Baby Jogger Car Seat Size Guide by Age, Height and Weight

When it comes to choosing a baby jogger car seat size, there are a lot of things to consider. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! A good size for your child is important for its comfort and safety. In this post, we’ll talk about the different car seat sizes and what each one can accommodate (skip straight to the Baby Jogger Car Seat Size Charts). 

Baby Jogger Car Seat Size Guide by Age, Height and Weight
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We’ll also go over some of the key features you should look for when buying a baby jogger car seat, and give you tips on choosing the right one for your needs. 

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Table of Content of Baby Jogger Car Seat Sizing

What is a Baby Jogger car seat?

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The baby jogger car seat is a sort of mini-stroller that can be strapped to a stroller frame or a regular car seat. It has been popular for decades and is still one of the best for its convenience, compactness, and style. It comes in various styles that can be configured in various ways to accommodate babies of different sizes and ages. 

Baby Jogger Car Seat size
Baby Jogger Car Seat size Image Source: Baby Jogger

Baby jogger car seat strollers are more stable and provide superior side-to-side and forward-back motion control than a traditional stroller.

Key features:

  • It can transition from a rear-facing harness to a forward-facing harness
  • The one-hand 180-degree turn means it will be very easy to get your little one in and out of the car.
  • Whenever rotated, it rings the child 10 inches closer to you.
  • It’s very soft with moisture-wicking materials as well as light.

The main types of Baby jogger car seats include the city turn™ convertible car seat and the City go i-size car seat series which feature the city GO™ 2 infant car seat and city GO™ AIR infant car seat. Each type offers various exciting color options including onyx, phantom, Paloma, slate, mystic, granite, and Seacrest.

Baby Jogger Car seat size

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Baby jogger car seats come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs. The most popular size is the City Select, which can accommodate up to two children. The City Mini is another popular size, as it can be used with a child up to 35 pounds. For larger children, the City Elite can accommodate up to 50 pounds. These car seats are designed to provide a comfortable and safe ride for children of all ages. With a variety of sizes available, there is sure to be a Baby Jogger car seat that is perfect for your family.

Which size you need depends on the weight and height of your child. The small size is for children up to 22 pounds and 29 inches tall. The medium size is for children between 22 and 33 pounds and up to 31 inches tall. The large size is for children between 33 and 65 pounds and up to 43 inches tall. 

 Car Seat Length Car Seat width Car Seat height Car seat typeCar Seat WeightBaby height Baby weight
Car Seat
inchcminchcminchcm ( lbs )inchcm( lbs )
City Go 228.572.3917.2543.8226.567.31Rear Facing183281.284-35
City Go Air18.1146.0016.9343.0030.6777.90Rear Facing193281.284-35

Baby jogger car seat size grouping chart                  

 weight height  
0 / 0+9-132932.6830-18 months
19-1820-4428-3971-9915 months – 4 years
215-2548-5739.5-45100-1154-7 years
322-3650-7945-53115-1356 years +

Car seat compatibility chart: Car seat brands compared

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ICS BrandProduct Namecity tour 2city mini 2city mini GT2city selectcity select LUXsummit X3city mini 2 doublecity mini GT2 doublecity select 2city sights
 City GO        NANA
Baby JoggerCity GO 22082703208398120839811967362196736219715112104668*2104668*  
 City GO Air        19673622170584
 SnugRide Click Connect 30 SnugRide Click Connect 35NANANA196736219673621971511NANA  
 SnugRide Click Connect 35 LX          
GracoSnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite SnugRide SnugLock 35 Platinum208270320839812083981NANANA2104668*2104668*19673622170584
 All other Click ConnectNANANA   NANA  
 B-Safe   2014204/2014204/   NANA
 B-Safe 35 208399320839932151253215125320142032104670*2104670*21512532170585
BritaxB-Safe 35 EliteNA  20142042014204   NANA
 B-Safe Ultra NANANANANANANA21512532170585
 Fit2 2083994*2083994*       
 KeyFitNA     NANA19673612170588
ChiccoKeyFit 30 2083994*2083994*196736119673611967207*    
 KeyFit 30 Zip   NANANA    
 KeyFit 30 Zip Air NANA       
 Aton   201355120135511967208*    
 Aton 2NA2083991*2083991*NANANA2104669*2104669*NANA
CybexAton Q   201355120135511967208*    
 Cloud Q   NANANA    
 Mico 30   NANANA    
Maxi-CosiMico Max 30NA2083982*2083982*2013551201355119672082104669*2104669*NANA
 Mico AP          
 PIPA 2083992*2083992*20135512013551     
 PIPA Lite LX          
 PIPA Lite          
 PIPA Lite R          
Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio 4-35NA2083994*2083994*196736119673611967207*NANANANA

What is the weight limit for the Baby Jogger car seat?

