Chicco Baby Stroller Size Guide

The Chicco baby strollers are an amazing option for parents looking for a comfortable stroller that is also well-priced, and this is indeed the strength of these strollers (Skip straight to the Chicco Baby Stroller Size Charts).

Chicco strollers are designed to withstand rough play and contain chunky supplies like changing mats, bibs, and toys. The company features a wide range of options both in terms of style and also in terms of Chicco baby stroller size, so wide that it will be so difficult to miss what to get for your little one.

Chicco Baby Stroller Size Guide
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So whether you prefer a modern stylish basket weave look or a more sleek look for your stroller, you’ll be able to find the perfect Chicco baby stroller. 

Of course, credit goes to the great founder Pietro Catelli, a pharmaceutical device developer and inventor, who founded Chicco in 1958. With the birth of his son, Mr. Catelli focused his work on developing better solutions for parents and babies.

Chicco has since then grown from a local baby gear company to a global brand that offers everything from baby gear to nursing supplies, toys, clothing, and baby care.

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Chicco baby stroller size

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Chicco manufactures three main types of strollers namely Full-Size Strollers, Lightweight Strollers, and Double Strollers. This extensive range makes it possible for parents to choose from such a vast pool of options. You are not likely to fail to find a type or size that meets your needs.

When it comes to choosing a Chicco baby stroller, understanding the sizing is important.

Not all Chicco strollers are created equal, and there are a few different factors you need to keep in mind when selecting the perfect Chicco baby stroller size for your little one.

There are a few different Chicco stroller sizes to choose from, and each one can be customized according to your needs. For instance, the Chicco Baby Stroller size can be either a travel system or a single stroller. 

In this section, we will provide an overview of the Chicco baby stroller sizes, as well as some tips on how to measure, compare, and ultimately buy the best one for your needs. 

Stroller typeStroller typeStroller type
Assembled (L x W x H)36 x 24 x 4291 x 61 x 10735 x 19 x 4189 x 48 x 10446 x 40 x 24117 x 102 x 61
Folded (L x W x H)15 x 24 x 3138 x 61 x 7946 x 10 x 12117 x 25 x 3048 x 25 x 17122 x 63 x 43
Front Wheel Diameter7.619.35.9157.619.3
Rear Wheel Diameter9.824.97.519.19.123.1

Chicco baby stroller size chart by model

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MODELassembled dimensions folded dimensions assembled weight front wheel diameter rear wheel diameter 
bravo35.2 x 22.8 x 42.789.41 x 89.41 x 108.4615 x 22.8 x 2993.47 x 57.91 x 73.6624.9 lbs11.29 kg7.519.0510.326.16
bravo cleartex35.2 x 22.8 x 42.789.41 x 89.41 x 108.4616 x 22.8 x 2993.47 x 57.91 x 73.6626.5 lbs12.02 kg7.519.0510.326.16
corso34.5 x 24.8 x 42.887.63 x 62.99 x 108.7115.5 x 24.8 x 3239.37 x 62.99 x 81.2823.4 lbs10.61 kg8.321.0810.326.16
corso le34.5 x 24.8 x 42.887.63 x 62.99 x 108.7115.5 x 24.8 x 3239.37 x 62.99 x 81.2824.8 lbs11.25 kg8.321.0810.326.16
viaro38 x 25.5 x 41.2596.52 x 64.77 x 104.7813.5 x 25.5 x 33.2534.29 x 64.77 x 84.4618 lbs8.16 kg717.78 8.7522.23
mini bravo35.8 x 20.8 x 41.590.93 x 52.83 x 105.4114 x 20.8 x 28.335.56 x 52.83 x 71.8819.6 lbs8.89 kg6.2515.88820.32
lightway35 x 19 x 4088.90 x 88.90 x 101.6046 x 10 x 11.75101.60 x 101.60 x 101.6017.2 lbs7.80 kg5.513.97717.78
activ347.5 x 25 x 42120.65 x 63.50 x 106.6823.3 x 25 x 37.559.18 x 59.18 x 59.1827.5 lbs.12.47 kg1230.481230.48
tre47.5 x 25.5 x 42120.65 x 64.77 x 106.6825 x 25.5 x 37.563.50 x 64.77 x 95.2528.5 lbs12.93 kg1230.481640.64
cortina together double47.25 x 45.5 x 23.5120.02 x 115.57 x 59.6947.75 x 23.5 x 16.75121.29 x 121.29 x 42.5534 lbs15.42 kg8.2520.969.2523.5
bravofor2 double45 x 23.25 x 42114.30 x 59.06 x 106.6818 x 23.25 x 3545.72 x 59.06 x 88.9026.5 lbs12.02 kg717.78922.86
bravofor2 le  double45 x 23.25 x 42114.30 x 59.06 x 106.6818 x 23.25 x 3545.72 x 59.06 x 88.9026.5 lbs12.02 kg717.78922.5

Why size matters when choosing a Chicco baby stroller

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When choosing a stroller, the most important thing is your baby’s safety and comfort, but it can’t be ignored that size often matters too. The bigger the stroller, for example, the larger your baby will feel inside it, which can make or break a good first impression for the baby.

