Girls Growth Size chart – A Useful Guide For Shoes And Clothing

Did you know that your girls growth size is essential when determining the shoes and clothing to purchase for her? All in one Girls growth size chart.

There are quite a few factors that you have to consider when shopping for girls’ clothes and shoes. Whether it’s U.S, U.K, or European clothes. Among the factors is the clothing style. Especially when it comes to shoes, make sure that any footwear has the comfort, space, and support for the proper foot development. Foot health is very important since a child’s feet bones are continuously developing.

You cannot rely on your child when it comes to clothing sizes and the correct sizes for footwear. Therefore, we provide you with comprehensive girls’ growth size guide for the body and the feet. This will provide you with a complete guide on how to choose your daughter’s shoe style and clothes sizes, how to pick the correct size, and what to look for when doing online shopping and during a traditional shopping trip.

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Girls Growth Size at a Glance

Clothing sizes for children are usually based on age, weight, and height. However, to find the correct sizing that fits your daughters’ bodies, it is required that you get accurate body measurements of the chest, natural waist, hip, height, and inseam. Additionally, you are required to carefully get body measurements of her neck base and sleeve length. You can use measuring devices such as a tape measure or a ruler depending on what you are measuring for. After having these body measurements, you can then refer to our size charts to determine the appropriate sizing for her.

Note that you need to take the measurements over her bare skin or while she wears a skin-tight attire. This is because girls have different body shapes. Therefore, our size chat will help you choose the clothes that accentuate the girls’ feminine body shapes.
Clothing sizes for girls are classified as standard sizes, plus sizes, and slim sizes according to body type.

Different countries have different sizing standards. Clothing sizes for the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia are mainly based on age. However, in Europe, sizing is based on a child’s height measurements in centimeters. The plus-size girls tend to have larger bodies. Their larger bodies cause them to have body image issues and have bad experiences of body shame from their peers. This is true for most teenagers and is usually the hardest time and most delicate time for them. If you have such a child, worry no more.

As earlier mentioned, clothes sizes vary with brand. It is therefore not an exact science. You should understand that just because your daughter is a size 10 does not mean that she can wear the same size for all brands.

Girl Size Chart Baby Clothes

You can use this comprehensive girls size chart to find U.S baby clothes. The baby clothes size chart is based on measurement; Differences in sizes are measured in inches and cm for height and pounds and kgs for weight.  

Baby Size Charts. 

U.S. SizeWeight in Pounds and KgsHeight in Inches and CM 
0-3 months4-11 pounds 1.81437 – 4.98952 kgs17-23 inches  43.18 – 58.42 cm 
3-6 months11-15 pounds 4.98952 – 6.80389 kgs23-26 inches 58.42 – 66.04 cm 
6-9 months15-18 pounds  6.80389 – 8.16466 kgs26-28 inches 66.04 – 71.12 cm
9-12 months18-20 pounds 8.16466 – 9.07185 kgs28-30 inches 71.12 – 76.2 cm
12-18 months20-23 pounds 9.07185 – 10.4326 kgs30-32 inches 76.2 – 81.28 cm
18-24 months23-28 pounds 10.4326 – 12.7006 kgs32-35 inches 81.28 – 88.9 cm

Size Chart for Girls Aged 2-7 Years

Use this chart when getting clothes for girls aged 2-7 years. Measurements are based on height in inches and cm and weight in pounds and kgs. The T stands for Toddler. Looking for more info girls growth size charts in US clothing size, read our dedicated US clothing sizes post for kids sizing

U.S. SizeHeight in Inches and kgsWeight in  lbs and kgs
2t33-35 inches 83.82 – 88.9 kgs24-28 lbs  10.8862 – 12.7006 kgs
3t36-38.5 inches 91.44 – 97.79 kgs28.5-32 lbs 12.92738 – 14.515 kgs
4t39-41 inches 99.06 – 104.14 kgs33-36 lbs 14.9685 – 16.3293 kgs
442-44 inches 106.68 – 111.76 kgs 37-41 lbs 16.7829 – 18.5973 kgs
545-47 inches 114.3 – 119.38 kgs42-46 lbs 19.0509 – 20.8652 kgs
648-49 inches 121.92 – 124.46 kgs47-53 lbs 21.3188 – 24.0404 kgs
6x (girls) / 7 (boys)50-51inches 127 – 129.54 kgs54-58 lbs 24.494 – 26.3084 kgs

