Yeezy Knit Runner Size Chart and Fitting

The Adidas Yeezy Knit Runner and knit runner boot are new Adidas x Kanye West original designs really out of the sneaker world, more into the outdoor snow boot style. But still, it is a great addition to your YZY collection.
As special edition Adidas Yeezys sell out in seconds we help with Adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Size chart and Fitting guidelines. The dimension and measurements count for the Knit Runner and Knit Runner boot.

Yeezy Knit runner Sizing summary:

Measure your feet for the right size of your Yeezy

Time needed: 2 minutes

How do the Adidas Yeezy Knit runner fit and how to define the perfect fitting Yeezy Knit runner Size?
10 easy steps to measure your feet correctly:

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon.

  2. Stand When Measuring

    When in a Wheelchair, you can measure your feet in your position, as there will be no pressure on your feet

  3. Wear socks

    as these are winter styles, you will most probably wear thick socks, wear them while measuring your feet.

  4. Be precise

  5. Measure both feet

  6. Stand on your piece of paper

    Shoes sizing for wheelchair users don’t require this step, you can skip it

  7. Start drawing

  8. Measure the length of your feet

  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape

  10. Determine your YEEZY Knit runner size in the conversion charts

Adidas Shoes Size Conversion Charts with more parameters can be found here.
Find out How to measure your shoe size correctly here.

Adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Mens sizing chart

Discover below the Adidas Yeezy Knit runner and knit runner Boot Size chart and Fitting guides, organized by men, ladies, and Unisex sizes.
The general Adidas Shoes Size Conversion Charts

US Size
Heel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
48.7″22.1 cm3.536
4.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *
59.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *
5.59.2″23.3 cm538
69.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *
6.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *
79.7″24.6 cm6.540
7.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3 *
810.0″25.5 cm7.541 1/3 *
8.510.2″25.9 cm842
910.4″26.3 cm8.542 2/3 *
9.510.5″26.7 cm943 1/3 *
1010.7″27.1 cm9.544
10.510.9″27.6 cm1044 2/3 *
1111.0″28.0 cm10.545 1/3 *
11.511.2″28.4 cm1146
1211.3″28.8 cm11.546 2/3 *
12.511.5″29.3 cm1247 1/3 *
1311.7″29.7 cm12.548
13.511.9″30.1 cm1348 2/3 *
1412.0″30.5 cm13.549 1/3 *
14.512.2″31.0 cm1450
1512.4″31.4 cm14.550 2/3 *
1612.7″31.8 cm1551 1/3 *
1713.0″32.6 cm1552 2/3 *
1813.3″33.5 cm1753 1/3 *
1913.7″34.3 cm1854 2/3 *
2014.0″35.2 cm1955 2/3 *
EU Sizes with a * are typical Adidas sizes. When in doubt, measure your feet: the result will show the correct EU size conversion.

Women’s Yeezy Knit Runner size chart

Women Yeezy
US Size
Heel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
Yeezy UK
Yeezy EU
58.7″22.1 cm3.536
5.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *
69.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *
6.59.2″23.3 cm538
79.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *
7.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *
89.7″24.6 cm6.540
8.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3 *
910.0″25.5 cm7.541 1/3 *
9.510.2″25.9 cm842
1010.4″26.3 cm8.542 2/3 *
10.510.5″26.7 cm943 1/3 *
1110.7″27.1 cm9.544
11.510.9″27.6 cm1044 2/3 *
1211.0″28.0 cm10.545 1/3 *
12.511.2″28.4 cm1146
1311.3″28.8 cm11.546 2/3 *
13.511.5″29.3 cm1247 1/3 *
1411.7″29.7 cm12.548
14.511.9″30.1 cm1348 2/3 *
1512.0″30.5 cm13.549 1/3 *
15.512.2″31.0 cm1450
EU Sizes with a * are typical Adidas sizes. When in doubt, measure your feet: the result will show the correct EU size conversion.

Yeezy Size Charts

Adidas Yeezy Knit runner size chart: Fitting Guide and Tips.

How do the Adidas Yeezy Knit runner fit?

It’s known that a pair of Yeezy Knit Runners and Boots are more or less true to size, but rather small. These are roomy winter boots, but still, take into account that you will be wearing thick socks.
Actually, they tend to feel a little tight, due to the structure of the sneaker which is firm and supportive.

Should you consider sizing up or down with the Adidas Yeezy Knit Runners / Boot?

Adidas Yeezy Desert Boots tend to feel a little snug, so you might consider sizing up, when you’re in between sizes.

Is the Yeezy Knit Runner comfortable?

The Yeezy Knit runner and runner Boot are, without any doubt, very comfortable. It still uses the comfortable outsole technology as a base for many Yeezys, so don’t worry.

Do Adidas Yeezy Knit Runners come in Children’s sizes?

No, The Adidas Yeezy Knit runner and boots come from EU size 36, UK 3.5, US 5. So, starting from 10-11 years old your kids can wear the Adidas Yeezy knit runner.

Are Adidas Yeezy Knit runner easy to clean?

Adidas is designed for the streets, so they’re likely to get dirty. On the whole, they’re super durable and low maintenance.
Carefully remove the insoles and laces from your Yeezy  – insoles SHOULD NOT go into the washing machine. Put the shoes in the washing machine on the delicates cycle (cold water). The Laces can be washed using a linen bag or by hand for the best result. Use a gentle detergent and avoid bleach at all costs.
Do NOT tumble dry – air dry your Yeezy Boosts. Reinsert the insole and laces and get on with your day.
Our main preference is to clean your Adidas Yeezy knit runner and knit runner Boot by hand, with a brush and a wet cloth.

Are there more models in the Adidas Yeezy collection?

Aside from the Yeezy Knit runner the collection also comes in Yeezy Boost 350 , Yeezy Boost 380, Yeezy Boost 700, Yeezy 500, Yeezy Boost 750, the Yeezy Slides, Yeezy Foam Runner , Yeezy QNTM, Yeezy 450 , Yeezy Desert Boot, Yeezy NSTLD Boot and Yeezy PowerPhase

The dedicated Adidas Size Charts: