Horse Bridle Size chart

In the below Horse Bridle Size Chart you’ll discover all about Bridles sizing and dimensions. The difference between a cob bridle and a full size bridle is the cob bridle is a smaller size for a smaller horse. Generally, there are five bridles sizes – small pony, pony, cob, full-size or horse, and oversize. It’s important to have a bridle and a bit that fits your horse’s mouth. If a bit or bridle doesn’t fit correctly, it can cause both pains for your horse and lead to injury.

If the bridle is fitted incorrectly, it can be the cause of many behavioural problems in horses. 

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Parts of a Bridle and it’s size

A bridle might like confusing when you first look at it, but actually it’s not. A Horse bridle (from shetland mini up until Oversized Xfull bridles) contains 7 parts:

  1. Headpiece
  2. Browband
  3. Noseband
  4. Throatlash
  5. Cheekstrap
  6. Bit
  7. Reins
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Many parts of a bridle are adjustable to the right size, some aren’t and should be bought in the right size for your horse

Bridle Size Chart

Bridles contain many components

ComponentIDShetland PonyPonyCobFullExtra Full
BrowbandD32cm/12 &frac12 “34cm / 13 ½”37cm / 14 ½”39cm / 15 ½” “42cm / 16 ½”

Simple Bridle sizing Chart

Bridle PartPonyCobFullOversize
Headpiece29 – 37 inches34 – 43 inches38 – 48 inches42 – 52 inches
Noseband21 – 24 inches22 – 26 inches23 – 28 inches24 – 29 inches
Throat Lash33 – 41 inches36 – 44 inches39 – 49 inches42 to 52 inches

The below measurements should be taken from a fitted bridle:

Headpiece – measure split to split across the top of the headpiece.
Browband – measure across the width of the browband not including the loops at either end.
Cheekpieces – measure from the tip of the buckle to the end when fastened around a bit.
Noseband – measure across the front of the noseband between the hanger straps on either side.

Measurements are in inches.

* Keep in mind different manufacturer vary their measurements for each size. This is just a general guide.

Reins size

The length of reins is very much a personal thing, but as a general rule, when the horse is being ridden there should be enough rein for the horse to have a good stretch but not so much that your feet could become tangled in them, particularly for children.

Horse Bit Size

The mouthpiece of the bit should be about 1/2” (1 cm ) wider than the horse’s mouth so that the sides don’t put pressure or ache, but not so wide that it will move too much and not function properly. A too big Horse Bit looks messy and not elegant.

The bit must sit comfortably in the horse’s mouth when the cheek straps are buckled on the middle holes, with one or two creases at the corners of the mouth.

image of too tight and too loose fitted horse bit

ThroatLash size

You should be able to put four fingers sideways under the throatlash. The throatlash is purely for aesthetic reasons, but when it’s put too tight, it will bother the horse’s breathing and swallowing.

How to measure for a horse bridle size

Measuring your horse for the bridle size will require your around 5 minutes, and you need Soft measuring tape, pen, and paper… (and most importantly your horse)

  1. Measure the crownpiece: place one end of the measuring tape at the corner of your horse’s mouth. Wrap the tape up the side of your horse’s face, over the poll, and back down to the opposite mouth corner.
  2. Measure the browband: place the tape at the back edge of one ear. Then lay the tape across the forehead and stop at the back edge of the opposite ear.
  3. Measure the noseband: Lay the measuring tape one inch below the cheekbone and wrap it around the nose. 
  4. Measure the throat lash area: Start with one side of the tape just behind your horse’s ear. Then bring the tape down and under his throat and up to the back of the opposite ear.

What Sizes Horse Bridles Come In

As standard, horse bridles come in 5 main sizes. These are mini/shetland, pony, cob, full and XFull (oversized) size.

What Is A Cob Bridle?

A cob bridle falls in the middle of a pony and full size. Most horses will wear a cob-size bridle, it is essentially equivalent to a medium. The bridle size doesn’t necessarily correlate to the height of the horse.

You can have a tall horse with an elegant head.

A Correctly sized horse Bridle is very important

It is very important that your bridle fits your horse correctly.

If the horse bridle does not fit perfectly, it can cause your horse pain by pinching or putting too much pressure on the facial nerves.

Many bridles are adjustable in many aspects. But some parts, such as the crownpiece and browband are a fixed size, so it’s good to measure and choose the correct size.

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