Nike Air Presto Size and Fitting Guide for Men and Women

Nike Air Presto shoes have been gaining a lot of popularity recently. This is because they are incredibly comfortable and versatile sneakers that can be worn for various occasions (skip straight to the Nike Air Presto size chart). 

Nike Air Presto Size and Fitting Guide for Men and Women
Photo by Leon Skibitzki on Unsplash

However, one of the main questions about Nike Air Prestos is what size to buy. Because they are such an unconventional shape, finding the right size is where you need to focus. 

In this Nike Air Presto size guide, we’ll provide tips to help you find the perfect fit. 

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What is the Nike Air Presto?

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The Nike Air Presto is a versatile sneaker that can be worn for various activities. 

The Air Presto debuted as a running shoe, but its simple and comfortable design has made it a popular choice for various occasions. The sneaker is made of mesh and neoprene for a snug and lightweight fit, and it comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. 

Nike Air Presto shoes are available in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes. While the shoes are available in a variety of colors, the sizing is pretty consistent across the board. 

The Nike air presto sizes range is wide. They include Nike air presto sizes: 9, 11,14,15, 10.5, also L, and XL.

Learn more about Nike Air Presto model (video)

Nike Air Presto | How Good Are They ? by Wear Testers

Nike Air Presto size chart

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It is important to use the size chart to find the perfect fit for you. The size chart takes the guesswork out of finding the right size. It lists all available sizes and provides foot measurements for each size. So whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s, or kids’ Nike Air Prestos, be sure to consult the relevant size chart to get an accurate measurement. 

Use the size charts below:

Nike Air Presto Alpha size chart

US – Men’s1 – 33 – 55 – 77 – 99 – 1111 – 1313 – 1515 – 1717 – 19
US – Women’s2.5 – 4.54.5 – 6.56.5 – 8.58.5 – 10.510.5 – 12.512.5 – 14.514.5 – 16.516.5 – 18.518.5 – 20.5
US – Kids1Y – 3Y3Y – 5Y5Y – 7Y7Y – 9Y     
UK – Men’s0.5 – 2.52.5 – 4.54.5 – 66 – 88 – 1010 – 1212 – 1414 – 1616 – 18
UK – Women’s13.5 – 22 – 44 – 66 – 89 – 1010 – 1212 – 1414 – 1616 – 18
CM – Men’s20 – 2222 – 23.523.5 – 2525 – 2727 – 2929 – 3131 – 3333 – 3535 – 37
CM – Women’s20 – 21.521.5 – 23.523.5 – 25.525.5 – 27.527.5 – 29.529.5 – 31.531.5 – 33.533.5 – 35.535.5 – 37.5
EU – Men’s32.5 – 3535 – 37.537.5 – 4040 – 42.542.5 – 4545 – 47.547.5 – 49.549.5 – 51.551.5 – 53.5
EU – Women’s32 – 3535 – 37.537.5 – 4040 – 42.542.5 – 4545 – 47.547.5 – 5050 – 5252 – 54

Nike Air Presto Unisex size chart

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5XS3.5-4.5 36-37.5
4xS4.5-5.5 37.5-38.5
XS7-8 41-42.5

How to measure your feet for Nike Air Presto sizing?

How do i know my Nike Presto size?

How to understand shoe width with more parameters can be found here.
Find out How to measure your shoe size correctly here.

10 easy steps to measure your feet correctly:

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon.
    Your feet swell during the day. It’s best to measure your feet at their fullest
  2. Stand When Measuring
    When in a wheelchair there’s no pressure on the feet, so it’s unnecessary to stand up.
  3. Wear socks
    In many shoes you most probably wear socks. Make sure you wear socks when you measure your feet.
  4. Be precise
  5. Measure both feet
    Measure your left and right foot separately as they’re not the same length. Take the biggest measurement to determine your shoe Size
  6. Stand on your piece of paper
    Keeping your body weight over your foot, trace a thin line around the outside of your entire foot.
  7. Start drawing
    When drawing the line, hold the pen perpendicular to the ground.
  8. Measure the length of your feet
    Measure vertically down the length of your foot tracing. This is your foot length.
  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape
    Measure horizontally across the widest part of your foot tracing. This is your foot width.
  10. Determine your shoe size in the conversion charts
    Start from the measurement in inches or centimeters and define your size in the charts for men or women

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nike Air Presto run big or small?

