Under Armour Boys’ Size Charts

Under Armour is a famous clothing and footwear store that have to sell some of the best apparel today. Launched was Under Armour’s first collection of athletic underwear (skip straight to the Under Armour Boys’ Size Charts).

Athletes were guaranteed they would never want to wear conventional underwear again since it was designed to stretch, recuperate, remain in place, wick perspiration, and breathe.

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Armour design innovative solutions that address issues and improve boys athletes’ performance, as well as digital health and fitness apps that unite users and boost productivity.

Armour started out in Baltimore, where they now have their global headquarters, and they’ve developed into a multibillion-dollar brand that is produced, distributed, and worn all around the world.

Under Armour is a well-recognised brand when it comes to manufacturing quality boys’ clothing. Many customers have been going for Under Armour apparel rather than their competitors. We can attribute this to the quality of school clothes, and everyday clothing, this company offers to their customers.

Their retail prices are pocket-friendly, thus accommodating many customers. Follow our size chart for a comprehensive review.

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Under Armour Boys’ Size Table of Contents

Under Armour Boys Tops Size Chart

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Chest: Under your arms, at the broadest portion of your chest, wrap the tape measure around your chest until your fingertips touch, then record the measurement.

Waist: Just above your hips, take a measurement around your natural waist. Be careful not to squeeze too firmly and leave some room for movement. Waist height.

SizeChestWaistHeight US sizes
YXS25 – 26 63.5 – 6622 – 23 55.6 – 58.448 – 50 122 – 1277
YS26 – 28 66 – 71.123 – 24 58.4 – 7050 – 54 127 – 1378
YM28 – 30 71.1 – 76.225 – 26 63.5 – 6654 – 59 137 – 14910 – 12
YL30 – 32 76.2 – 81.326 – 27 66 – 68.659 – 63 149 – 16014 – 16
YXL32 – 34 81.3 – 86.428 – 29 71.1 – 73.763 – 67 160 – 17018 – 20

Under Armour Boys’ Bottoms Size Chart

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Waist: Just above your waist hips, take a measurement around your natural waist. Be careful not to squeeze too firmly and leave some room for movement.

Hips: To ensure you have adequate space to move freely, stand with your feet together and measure around your hips at their widest point.

SizeWaistHipHeightUS sizes
XS22 – 23 in 55.6 – 58.4 cm25 – 26 in 64 – 66 cm48 – 50 in 122 – 127 cm7
SM23 – 24 in 58.4 – 70 cm26½ – 28 in 67 – 71 cm50 – 54 in 127 – 137 cm8
MD25 – 26 in 63.5 – 66 cm29 – 30½ in 74 – 77 cm54 – 59 in 137 – 149 cm10 – 12
LG26 – 27 in 66 – 68.6 cm32 – 33½ in 81 – 85 cm59 – 63 in 149 – 160 cm14 – 16
XL28 – 29 in 71.1 – 73.7 cm35 – 36½ in 89 – 93 cm63 – 67 in 160 – 170 cm18 – 20

Under Armour Boys’ headwear size chart

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Head: Measure the diameter of your head where your hat will rest to get your UA-fitted hat size. Use a rope and a ruler to measure if you don’t have a tape measure.

Your perfect UA hat size can be found by finding your measurement on the sizing chart.

OSFA207/8– 223/8 in 53 – 57 cm
S/M207/8– 211/2 in 53 – 55 cm
M/L22 – 23 in 56 – 58 cm
L/XL23 – 241/4 in 59 – 62 cm
XL/XXL241/4– 251/2 in 63 – 65 cm

Under Armour Boys’ Gloves size chart

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Hand: Use the table to determine your best UA glove size after measuring your dominant hand from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. Measure the area of your palm directly beneath your fingers.

sizePalm to finger
YM61/4– 61/2 in 16.5 – 17 cm
YL61/2– 63/4 in 17 – 17.1 cm
YXL63/4 – 7 in 17.1 – 18 cm

Under Armour Boys Socks size chart

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31/8 in 8 cm17.51.52K
31/2 in 9 cm18.52.53K
4 in 10 cm19.53.54K
41/4 in 11 cm214.55K
45/8 in 12 cm225.56K
51/8 in 13 cm23.56.57K
51/2 in 14 cm257.58K
3/4 in 15 cm268.59K
1/4 in 16 cm279.510K
5/8 in 16.5 cm27.51010.5K
3/4 in 17 cm2810.511K
7 in 17.5 cm291111.5K
71/4 in 18 cm29.511.512K
1/3 in 18.5 cm301212.5K
5/8 in 193112.513K
3/4 in 20 cm3213.51
8 in 20.5 cm3311.5
1/4 in 21 cm33.51.52
1/3 in 21.5 cm3422.5
5/8 in 22 cm352.53
3/4 in 22.5 cm35.533.5
9 in 23 cm363.54
1/4  in 23.5 cm36.544.5
1/4 in 23.5 cm37.54.55
1/2 in 24 cm3855.5
1/2 in 25 cm38.55.56
5/8 in 25.5 cm3966.5
3/4 in 26 cm4067

Under Armour Boys’ Footwear Size Chart

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To determine your boy’s foot size, carefully draw his entire foot onto some paper and take a measurement from heel to toe. We advise you to size up if the kid’s measurement falls within the chart figures’ range.

While tracing, make sure his foot is receiving his entire weight. Chest waist hips.