It also affects how much of your baby’s body gets to rest on the outside, which can help with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). When it comes to baby strollers, size definitely does matter. 

Because of their different proportions, stroller size will affect how the stroller will ride, how much it will recline and how much storage space it will have.

Smaller strollers tend to be a little easier to maneuver but may require longer charging times. Larger strollers tend to have more stability and storage space but require more charging time.

Not only do you want to make sure that the stroller will fit through your doorways, but you’ll also want to think about how much space it will take up in your trunk or lift. 

Chicco has a range of stroller sizes to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your family. 

Learn more about specific Chicco baby stroller (video)

Chicco We, the super compact stroller, transformable into a travel system by Chicco

How to measure for the perfect fit Chicco baby stroller size

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So you’ve decided that a Chicco baby stroller is the right choice for you and your little one, but you’re not sure which size to choose. How do you measure for the perfect fit? 

The first step is to find out your stroller’s dimensions. This will give you a good starting point when determining which size to buy. Each Chicco model has its own set of specific dimensions, so be sure to check the product’s details before making a purchase. 

Once you have the stroller’s dimensions, it’s time to measure yourself and your child. Stroller dimensions are usually given in terms of “width” and “height.”

For width, measure across your chest and hips; for height (Chicco baby stroller size by height), measure from your head to your feet. Compare your measurements to the stroller dimensions to find the best fit. 

Don’t forget to take into account your child’s age (Chicco baby stroller size by age) and height when making your decision. A newborn won’t be as comfortable in a large stroller as an older child would be.

Choose the size that is best suited for your needs and your child’s individual growth chart. 

Tips for choosing the right Chicco baby stroller size for your baby

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When it comes to choosing the right Chicco baby stroller size, here are a few things you need to take into account. 

  • Chicco baby stroller size by weight, and height: The first thing to consider is your baby’s weight (Chicco baby stroller size and weight) and height (Chicco baby stroller size and height).

    Strollers come in different sizes to accommodate different weight ranges, so it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right one.
  • Chicco baby stroller size airport security, Disney World, etc:  Secondly, think about how you’ll be using the stroller. If you’ll be primarily using it for city walks and occasional travel, a lightweight stroller might be a good option.

    Another thing you must consider here is the safety and security requirements out there. Premises like airports have their own procedures that you need to adhere to, and so you want a stroller that will make your work a lot simpler. 
  • Environment:  If you’ll be using it for longer walks or rough terrain, you’ll need a stroller that’s more robust and can handle more wear and tear. If you will be using it mostly in the car, then make sure the Chicco baby stroller size and car seat are a good fit. 
  • A number of users: If you have twins, for instance, the Chicco BravoFor2 stroller is a tandem stroller that’s perfect for twins or siblings close in age, and it can also be used as a travel system with compatible car seats.

    The Chicco Cortina Together stroller is a full-size stroller that’s great for larger children. It also folds down easily for storage or travel. The Chicco KeyFit Caddy is perfect for keeping your Chicco infant car seat handy when you’re out and about.

    It’s lightweight and easy to carry, and it can be attached to most Chicco strollers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is the Chicco Bravo stroller?

In terms of the Chicco baby stroller size bravo, the stroller is 43 inches wide when open and 28 inches wide when folded, making it a perfect fit for city streets and tight spaces.

The full dimensions are 35.5 x 21.75 x 43 in (open), 16 x 21.75 x 28 in (folded). Important to also understand that the  Chicco Bravo stroller is a single stroller that is designed for babies and toddlers who weigh up to 50 pounds. 

The Bravo stroller has a reclining seat that can be adjusted to multiple positions to ensure your child is comfortable, and the canopy can be extended to provide shade from the sun or shelter from the rain.

Plus, the stroller comes with a handy storage basket that’s perfect for holding all of your child’s essentials. 

At what age can you use a Chicco Bravo stroller?

The Chicco Bravo stroller is suitable for use from 0-6 months with an infant car seat. It can be used as a single stroller or combined with the Chicco Keyfit car seat to create a travel system. 

The Bravo stroller has a reversible seat that can be turned around so your child can face you or the world ahead. It has a five-point harness and adjustable footrest to keep your little one safe and comfortable, and a large canopy to provide shade from the sun or rain. 

The Bravo stroller is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to store and transport. 

Can you attach the bassinet to the Chicco stroller?

Yes, you can attach a bassinet to a Chicco stroller! Remember that most bassinet attachments are designed for use until children are aged 3 to 6 months. Just be sure it’s the right Chicco baby stroller-size bassinet. 


Whether you’re looking for a compact stroller for city life or a larger model for weekend getaways, Chicco has you covered.

They offer a wide range of strollers in different sizes because they understand very well that indeed parents have a multitude of needs. So don’t worry,  there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for your needs. 

We hope that this information helps you to make an informed decision about the Chicco baby stroller size that’s right for you. You can also choose to use the Chicco baby stroller size calculator and find the Chicco baby stroller size best for your needs.

So, whether you’re still pregnant and planning ahead or shopping for a stroller that will fit your growing family, get the most comfortable stroller, and all the best to your baby!

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