Mexican Kids’ Sizes of Clothing – Mexico to US

When purchasing clothing for your children, keep in mind that you are making an investment; therefore, you need to think about a number of different things. You desire stylish, adorable clothing, but you also desire long-lasting products. Maybe even long enough for you to pass them down to your other children or the children of your sister (skip straight to the Mexican Kids’ Sizes Charts). 

Mexican Kids sizes vs US clothes sizing

Sizes for children’s clothing are broken down by age groups, such as “newborn and infant,” “toddlers,” and “children’s.” And shopping online for Mexican children’s clothing might be difficult.

For your convenience, we have put together a variety of Mexican Kids’ Size Conversion Charts for Clothing and Children’s Size Mexico US. Check out these helpful ideas for purchasing children’s clothing and be ready for the process to become less stressful.

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This blog post will provide a helpful chart that will make the conversion process easy! If you need to convert your MX size into UK or EU sizes, check the last size chart on this page

Mexican Kids’ Sizes Table of Contents

Mexican Kids’ Sizes Chart

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In Mexico, children’s clothing is typically reliant on the child’s age. For example, pants are often sized from 4 to 16 for children, shirts are typically sized S to XL with age equivalents for each size, and dresses for females are likewise sized according to age, typically 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

Here is a detailed breakdown of Mexican kids’ sizes:

Mexican Kids’ Sizes: Clothing Size Charts – Mexico to US Dresses (Men&Women)

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MexicoUSBustWaistSkirt Length
6657 cm (22.5in)40 cm (16in)26 cm (10in)
66-760 cm (23.5in)42 cm (16.5in)28 cm (11in)
87-863 cm (25in)44 cm (17.5in)30 cm (12in)
109-1066 cm (26in)46 cm (18in)32 cm (12.5in)
121169 cm (27in)48 cm  (19in)34 cm (13.5in)
1412-1472 cm (28in)50 cm (20in)35 cm (14in)

Tops and T-Shirts

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5-6622.5″ (57 cm)16″ (40 cm)
7-8723.5″ (60 cm)16.5″ (42 cm)
8-10825″ (63 cm)17.5″ (44 cm)

Pants and Jeans

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MexicoUSWaistChild’s HeightPants Length
6-7XS(24)42cm (16.5in)120-130 cm (47-51in)68 cm (27in)
7-8S(26)46 cm (18in)130-140 cm (51-55in)72 cm (28in)
9-10M(28)50 cm (20in)140-150 cm (55-59in)76 cm (30in)
11-12L(30)54 cm (21in)140-150 cm (55-59in)80 cm (31.5in)

In Mexico, children’s shirts, skirts, and pants are often sized according to age. To ensure you are looking at the correct conversion, you may still want to check the exact brand sizing.

Mexican US Kids Shoe Size

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You can convert your US children’s shoe size to a Mexico children’s shoe size using the chart below.

US SizeMexico SizeShoes WidthFoot Length
4C11.55.38 in11.6 cm (4.56in)
5C12.55.5 in12.4 cm (4.88in)
6C135.75 in13.3 cm (5.23in)
7C145.87 in14.1 cm (5.55in)
8C156.01 in15 cm (5.90in)
9C166.25 in15.8 cm (6.22in)
10C176.50 in16.7 cm (6.57in)
10.5C17.56.62 in17.1 cm (6.73in)
11C186.63 in17.5 cm (6.89in)
11.5C18.56.75 in18 cm (7.08in)
12C196.87 in18.4 cm (7.24in)
12.5C19.57.12 in18.8 cm (7.40in)
13207.25 in19.2 cm (7.56in)
13.5C217.37in19.7 cm)7.76in)

How To Choose The Right Mexican Kids’ Size

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As annoying as it may be, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to children’s clothing. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the tricky game of dressing your child appropriately, especially during growth spurts and seasonal changes. 

Prioritize Measurement Over Age

Because there is significant variation across manufacturers, a basic size chart can be helpful, but the best approach to get the right size is to consult the web size charts of each brand separately.