Nike Air Presto sneakers are often considered to run large. We recommend going down at least one-half size when purchasing this style. 

Remember that everyone’s feet are different, so it’s always a good idea to try on a pair of Nike Air Prestos before making a purchase. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to find your size, that is exactly why we created this guide.

If you’re unsure about what size to order, we recommend going down a half size from your normal shoe size. For example, if you’re a size 10 in regular shoes, order a size 9.5 in Nike Air Presto.

Does Nike Air Presto run true to size?

Some shoppers have reported that the shoes are too small and don’t fit their feet well, while others say they are too big and feel uncomfortable. So it depends on the person.

The Nike Air Presto is a lightweight, comfortable shoe with a minimalist design. They definitely run true to size for some people,  and for some, they can go either big or small. We suggest going to a store and trying them on before you buy if you’re unsure!

Is there a difference between Nike Air Presto and Yeezy size?

There is a difference in Nike Air Presto and Yeezy size. The designs are different and both could be suitable for persons of different preferences. Yeezy also tends to run big. 

How much height does Nike Air Presto add?

Nike Air Presto shoes are designed to add a little bit of height, around 0.75 inches depending on your size. If you’re looking for a shoe that will give you a little bit of an extra boost, the Nike Air Presto is a great option. 

However, if you’re looking for a more minimal shoe, we recommend choosing a size that is one size smaller than your usual size. 

Should you consider sizing up or down with Nike Air Presto?

If you have a wider foot, we recommend sizing up. If you have a narrower foot, we recommend sizing down. 

To ensure you’re getting the perfect fit, it’s important to consider the size up or down, especially if you are between sizes. Most Nike Air Presto sneakers are unisex, so men and women can wear the same size. 

Is the Nike Air Presto a comfortable sneaker?

Yes, the Nike Air Presto is a very comfortable sneaker. It was initially designed as a running shoe, so it has a lot of features that make it great for long periods of wear. 

The mesh upper is extremely breathable and lightweight, which makes it perfect for hot summer days. Additionally, the foam sole offers plenty of cushioning and support, which makes it ideal for long walks or gym sessions. 

What size Nike Air Presto should I get?

Well, the Nike Air Prestos are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes, so finding the perfect fit is easy. It is easy to find the right size for you. 

You’ll need to measure your foot in centimeters or inches to get started. Once you have your measurement, match it up to the size chart. Again if you’re in between sizes, go up a size as the Nike Air Prestos are a snug fit. 

For example, if your foot measures 24 cm, you would be a size 8 in the Nike Air Presto. 

What is Nike Air Presto large size?

Nike offers the Air Presto in sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL, so there is a perfect fit for everyone. If you are large for example, then the Nike air presto size large is the deal.  

The Nike Air Presto is a unisex style, so it is designed to fit both men and women. However, men may want to order a size down if they want a more snug fit. 

The Air Presto is available in both full-length and short-length styles, so make sure you select the right length before ordering. 


No matter your foot shape or size, Nike has an Air Presto that will fit you like a glove. With a little help from our size guide, you can find the perfect pair of Air Prestos in no time—and start enjoying that sock-like fit and unbeatable comfort today!

Nike Air Presto shoes are designed with a stretchy mesh and neoprene upper that hugs your foot for a snug, comfortable fit. The shoe’s overall design is versatile and accommodates different foot shapes. Enjoy!

Picture in this post is by Anish Prajapati on Unsplash

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