31/8 in8 cm1.517.52K
3. 5 in9 cm2.518.53K
4 in10 cm3.519.54K
4.25 in11 cm4.5215K
45/8 in12 cm5.5226K
51/8 in13 cm6.523.57K
1/2 in14 cm7.5258K
3/4 in15 cm8.5269K
1/4 in16 cm9.52710K
5/8 in16.5 cm1027.510.5K
3/4 in17 cm10.52811K
7 in17.5 cm112911.5K
7.25 in18 cm11.529.512K
1/3 in18.5 cm123012.5K
5/8 in19 cm12.53113K
3/4 in20 cm13.5321
8 in20.5 cm1331.5
8.25 in21 cm1.533.52
1/3 in21.5 cm2342.5
5/8 in22 cm2.5353
8.75 in22.5 cm335.53.5
9 in23 cm3.5364
9.25 in23.5 cm436.54.5
9.25 in23.5 cm4.537.55
9.5 in24.55385.5
9.5 in24.5 cm5.538.56
5/8 in25.5 cm6396.5
9.75 in26 cm6407

How to choose the right Under Armour Boy’s size

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Although we adore our boys, they have a destructive streak. How then do you outfit a boy in affordable clothing? Boys’ clothing can be more expensive to buy than girls, and they go through and ruin their stuff more quickly.

Making clothing choices for boys now might save you time and money later on!

Here are five things to consider when choosing the right Under Armour Boys clothing size;

Be practical and original

Nothing is more annoying than noticing every child wearing the same dull clothes. Stores are bursting with adorable little dresses for girls, but nothing is suitable for your boy, as every boy’s mother will attest.

These clothes can be found in Under Armour stores. You’re likely to see other boys wearing the same t-shirt at a park, a school, or a daycare facility. What can you then do?

These things from Under Armour stores are frequently cheaply constructed and intended to be thrown away, and they seldom last until your son outgrows them. Not good if you have over one male or if they need to be replaced sooner!

Spend A Little More on Good Quality

Not everything is about style! Select clothing with substance as well. Well-made Armour clothing is stitched carefully, durable enough to hold up through multiple washes, and comfortable for daily activity.

For active small boys who enjoy getting dirty, choose deeper colours, and for boys who enjoy rough play, choose extra fabrics. These retail for a premium price in your neighbourhood designer children’s boutique, so compare prices online.

Look for Under Armour logo graphic brands since this brand emphasises high-quality design and manufacturing.

Choose Under Armour Boy’s Clothes With Natural Fabrics

Search for natural or natural/synthetic mixtures of fibres. Cotton and other natural fibres will last longer and feel more comfortable. Wearing irritating, scratchy clothing is the worst.

Additionally fire resistant, natural fabrics are essential, especially for boys’ pyjamas. Choose natural fibres to protect your child if you’re purchasing from abroad because fire safety regulations differ nationwide.

A blend of 75% cotton and 25% polyester will increase the lifespan of your goods and eliminate the need for ironing.

Buy bigger Under Armour Clothing since boys Grow fast

You want your boys to wear the high-quality Under Armour boys’ clothing you buy for them for as long as possible. Purchasing a larger size is a simple fix.

Even though the clothing may appear a little baggy initially, kids will actually grow into them. Boys’ clothing they can use throughout more than one season is worth the additional cost!

The best Under Armour boy’s size for you

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The best way to find a perfect fit for any boy is to have him try on every piece of clothing. Since Under Armour has its own sizing specifications, there will be significant differences between each.

Check the size recommendations for the brands you buy to discover the best fit for your boy. Keep in mind the brands and producers that your son enjoys wearing. You don’t have to worry about the size issue when you buy without him.

Remember that children’s sizes are based on projected growth. When trying on is not an option, measure your boy accurately and compare those measures to the size chart provided by the maker. Choose the larger choice if you’re uncertain about the size.

Finding the Right Size

Boys will feel most at ease and confident when dressed in clothes that are tailored to their individual body types and lifestyle requirements.

Understanding clothing sizes will help you choose the best boys’ clothes, from formal wear to casual and sporty attire.

Learn more about specific Under Armour Sizing for Boys

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are UA sizes run true to size?

UnderArmour prefers its footwear and apparel to run on the small, snug side. If you prefer a roomier fit, order a larger size.

Additionally, if you are ordering for a person with a wide chest, be aware that their tighter fit may be restricting.

2. What size is 14 in under Armour?

31.5 – 33.5 inches

3. Did under Armour change their youth sizes?


4. What size is UA youth medium?

chest 28.5 – 30 inches and Hips 30 – 32 inches

5. What UA size is a 10-year-old boy?

A 10-year-old boy’s weight typically ranges from 40 to 90 pounds. He stands between 50 and 58 inches tall. A boy should weigh between 100 and 160 lbs. at age 15. He typically stands 61 to 72 inches tall.

6. Do boys under Armour run small?

Clothing from Under Armour is made to fit closely to the body.

7. What is UA size 8 in youth?

26 – 27 inches


Boys should feel comfortable wearing every Under Armour purchase. The Under Armour should fit your boy correctly, whether practising in the gym or playing hockey on the field. Despite their characteristically tight fitting, the Armour should not restrict movement.

A decent under Armour should have multiple uses. This implies that Under Armour should allow you to wear the clothing outside the gym or field comfortably. A good Under Armour also functions admirably as stylish leisure apparel.

A decent price on Under Armour includes a backpack, shoes, and complete training attire. This is crucial when purchasing a specific design, and most online retailers offer under Armour coupon codes that could help you save a little extra cash.

All these aspects should be incorporated into the design of the greatest athletic clothing and armour. Although these features may cost a bit more, they will provide comfort and long-lasting use.

We hope our Under Armour Boy size chart was helpful when shopping for your boy. In case of any questions, leave them in the comment section we will gladly respond.

Picture in this post is from UnderArmour.com

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