To choose the correct size for your child, make sure to consider their height and weight rather than their age. 

Stick With Your Desired Brand

Do you ever feel you need to visit six grocery stores to get everything your family wants? While some people may find this offensive, sticking with one to three favored brands over the long run can result in fewer sizing problems. 

If you don’t want to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of returns, it’s important to choose your favorite, dependable companies early on and stick with them so you know precisely what to anticipate. Of course, you can order something from every adorable catalog that shows up in your mailbox. 


Either way, buying clothes that are too small or too large is frustrating. At least you can store them if they get too huge so your kids can utilize them later. 

Choose Comfort Over Fashion

When discussing children’s apparel, comfort should always come first. The more significant this element is, the younger the child. You can eventually mix it with style. Never, however, skimp on essential elements like top-notch components or a design that poses no risk to the child.

Even while selecting clothing for a particular occasion, it is crucial that the child be able to move unrestrictedly and freely while sitting, running, bending, and twirling.

Check out this video to learn more about how to measure a kid for clothing

How to Measure for Children’s Clothing by MonkeySee

The Best Mexican Kids’ Sizes For You

The easiest approach to determine the right fit for your child is to take accurate measurements. Having your child’s measurements on hand can make it much easier to find the right-fitting clothes and shoes for them in the future, whether you want to shop in person or online. 

While trying the clothing on your child is the ideal way to determine the optimum size, some restrictions, such as when purchasing online, make this problematic.

The next best option is to measure your child and use the conversion chart we provided above to get their proper size.

How To Measure Mexican Kids’ Sizes

The following easy steps should be followed to measure your child: 

  • Ask your child to stand straight with their feet together behind a wall while you prepare a pen, tape measure, and piece of paper. 
  • Place the measuring tape around the side of your child’s chest that is the fullest to determine their chest size. 
  • Measure around the narrowest part of your child’s waist for the waist measurement, but leave enough room for breathing. 
  • Put the measuring tape around your child’s hips at their fullest point, then measure from there, allowing adequate space depending on whether you want your child to fit loosely or tightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are 12 kids in Mexico in Us?

Kids’ size 12 in Mexico corresponds to a US size 11. It measures 69cm (27 in) in the bust, 48cm (19 in) in the waist, and 34cm (13.5 in) in skirt length.

What size are 9 toddlers in Mexico?

If your toddler wears a U.S. size 9, he or she would be a Mexican children’s size 16.

What size are 10 toddlers in Mexico?

Mexican size 10 corresponds to US sizes 9 to 10. It measures 66 cm (26 in) around the breast, 46 cm (18 in) around the waist, and 32 cm (12.5 in) long.

What size is 10C in toddler shoes?

Mexican sizes for toddler shoes in 10C US are 17. Its foot length is 16.7 cm (6.57 in) and its shoe width is 6.50 inches.


Mexican sizes differ from those in the US, Europe, and the UK. Mexicans seem to struggle to find the right fit in clothing or even shoes due to differences in physical proportions between Mexicans and body types used for other internationally recognized sizing standards and brands, leading many international retailers in the country to complain about high return rates in apparel. 

Mexican men between the ages of 18 and 25 are stated to weigh an average of 170.41 pounds (77.30 kilograms) and stand 5’5 inches (1.67 meters) tall. Mexican women in that age group are generally 5’2″ (1.60 meters) tall and weigh 138 pounds (62.9 kg). 

Mexican clothing sizes for women typically range from 26, 28, 30, 32, up to 48, which corresponds to a US 2, 4, 6, 8… to 24 in US sizes. Mexican sizes for males typically range from 36 to 46. Occasionally, the tags will read ECH, CH, M, G, EG, or EEG, which corresponds to US sizes from XXS to XL. 

Mexican sizes are typically classified according to a child’s age. S-XL is the typical size range for shirts or tops, and 4-16 is the range for bottoms. Mexican children’s sizes are determined by age rather than physical characteristics.

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