Size Chart for Girls Aged 7-14 Years

Use this chart to find U.S. clothing sizes for girls, based on measurements in inches. looking for more info, read our dedicated US clothing sizes post for kids sizing

U.S SizeS-XLHeight, Inches, and cmChest, Inches, and cm Waist, Inches, and cm Hips, Inches and cm 
7S51-52 inches 129.54 – 132.08 cm  26.5 inches 67.31 cm23 inches 58.42 cm 28 inches  71.12 cm 
8S53-54 inches 134.62 – 137.16 cm 27.5 inches 69.85 cm 23.5 inches  59.69 cm 29 inches  73.66 cm 
10M55-57 inches 139.7 – 144.78 cm29 inches 73.66 cm 24.5 inches  62.23 cm 30.5 inches  77.47 cm 
12L58-59 inches 147.32 – 149.86 cm30.5 inches 77.47 cm25.5 inches  64.77 cm 32.5 inches  82.55 cm 
14L60-62 inches 152.4 – 157.48 cm 32 inches  81.28 cm26.5 inches  67.31 cm 34.5 inches  87.63 cm 
16XL63-64 inches 160.02 – 162.56 cm 33.5 inches 85.09 cm 27.5 inches  69.85 cm 36.5 inches  92.71 cm 

On the other hand, shoe sizes for kids are more complicated than those of adults. This is because sizing for kid’s shoes varies from one child to another. A kid’s foot grows rapidly in comparison to that of an adult.  Some may be sized according to foot measurements and others according to age. Also, some follow European sizing. Therefore, it is always good to know how the combination of sizes translates to ensure measurements accuracy.

Girls Shoe Size Chart

U.S. SizeFoot Length (Inches and cm)Worn By
1C-3C3 5/8, 4, 4 3/8 inches  9.2075, 10.16, 11.1125 cmBaby
4C-7C4 ¾, 5, 5 1/4, 5 5/8 inches  12.065, 12.7, 13.335, 14.2875 cm   Toddler
8C-13C6, 6 ¼, 6 5/8, 6 7/8, 7 1/8, 7 3/8 inches 15.24, 15.875, 16.8275, 17.4625, 17.8095, 18.7325 cm  Small Child
1Y-6Y7 5/8,8, 8 3/8, 8 5/8, 9, 9 3/4 inches 19.3675, 20.32, 21.2725, 21.9075, 22.86, 24.765 cm   Youth/Big Child

Note that C stands for Child and Y stands for Youth

If you are in Europe, you will need the following size chart to help you when shopping. There is no exact way that we can tell you to use to correspond foot measurements as you would do with clothes sizes. If you are in the U.K, you should know that shoe sizes are one-half or one-whole number lower than U.S. shoes.

Foot Length, InchesFoot Length, CentimetersEuropean SizeU.K. SizeU.S. Size
4 3/412214 1/25 or 5 ½
5 1/813225 1/26
5 1/2142366 ½ or 7
5 3/414 1/22477 ½ or 8
6 1/815 1/2257 1/28 or 9
6 1/415 3/4268 1/29 ½
6 1/216 1/22799 ½ or 10
6 3/417281010 ½ or 11
7 1/8182910 ½ or 1111 ½ or 12
7 1/418 1/23011 1/212 ½
7 1/2193112 or 12 ½13 or 13 ½
7 3/419 1/232131
8 1/820 1/23311 ½ or 2
8 1/4213412 ½ or 3

What to Look for When Getting Toddler Shoes

We thought it wise to include a toddlers’ shoe clever size chart for you. Toddler feet are tiny and made up of 26 bones and 35 joints. The chubby baby feet have a complex network of muscles, ligaments and nerves. You may be wondering when is the best time to introduce a pair of shoes.

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing shoes that fit your toddler’s feet. The heel cup, toe flexibility and rigid middle. Read more on how to choose the best toddler shoes


Most parents face challenges when it comes to getting the correct sizes for their daughter’s clothes.  However, thanks to our Girls Growth Size Chart guide, it will now be a thing of the past.  The Girls Growth Size Chart guide is the ultimate solution that will help you avoid getting a size that is larger than what your daughter needs. The size chart contains U.S sizes, European sizes, and U.K. sizes, and how to determine your daughters’ body measurements. Furthermore, we have included girls growth size tips to further guide you in your choice of the correct sizes for their clothes.

As a matter of fact, this is not just a generic clothing size chart. In fact, we have taken into account all international size types. We hope our girls growth size charts were helpful! Follow the simple guidelines in the girls growth size charts.

In case of any comments or questions, feel free to contact us in the comments section!

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