Dog Vest Size Chart

Are you a dog parent of a small-sized dog who finds difficulty in finding vests that fit perfectly? Looking for a well-fitting vest for your big dog? We recommend you use our dog vest size chart to find a vest that fits right for your dog.

Most small-sized dogs suffer from anxiety and extreme temperature. This is the reason why your dog needs a vest that fits tight. Dog vests are used for the following purposes and scenarios: occupation, training, physicality, safety, and mental health. The general advantages of dog vests that fit small-sized dogs include temperature control, psychological problems, easier lifting of the dog, disability identification, dog training, therapy, and safety.

Dog Vest Sizing Sizing Table of content

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What dog vest size should I get? (Dog Vest Small Size Chart)

There are different dog breeds such as Golden Retriever, Boston Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Cairn Terrier, and more, and which we have a dog vest sizing chart below: 

Size Neck (Inches / CM)Chest (Inches / CM)Dog Collar Sizes (Inches and CM)
38.1 cm
55.9 cm
2 – 3 Inches
5.03 – 7.62 CM
41 cm 
66.04 cm
3 – 4 Inches
7.62 – 10.16 cm
43.2 cm
71.1 cm   
5 – 6 Inches
12.7 – 15.24 cm
45.72 cm
78.74 cm
9 – 13 Inches
22.9 – 33 cm
48.2 cm
88.9 cm
16 – 19 Inches
40.6 – 48.2 cm
2XL20″ neck
50.8 cm
91.4 cm
17 – 20 Inches
43 – 51 cm
53.3 cm
94 cm
20 – 22 Inches
51 – 56 cm
55.9 cm
96.5 cm
21 – 24 Inches
53.3 – 61 cm
58.4 cm
99.1 cm
22-27 Inches
55.9 – 68.6 cm

Dog vest small size Instructions

Small-sized dogs have a chest girth measurement of between 9″ – 21 “. They are categorized as tiny (XXL), extra small (XL), and small (S). To know which vest fits your dog comfortably, you will have to measure the chest and girth of the dog.  The chest measurement of a dog will also give you the length of the chest straps you need. Ensure the dog is standing on a flat surface, as acquiring accurate chest measurements is crucial for getting a good fit vest.

Using a soft fabric tape measure, take the following measurements:

  1. The dog’s back – taking measurements inches from the top back shoulder blades to the tail starting point.
  2. The Chest – measure chest inches from the dog’s chest center.
  3. The Girth – measure the dog’s circumference from behind the front legs.
  4. The Size Neck – measure the dog’s neck circumference.

Dog Vest Size Chart by Breed – Weight

Dog Vest SizeDog Weight in lbs and kgAppropriate Dog Breed
Extra Small1-10 lbs
0.5 – 4.5 KG
Ø  Chihuahua Ø  Toy Poodle Ø  Yorkshire Terrier Ø   Maltese Ø  Papillion
Small11-25 lbs
5.0 – 11.3 KG 
Ø  French Bulldog Ø  Pekingese Ø  Boston Terrier Ø  Dachshund
Medium26-40 lbs
11.8 – 18.1 KG 
Ø   Miniature Schnauzer Ø   Cavalier King Ø   Cocker Spaniel Ø   Scottish Terrier Ø   Shetland Sheepdog Ø   Beagle
Large41-70 lbs
18.6 – 31.8 KG
Ø  Basset Hounds Ø  Boxer Ø  Welsh Corgis Ø  English Bulldog Ø  White & Bull Terrier Ø  Shar Pei
Extra Large57-100 lbs
25.9 – 45.3 KG 
Ø   Rottweiler Ø   Labrador Ø   Weimaraner Ø   Bloodhound Ø   Siberian Huskies Ø   German Shepherd

Dog Pet Products Eligibility

Products Eligibility is the first quality to look for before purchasing dog pet products. Whether purchasing your dog products online or in a pet store, check for product eligibility. Pet products range from Pet leashes & collars, Pet Feeders & Bowls, Pet Beds & Accessories, Chew Toys, training products, and other additional products. You will find the answers in product info depending on the countries products came from. 

What to know about product eligibility? You will get your answer in the product information. More so, the manufacturer’s product information and sellers’ product promotions will tell you more about: their superior quality products, countries’ products, previous products, product size, and other additional products they sell.

Always compare the product you are to buy to the previous product you had e.g hunting dog supplies, chest straps, leash attachment, and more

Dog Safety Vests

The moment you get your dog from the pet store, you choose responsibility for its welfare. The safety of your dog should be your priority. What better way to keep your dog safe if not withfitting Dog Safety Vests.

For jogging or running at dawn or dusk, a reflective vest is recommended for the dog’s safety. Most dog owners prefer a Good2Go Reflective Dog Safety Vest as it comes with an additional reflective harness. Avery vest of standard 5mm Neoprene Dog Vest is recommended for hunting and training. The neoprene dog vest protects the dog’s chest and keeps it warm. You can purchase a blank vest and design it to fit your considerations and environment.

More so, small-sized dogs usually have the challenge of maintaining their body temperature during the winters. Finding a medium-lightweight vest yet durable will help regulate the dog’s temperature both indoors and outdoors. A cold-weather small, medium-sized fleece vest is suitable for small-sized dogs as it comes with a leash ring. A 23” 19” – 22” medium or 6-12 medium gooby dog vest is considered the best vest for small-sized dogs during the winter.

A dog safety vest should be fitting and have maximum body coverage. The dog body measurements are used for determining which vest size will fit the dog comfortably. The body dimensions used to determine the vest size include the body length, girth size, and neck circumference.

Dog Harness Vs Collar 

Yes, it is essential to have a harness with the correct harness size, although it is considered an alternative for the collar. A harness is a necessary gear that will help keep your dog comfortable and safe during training and walks.

Harness prevents the dogs from choking and neck straining if they pull their leashes. To ensure the comfort of your dogs during walks, the following types of harness are considered the best: clip dog harness, adjustable harness, comfort dog harness, and dogs design anti-pulling dog harness.

Gun Dog Supply

If you are into game hunting, you need different gears to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Gun dog supply supplies hunting and training supplies, training collars, tracking systems, and much more. Gun Dog Supply has set up online shopping platforms for their hunting supplies to solve supply chain issues, for example, the LinkedIn Gun Dog Supply.

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More so, you can enjoy the canine closeout items. The items are given at a discount depending on the item model. Although these items are given on closeout, it does not mean they are not eligible items. Our canine closeout items are 100% eligible.


Determining a fitting dog vest for small-sized dogs could be challenging for new dog owners. However, to help inform the new dog respective owners, this article provides information on the dog vest size for small-sized dogs depending on the dog’s size.

Moreover, the article gives an insight into vest types, safety vests, dog harnesses, and gun dog supplies. If you are undecided on the size of your dog vest, please refer to our dog vest small size chart.

As a matter of fact, it is advisable to check if the dog vest has any manufacturing defect i.e check if it is durable nylon, check if it increases the body heat of your dog. Try to purchase during the business day when there is an exclusive offer or special offer. 

If you have any questions about the small-sized dog vests, safety vests, dog harnesses, and gun dog supplies, don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments sections!

The picture in this post is by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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