Goldendoodle Sizes Chart – What size Goldendoodle is Best?

The Goldendoodle, also called Groodle, is a mixed breed whose parent breeds are golden retrievers and the typical standard poodle. Reputable breeders and pet owners can monitor average weight gain by breaking down the growth spurt into weeks of age and months of age and comparing their measurements to the Goldendoodle sizes chart below.

Goldendoodle Sizes Chart - What size Goldendoodle is Best?
Goldendoodle Sizes chart: How Big Do Goldendoodles Get? (Teacup, Toy, Mini, Medium, Standard) by Popular Doodle

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Table of Content of Goldendoodle Size Charts

Mini Goldendoodle Sizes Chart

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The miniature Goldendoodle is a popular designer breed of a mini poodle. Mini Goldendoodle puppies have positive personality traits, are very social, and therefore easy to train.

A fully grown mini Golden Doodle weighs 15-30 pounds (7-14 kg) and is 11″ (28cm) of height.

Age in weeksWeight (Ibs)Weight (Kg)
84 – 91.5 – 4
126 – 92.5 – 4
168 – 163.6 – 7.5
2411 – 225 – 10
3614 – 276.5 – 12
5215 – 296.8 – 13
Fully Grown15 – 306.8 – 14

With an average energy level, their activity level is the right amount for apartment-living pet owners. It must be noted that this dog breed, regardless of size is not suited for kennel living.

They are so sociable that they might have anxiety attacks without their owner. All miniature poodles regardless of the breed will be excellent in a fenced yard.

Medium Goldendoodle Sizes Chart

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Adult medium Goldendoodle is the right blend for anyone who wants an active dog breed fit to be used as therapy dogs and at the same time a wonderful family companion that makes excellent family dogs fit for families with children or other pets. The medium size makes it easier to handle than the larger size standard Goldendoodle but is several pounds heavier than the mini Goldendoodle.

Standard Goldendoodle Sizes Chart

Age in weeksWeight (Ibs)Weight (Kg)
89 – 144 – 6.4
1212 – 185.4 – 8.2
1616 – 247.3 -10.9
2422 – 3410 – 15.4
3627 – 4112.2 – 18.6
5229 – 4313.2 – 19.5
Fully Grown30 – 45 13.6 – 20.4

By breed standards, birth weight, adult body weight, and adult average height, this is the larger breed among the Golden doodle breeds. The sizes overlap a bit, but the standard puppy of the standard-sized doodle quickly grows to the maximum size of a full-size mini Goldendoodle. This site is usually the largest size range of hybrid breeds of standard poodles.

Age in weeksWeight (Ibs)Weight (Kg)
814 – 276.4 – 12.2
1218 – 378.2 – 16.8
1624 – 4810.9 – 21.8
2434 – 6715.4 – 30.4
3641 – 8218.6 – 37.2
5243 – 8719.5 – 39.5
Fully Grown45 – 9020.4 – 40.8

How many types of Goldendoodle sizes are there?

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goldendoodle sizes chart
Image Source: April Walker

You need to understand that every breeder agrees that the Goldendoodle has three distinct sizes. However, some breeders globally have gone further to spilt the smallest size category into two separate groups. There is a fourth category referred to as “Petite”. This petite is supposed to be the category that contains toy poodles.

A toy poodle is a small dog with a slender neck and short muzzle. Its height from paws to shoulder is about the length of a banana. If we are talking about all types of poodles, the toy poodles are completely different in size scale from the mini poodles. They are much smaller than the mini poodle.

However, when we are talking about the Goldendoodle, there is a slight issue. Some breeders include the toy poodle variant and the mini poodle variant of the Goldendoodle together in one group and just call everything “mini”. While some breeders separate the toy poodles and call them petite Goldendoodles.

Finally, the last straw in the heart. We have those who split the mini group into two and we have those who eradicate the medium group and as if that’s not confusing enough, we have people who either do the generous act of accepting all size groups or spilt the mini while getting rid of the medium. If you have followed the sizing matter so far, you will realize that people can be divided into four groups.

