole also enhances the lateral and longitudinal flexibility you get from the boots. Whether you want to walk or run, Nike tactical boots will make it easier to get you where you need to go. 

4. Secure Fit

Usually, walking in your boots causes the laces to get undone, and you have to tie them multiple times until you reach your destination. You’ll be glad t know this isn’t the case with Nike combat boots. 

The boots feature a dual-zone lacing system and webbing system that work together to keep the boot laces tight even when they are untied. This means your feet will be locked securely with no chance of slipping out.

5. Durability

No one wants a pair of boots that only lasts a month and then starts deteriorating. Thankfully, Nike boots are made using a high-quality boot construction process that involves reinforced stitching. This ensures the boots won’t fall apart even under the harshest circumstances. 

The boots are made from resilient materials that can withstand washing, wear and tear, and use in unexplored terrain. Whether you go with durable nylon canvas or full-grain leather boots, you can rest assured of Nike’s top-tier standards.

6. Breathability

High temperatures inside your boots can lead to an accumulation of sweat. While sweaty feet feel generally uncomfortable, build-up moisture inside your boots can encourage fungal and bacterial growth.

As a result, your feet could get infected and start giving off odors whenever you remove your boots. 

Nike tactical boots have the perfect solution for this situation. The boots are made from breathable canvas material that allows air to enter and sweat to evaporate. This means that you can keep your feet cool and escape the discomfort of sweaty, smelly feet. 

Even when wearing the boots for long periods of time, you can enjoy breathable comfort. There are also metal screen vents in the boots meant to enhance ventilation so that the boots maintain a healthy and refreshing environment inside. 

7. Comfort

Something else you’ll get from Nike tactical boots is plush comfort. The boots feature a soft sock liner that surrounds your feet with cozy material to reduce friction between your skin and the boots.

However, if the removable sock liner feels uncomfortable, you can take it out and create more room in the boots. 

The boots also come with removable insoles allowing you to replace them whenever they wear thin. You can also place additional insoles in the boots for enhanced comfort and support. 

8. Ankle Protection

One of the critical features of tactical boots is support. Without proper support, your weight will be unevenly distributed across your feet, and you’ll end up with foot or back pain. That’s why you should go for boots that provide 8-10 inches of ankle coverage. 

An 8-inch high ankle boot is an ideal height and will ensure your foot-bone structure remains solid enough to move without discomfort. 

Learn more about Nike military boots in this video

Nike SFB Field 2 Boot REVIEW + ON-FEET by This is Antwon

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Nike tactical boots run small?

Yes, they do. To get a fitting size, you’ll have to size up.

2. Are Nike tactical boots true to size?

No, they aren’t. Nike tactical boots tend to run small. 

3. Are Nike tactical boots supposed to be tight?

Nike boots shouldn’t be so tight that they cause you pain. 

4. Are Nike tactical boots waterproof?

Yes, they are. They are designed to prevent the entry of water through the leather uppers. 

5. How much do Nike tactical boots weigh?

They weigh about 16 ounces or 0.5 kg. 

6. How do you break in Nike SFB boots?

You can soak them in water, wear them with socks while wet, and then leave them to dry. 

7. Should I get my Nike boots a size larger?

Yes, you should. This is because these boots run small. 


Nike SFB boots are made of durable materials, feel cozy, and deliver an athletic performance. The easiest way to find the right boot size is with your regular US shoe size. You can also measure your feet and choose a good size using the charts. If you fall between sizes, pick the larger size.

You can drop any questions about Nike tactical boot sizes in the comment section.

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