Dog Size Charts

Dog Leash Size Chart

The dog leash size chart helps dog owners in the choice of the best dog leash size for their dogs. It also includes how to measure your dog’s neck, chest, and back length to determine the size of collars and harness to use for the comfort and safety of your pet dog.


Dog Vest Size Chart

The dog vest size chart is an essential tool for determining the vest size for small-sized dogs to big dogs. To determine the vest size of your dog, you will have to measure the chest, back, and girth of the dog. For more information on dogs’ vest sizes, click on this article!


Baskerville Muzzle Size

The Baskerville muzzle invariably displaced the traditional muzzles for dogs by responsible owners. A comprehensive Muzzle size chart will help you. The Baskerville Muzzle provides an optimal muzzle fit for all dogs, including shorter nose breeds such as Boxers. The Ultra Muzzle allows comfort for the dog and owner bringing an end to aggressive behavior.