1. Those who say mini, medium, and standard (no to petite)

2. Those who say petite, mini, medium, and standard (yes to everything).

3. Those who say mini and standard (no to petite, no to medium).

4. Those who say petite, mini, and standard (no to medium)

On average there are 3 types of sizes, therefore everyone just agrees that Goldendoodles have three size ranges.

Learn more about the Goldendoodle sizes chart and different types (video)

Golden Doodle Sizes by Rising Star Golden Doodles

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Goldendoodle come in all poodle sizes?

No, they don’t. There are six sizes of all poodles and their size differences overlap each other. The sizes in the order of smallest to biggest are micro, teacup, toy, mini, medium, and standard. The Goldendoodle is available only in three widely accepted sizes and a fourth questionable size. The three accepted sizes are mini, medium, and standard; while the one size that is upcoming towards general acceptance is petite.

Is the Goldendoodle a medium or large dog?

The golden retriever and poodle are the parents of the Goldendoodle and both of them are medium-sized dogs. The largest size the Goldendoodle is a medium dog. There are size variants that are smaller than the standard Goldendoodle, these size variants count as a small dog and a mini dog.

What is the most popular Goldendoodle size?

The most popular sizes are the medium Goldendoodle. This is common because their miniature size is small enough to make them a cuddly companion but not too miniature to make them a mini. Also, their curly coat makes them somewhat of fluffy living teddy bear.

What is the standard size of a Goldendoodle?

The adult-size standard Goldendoodle will be at least 40 to 50 pounds (20 to 40 kilograms) heavy and will be at least 20 to 24 inches in height (48 to 62 centimetres) when fully grown.

How big is a small Goldendoodle?

If we are talking about the mini Goldendoodles, the miniature poodle, the adult height is about 13 to 15 inches ( 33 to 40 centimetres) and it is about 15 to 30 pounds in weight (6 to 14 kilograms).

What size is a medium Goldendoodle?

A medium-sized Goldendoodle when fully grown will have an adult weight of about 30 to 45 pounds (13 to 21 kilograms) and be about 15 to 20 inches tall (38 to 51 centimetres).

How do you determine the size of a Goldendoodle?

If you are unsure what type of Goldendoodle you have or want to know how big (or small) he is, then you can have to weigh the dog. There are two ways to weigh a dog.

1. Get a pet scale or baby weighing scale and place the dog on it.

2. Weigh yourself on a scale such as a bathroom scale. Then carry your dog and weigh it once again. Subtract your weight from the new weight and the remaining is your dog’s weight. This method is not as efficient as you weighing your dog alone on a pet scale.

How big can Goldendoodles get?

The largest size of this breed can grow up to be as heavy as 55 to over 80 pounds and be up to 21 to 24 inches tall at the shoulders. In metric measurements, this is a maximum weight range of 25 to almost 40 kilograms and a maximum height range of about 53 to 63 centimeters at the shoulders. 

What size Goldendoodle is the best?

In general, a medium Sized Golden Doodle is a real good size dog for most occasions, settings or households. The size that is best for each person depends on the expectations and desires of each pet owner. Simply put the best size has to do with what you need.

Mini Golden Doodle Size

If you want something easy to play with as you lie on your back. A loving pet that you can lift up in the air with one hand and hold close to your chest as you walk down the street, then you should get a mini Goldendoodle.

Medium Size Goldendoodle

If you want a dog that is large enough to put on a leash and take for a walk but still is fun to carry, then you have to step up. This size can chase you around at a picnic and play fetch but not suffocate you in your sleep when she lies on top of you. The medium-sized Goldendoodle might be the right thing for you.

Standard Golden Doodle size

Lastly, if you prefer something that is more like the size of a golden retriever, then the standard poodle is for you. This size is large enough to run and play water games with you. 


When the golden retriever breed mix with the standard poodle breed usually through artificial insemination you may get a toy poodle that makes an excellent family pet. The biggest factors in ensuring the poodles’ normal lives are their genetic traits, environmental factors, and high-quality foods. It is not strange for a poodle in great health conditions to grow taller than the maximum height of the typical size or have an average weight gain above the typical size.

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