Dog Hoodie Size Chart

Get the best fitting Dog Sweaters and hoodies for your favorite pet? It all starts with getting the right size. In the Dog hoodie size chart we explore all sizes of your dog in centimeters and inches. To make the chart as complete as possible we added international sizing, dog weight, and dog breed in the conversion. There is no denying that dogs in hoodies are adorable and cute, to say the least. You love it, right? a cute winter sweater, a Christmas hoodie for your dog, … so many occasions to get the right outfit for your dog.

After reading this, you can then proceed to make an informed decision on the best hoodie sizes for the comfort of your dog.

Dog hoodie Sizing Table of content

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Dog Hoodie Size Chart

Dogs exist in different sizes and breeds. The Dog Hoodie Size Chart contains all information you need to know concerning these breeds and sizes. However, to best understand the Dog Hoodie Size Chart from Experts, you have to know the different breed size dogs. Such include:

  • Extra-small and small sizes
  • Medium size dogs
  • Larger size dogs
  • Extra-large size dogs

The following table is the Dog Hoodie Size Chart from Experts, showing in detail the dog size, their dog hoodie size, the dog weight, and Neck girth size, Dog Back Lenght and Chest girth. How to measure them, check it below

Dog Hoodie SizeDog Hoodie Size
in number
Dog Neck SizeDog Length
Dog Chest SizeDog Weight
(lbs. and KG)
Extra Extra Small – XXS87″
11 cm
7.5 – 10″
12-25 cm
11-26 cm
1 – 3 lbs
0.5 – 1.5 kg
Extra Small – XS108″
20 cm
25 cm
30 cm
5 -10 lbs
3 – 4.5 kg
Small – S1210″
25 cm
33 cm
37 cm
11-25 lbs  
5 – 11 kg 
Medium – M1412″
30 cm
40 cm
45 cm
26-40 lbs
12- 18 kg 
Large – L1614″
35 cm
45 cm
50 cm
41-70 lbs
19 – 32 kg
Extra Large – XL1816″
40 cm
50 cm
55 cm
50 – 60 lbs
23 – 29 kg
Extra Extra Large – XXL2018″
45 cm
55 cm
60 cm
60-100 lbs
29- 45 kg 
Complete Dog Hoodie Size Chart by

Tips when determining the size of your dog hoodie

  1. When the measurements are in between’ two sizes, chose the larger size.
  2. When your dog has a large chest, long hair, or is at the higher end of the size chart: Order the next larger size to have a comfortable fit.
  3. If your dog is not yet fully grow, order a size up for more room. 
  4. It is advisable to allow 0.5″ – 1″(1 – 3 cm) margin in the measurement of your dog.

Hoodie size chart by dog breed

Please note this size chart and dimensions as stated in the above table work for hoodies, sweaters, etc for your dog.

Dog Hoodie SizeDog Weight in lbs and kgAppropriate Dog Breed
Extra Small1-10 lbs
0.5 – 4.5 KG
Ø  Chihuahua Ø  Toy Poodle Ø  Yorkshire Terrier Ø   Maltese Ø  Papillion
Small11-25 lbs
5.0 – 11.3 KG 
Ø  French Bulldog Ø  Pekingese Ø  Boston Terrier Ø  Dachshund
Medium26-40 lbs
11.8 – 18.1 KG 
Ø   Miniature Schnauzer Ø   Cavalier King Ø   Cocker Spaniel Ø   Scottish Terrier Ø   Shetland Sheepdog Ø   Beagle
Large41-70 lbs
18.6 – 31.8 KG
Ø  Basset Hounds Ø  Boxer Ø  Welsh Corgis Ø  English Bulldog Ø  White & Bull Terrier Ø  Shar Pei
Extra Large57-100 lbs
25.9 – 45.3 KG 
Ø   Rottweiler Ø   Labrador Ø   Weimaraner Ø   Bloodhound Ø   Siberian Huskies Ø   German Shepherd

Where do I start?

It is advisable to, first of all, determine the measurements of your dog. It goes against the common misconception that dog hoodie clothes are determined by their weights.

How to Measure a Dog for Clothes

How do I determine my Dog’s Hoodie Size?

1. Chest girth

To determine your dog’s chest girth, begin your tape measure/string just behind its front legs, as it’s the broadest part, and wrap the tape measure around its top until the two ends meet. Write this measurement down. Check it in the above table

2. Neck girth

Next, repeat the above procedure to determine its neck girth. Only this time, the tape measure/string is wrapped just after the dog’s front legs as it is the broadest part of the neck to get its circumference. Check it in the above table

3. Back length

After that, measure your dog’s back length. To do this, you have to place the tape measure/string at the dog’s neck near the collar area and run it through to the base of the tail. Write it down too. Note that this measurement is not up to the tip of the tail!!

With these measurements, you are now set to go. The dog hoodie size chart from experts can then be referenced to available dog hoodie sizes from approved dealers. Then, the listed measurements are cross-referenced to the measurements you wrote down at your convenience.

Most at times, you will find that the back length of available dog hoodies has a variance of approximately 2″. Do not panic!! The extra inches enhance a better fit for your lovely pet. Check it in the above table

Why clad your dog with a hood?

Better yet, why use clothes on dogs? To best answer this question, you should ask yourself why you wear clothes. Well, I’m not a dog!!

Yeah, sure. However, Animal Care Experts today have argued that dog hoodies have less the same functions on dogs as on humans.

Nevertheless, the decision to clothe your dog rests solely on you. Clothes on dogs have a number of functions such as:

Protection against cold weather.

As is usually the case in humans, clothes protect dogs from extreme temperatures and snow. During seasons with cold temperatures, hoodies come in handy by enabling the dog to maintain their normal body temperatures. Thus, health risks posed by temperature variations can be avoided.


In general, clothes give dogs an added sense of comfort and also minimize contact with parasites like ticks and fleas.

Controlled allergies

When dogs wear clothes in the house, the quantity of loose hair is reduced. The risk of getting allergies due to loose dog hair is minimized.

Dog coats

Dog hair coats vary in texture, color, patterns, and length. It has a number of functions, including attraction, e.g., petting from humans. Other functions include; temperature regulation, whereby it keeps the dog warm during winter. Also, it helps protect the skin and also acts as an indicator of your dog’s health.

It is usually made up of two layers which are the topcoat and the undercoat. The topcoat is the stiff guard hair coat that repels water and protects the dog from dirt. On the other hand, the undercoat acts as the soft down hair and grows closest to the skin. It provides insulation to the dogs.

Can I take my dog surfing?

Imagine that you can now get a Float Coat for your dog in case you plan on going for a boating expedition!! The Float Coat has been designed to act as a guide for canine floatation. It comes in all sizes and shapes. Also, its design has incorporated all features of a life jacket, including handles, reflective trims, etc. As Dog Float coats are in a stretchable material you can use the above size charts

Conclusion in the dog hoodie size guide

In the future, in case you wish to dress up your dog in those fancy hoodies but cannot decide the right dog hoodie size, this dog hoodie size chart is all you need. It will come in handy to help you make informed decisions before you purchase dog hoodies. It has clearly outlined the guidelines on how to determine the size of your pooch and contains expert advice on various issues that affect your dog.

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In case of any queries, feel free to contact us in the comments section!!

The picture in this post is by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash