Panty Sizes Chart and Measuring Guide for Adult and Children

The perfect size of panties is based on hip measurements and leg openings. All panty styles are meant to be easy to fit. If you struggled with putting it on or taking it off, you need a larger size. Every panty size chart pair up panty sizes, because every lady can wear two sizes. One size will be snug around the hip, while the second larger size will be snug at the waist. Both the sizes are the correct size, it just boils down to how tight she wants the waist to be

How to Measure your Panty Size - Panty Size Chart
How to Measure your Panty Size

When it comes to panty styles the only difference lies in the additional booty coverage each style provides. A bikini-style item of clothing will provide minimal back coverage while a fully clothed panty will provide maximum coverage. Their size is still relevant.

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Table of Content for Panty Sizes

Children Panty Sizes Charts

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Age (Years)GlobalUSWaist (In)Waist (Cm)
1 – 22 – 324M15 -1738 – 42
2 – 33 – 43T16 – 1940 – 48
3 – 45 – 65T17 – 2142 – 52
5 – 67 – 87T18 – 2346 – 58
7 – 89 – 109T20 – 2550 – 64
9 – 1111 – 1211T17 – 2652 – 66
panty sizes chart
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Women Panty Sizes Chart

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The United States and Canada use an identical sizing scheme. Identical in both measurements and labeling. This also holds true for the United Kingdom and Australia. UK sizes are exactly as things are in Australia. The international sizes are relevant for the whole of Africa and Asia, except the far East. International sizes cover as far as Bangladesh and Indonesia but may not be relevant in Japan, China, and Korea.

4-68-1036-38XS-S24-28 In
61-71 Cm
34 – 38 In
86 – 96 Cm
8-1012-1440-42M-L28-32 In
71-81 Cm
38-42 In
96-106 Cm
12-1416-1844-46XL-2XL32-36 In
81-91 Cm
42-46 In
106-116 Cm
16-1820-2248-503XL-4XL36-40 In
46-50 In
116-126 Cm
20-2224-2652-545XL-6XL40-44 In
101-111 Cm
50-54 In
126-136 Cm
24-2628-3056-587XL-8XL44-48 In
111-121 Cm
54-58 In
136-146 Cm
Panties Size Chart  – How to Measure Panty Size | Panty Size  Calculator
Panties Size Chart – How to Measure Panty Size

How do I measure my panty size?

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To predict the size of panties you will have to approach the matter, in the same manner, you handle all other clothing sizes…with a measuring tape.

1. Start with your waist, and hold the tape parallel to your hip. 

2. Wrap the tape on the fullest coverage of your waist, usually on the belly button, it should not be too tight nor loose such that it falls on its own.

3. Note the numbers on the tape at the point the tape overlaps and subtract the smaller number from the bigger number.

Example: if you are measuring in inches and the tape overlaps on a point in which one part of the tape has the number 50 and the other part has the number 20 written on them. Then your measurement in inches will be 50 – 20 = 30 inches.

Once you are done with your waist, move the tape a bit downward and wrap it on your hip bone. Repeat the processes above so as to know your hip measurements. Once you have your hip measurements, put the two beside each other and pick a size that BOTH measurements fall into.

If however, the two measurements do NOT fit into one size range. That is to say, the two measurements are not together in the measurements of one panty size. In this case, you are one leg in and one leg out of two different panty sizes.

Many experts suggest that you have both sizes and wear the one that feels more comfortable. Get the two sizes at the beginning and then buy more of the comfortable size. You should buy the two sizes because if you lose a bit of weight, you will easily fall into the lower size, and if you gain a bit of weight, you will easily fall into the higher size.

It will be more difficult for you if you purchase just one of the sizes only to gain or lose weight in a fortnight and now have uncomfortable panties.

Learn more about how to measure for panties (video)
Choose Comfortable Underwear by How To DIY & VR Gaming

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a size 8 panty?

A US size 8 panty is made to be snug on a woman with a natural waist measurement of 30 inches (75 Cm). British clothing sizes are smaller therefore UK size 8 is smaller and is made to be snug on a lady with a minimal waistband of 25 inches (64 Cm).

What size is 85 cm panty?

A panty meant for an 85-centimetre waist is a US size 12 and a UK size 16. Its international size is XL while its EU size is 44. This size is usually considered the beginning of the larger sizes of underwear size.

What size is a 100 cm panty?

The 100-centimeter is a larger panty size and is usually marked as US size 18 and UK size 22. Its international size is 4XL while its EU size is 50.


The trick is much simpler than it looks. Panty sizes are easier to manage than they look. They don’t come in such a large range of sizes. There is really not much to say, but wish you the best of luck as you go shopping. Please share the article and mention any tips or insight we might have missed by leaving a comment behind.

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