Dog Raincoat Size Chart – How to find out the best size for your dog

You may be wondering why a dog would need a raincoat, but when it rains, your dog will appreciate having one to keep him warm and dry. A dog raincoat is a waterproof or water-resistant coat meant to serve as protection from the dog. The materials used and the design of the coats help the rain slip off the coat and, in turn, not absorb any water on the coating material. Choosing the right raincoat size for your dog; therefore, you may need to consult the dog raincoat size chart.

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The Dog Raincoat Size Chart

The flashing of cold water on the skin is usually avoided by wearing a coat, and while I enjoy taking walks in the rain, I despise being chilly. My dog also likes the rain and dislikes the cold; thus, we both need raincoats during the rainy season.

The coat sizes could be a medium size coat – not too big, not too small, or even a fit-size coat for a standard dog jacket size. And all these sizes can only be estimated in the dog raincoat size chart.

SizingWeight of Dog (lbs, kg)Back Length (in, cm)Chest size (in, cm)Neck Circumference (in, cm)
XS9-12lbs 4-5kg9-11in 23-28cm12-17in 30-43cm8-11in 20-28cm
S15-35lbs 7-14kg15-17in 38-43cm17-22.5in 43-57cm11-14in 28-35cm
M20-35lbs 9-15kg18-20in 45-50cm23-29in 58-73cm14-18in 35-45cm
L40-45lbs 18-25kg21-23in 53-58cm30-33in 76-83cm18-21in 45-53cm
XL60-80lbs 27-36kg24-26in 60-66cm34-41in 86-104cm21-23in 53-58cm

For clothing you must purchase, especially a dog outfit, a sizing chart is almost unavoidable. When using the dog raincoat size chart, it’s also necessary to know where to measure.

A  dog raincoat measurement is like combining the measurements of a harness size, choke collar size and other additional measurements of your dog. It is often unique to each dog; for instance, if your golden retriever’s care sizing rain jacket needs will be different from your neighbors’  bull terrier unless they have the exact primary measurement.

How to Measure a Dog for Clothes

How do I determine my Dog’s Raincoat Size?

1. Chest girth

To determine your dog’s chest girth, begin your tape measure/string just behind its front legs, as it’s the broadest part, and wrap the tape measure around its top until the two ends meet. Write this measurement down. Check it in the above table

2. Neck girth

Next, repeat the above procedure to determine its neck girth. Only this time, the tape measure/string is wrapped just after the dog’s front legs as it is the broadest part of the neck to get its circumference. Check it in the above table

3. Back length

After that, measure your dog’s back length. To do this, you have to place the tape measure/string at the dog’s neck near the collar area and run it through to the base of the tail. Write it down too. Note that this measurement is not up to the tip of the tail!!

With these measurements, you are now set to go. The dog hoodie size chart from experts can then be referenced to available dog hoodie sizes from approved dealers. Then, the listed measurements are cross-referenced to the measurements you wrote down at your convenience.

Most at times, you will find that the back length of available dog hoodies has a variance of approximately 2″. Do not panic!! The extra inches enhance a better fit for your lovely pet. Check it in the above table

Tips when determining the size of your dog Rain Coat

  1. When the measurements are in between’ two sizes, chose the larger size.
  2. When your dog has a large chest, long hair, or is at the higher end of the size chart: Order the next larger size to have a comfortable fit.
  3. If your dog is not yet fully grow, order a size up for more room. 
  4. It is advisable to allow 0.5″ – 1″(1 – 3 cm) margin in the measurement of your dog.

Which Raincoat Design is Best for a Dog?

The raincoat can come in various designs that differ in the neck opening, collar, and other measurements, including the maximum measurements. The product style can either be a blanket style coat or a jacket style coat. It usually includes side-release buckles and a simple buckle clasp to keep compact water off the skin.

A packable rain poncho would be a great gift for a friend with a dog during the wet season. The rain jacket will protect the dog from rain, preventing him from being cold. There are many accessible alternative designs, such as the cozy winter coat, and the double coat.

How to Care For Dog Raincoats

After you’ve purchased the raincoats, you’ll need to know how to take care of them to extend their lifespan. One way to accomplish this is to wash them with a mild detergent after each usage. Depending on how much time you have on your hands, you can choose a lighter weight, as they tend to get washed and dried faster.


Dogs are incredibly sociable animals to interact with, but they must be treated with caution regarding health issues. Every dog, regardless of size, should have at least one raincoat to keep it dry and warm throughout the rainy season. The significant measures for rain jackets are included in the dog raincoat size chart; all you need to do is collect measurements for your dog’s collar and neck, which are essential aspects of raincoat sizing.

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