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Your little one’s weight and height are the two primary factors that determine the size car seat they need. Baby Jogger car seats come with a weight limit of 22 pounds. This means that the seat can be used for children up to 22 pounds in weight, or until they reach the height limit of 32 inches. 

Once your child reaches either the weight or height limit, it is no longer safe to use the car seat. At this point, you will need to switch to a car seat that is appropriate for your child’s current size and weight.  Car seats are sized by weight groups, which go from newborn to toddler. Many parents assume they can move their children up to the next weight group as they grow, but that’s not always the case. In fact, manufacturers recommend keeping your child in the weight group that corresponds to their height and weight. 

So how do you know what group your child falls into? You can find the weight and height requirements on the car seat’s labels and instructions. If you’re still unsure, or if your child has outgrown their current car seat, take them to a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician for a safety check. 

Tips for choosing the right car seat size

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When it comes to choosing the right car seat for your child, there are a lot of factors to consider. You’ll want to ensure that the seat is comfortable for your child, fits well in your car, and is easy to install. Size also definitely matters. You want to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your child so they can be as safe as possible. 

Here are a few tips for choosing the right baby jogger car seat size: 

  • Measure the space in your car where the car seat will go. This will help you to determine which size is best for you. 
  • Check the car seat’s weight and height limits to ensure it’s appropriate for your child. 
  • Think about how long you’ll need to use the car seat. If you’ll only need it for a short time, a smaller option may be best. If you’ll be using it for a longer period of time, a larger car seat may be more comfortable for your child.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine the baby Jogger car seat size to buy?

The first step is to determine what type of car seat you need. Jogger strollers come in two main types: those with a car seat adapter and those without. Please be sure to utilize the car seat adapter guide. If you don’t have a car seat adapter, you’ll need to measure your stroller to find the best baby Jogger car seat size. You’ll need to know the width and depth of your stroller so you can find a car seat that will fit comfortably. 

If you have a car seat adapter, then your car seat will already fit the stroller. 

What strollers are compatible with baby jogger car seat?

Baby Jogger has a variety of strollers that are compatible with their car seat. 

City Mini GT, City Mini, City Elite, Summit X3, and the City Tour L are all strollers that are Baby Jogger car seat compatible. 

The Summit X3 is the perfect option for parents with two children. If you’re not sure if your current stroller is compatible. 

Can a newborn go in a Baby Jogger City Select?

A City Select can hold a newborn if you get the appropriate car seat adapter. 

There are a few different adapters available, so it’s important to double-check which one you need before making your purchase. 

The most popular adapter is the Car Seat Adapter Single for City Select, which can be used with most major car seat brands. If you’re unsure which adapter to get, or if you have any other questions about using a car seat with your City Select, a specialist can help you. 

Is Baby Jogger FAA approved?

Baby Jogger is a well-known brand for baby strollers, and they offer a range of FAA-approved car seats. 

These brand car seats are available in a range of sizes, and they’re all approved for use even on an airplane. So whether you’re traveling across the country or jetting off to another continent, Baby Jogger has you covered. 

The seat features three recline positions and a five-point harness to keep your child safe in the seat. The seat also features a cup holder for your child to use when sitting in the seat, and the seat has a large storage pocket on the back to keep you organized when you are out and about with your child.

How long is the Baby Jogger car seat good for?

The baby jogger car seat is good for babies from birth up to 12 months old. This car seat is good for use until your child reaches 22 pounds or 29 inches tall. This is estimated to be about 12 months in terms of age. 

After that, they need to be in a rear-facing seat until they are at least 2 years old, which is 26 pounds and 27 pounds for girls and boys respectively. For baby jogger car seat size by height , this should be about 33 inches and 34.2  inches for girls and boys respectively.

Remember that the rear-facing position is always advised by the manufacturers and therefore should only be used until your child reaches the weight or height limit, as stated by the Baby Jogger car seat manual. Their manual will also include baby jogger car seat size base installation instructions for the baby jogger car seat. 


Baby Jogger, car seat size is important to consider if you’re looking for a Baby Jogger car seat. There are a few different sizes to choose from, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. You should also consider your child’s age and weight before deciding. Ultimately, the Baby Jogger car seat size that you choose will depend on your individual needs, of course, guided by the critical factors of height and weight. 

Got any questions about this guide? Please feel welcome to ask them in the comments section; we’ll gladly assist.

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