Halter Size chart – a complete sizing and fitting guide

Halter sizes are the same variety as bridles: pony, cob, full (sometimes called average horse) and oversize (sometimes called large horse). Many halter manufacturers provide weight guidelines on their packaging labels to help you determine the halter sizes in their halter line that are most appropriate for your horse. In general, if your horse requires a full size bridle, he’ll also require a full size halter.

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Halter Size Chart table of content

How to measure your Horse head for a perfect fit halter

How do I measure a horse head for a halter

Use a soft fabric tape measure (or cut a piece of string/twine and then measure it). You want it to be snug around your horse’s face, but not too tight.

This picture shows what measurements and info help us make the ideal halter for your horse:

Measure you horse’s head in 4 easy steps

  1. Correct placement of the noseband, about 2-3 finger widths below the point of cheekbones.
  2. Measure around the full circumference of your horse’s nose. Remember that as the halter “settles” and breaks in with wear, the noseband can get 1-3″ bigger around for a looser fit on your horse. This is why the noseband measurement should be snug (but not too tight).
  3. Measure the cheekpiece length.
  4. Crownpiece length (optional) should be measured from end to end. You can always shorten the crownpiece on your own, so it’s better to have it too long than too short.

How to see if a halter fits properly

Properly fitted halter

the horse can open his mouth and chew, and the straps are positioned in comfortable locations. The halter is not so loose that when being handled, buckles or rings could slip into the horse’s eyes.

Poorly fitted halter

the horse could get a foot or other object caught in the loose straps. The halter will slip if the horse acts up while being handled with this halter.

Horse Halter Size Chart

Halters Standard Sizes:

(Mini/Yearling/Sm. Pony)
(Cob/Arab./Sm. Horse)
(Avg. Horse)
(Warmblood/Lg. Horse)
(Draft Horse/Cross)

Horse Halter size by Horse type

Pony: This halter is for ponies from 1,10 up to 1,35 meters. On the halter, you will find the size PS, Pony or 1.

Cob: This halter is for ponies and horses from 1,35 up to 1,60 meters. On the halter, you will find CS, Cob or 2.

Full: This halter is for horses from 1,60 up to 1,75 meters. On the halter, you will find FS, Full or 3.

Picture in this post by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

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