UA Shoe Size Charts: Adults and Kids

UA is a fashion company famous for its sportswear items. The brand manufactures exclusive designs from underwear to sneakers, helping sportspeople progress in their training (skip straight to the UA Shoe size charts).

Whether you prefer plain colours or popping shades, Under Armour got you covered with a wide range of shoes. Moreover, it provides you with different sizes on product details and fit recommendations to ensure you obtain your true foot measurements.

To make your shoe search easy and less time-consuming, it categorizes the charts into Under Armour Men’s shoe size chart, women’s, boys’, and girls’ size details.

UA Shoe Size Charts: Adults and Kids
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Why do I need the correct shoe size?

The right shoe size supports the entire foot, protecting you during training. It also meets various training styles’ requirements, helping you make progress without much difficulty.

With the right UA shoe size, you can enjoy superior features such as locked-down midfoot construction and synthetic upper construction for extra support and comfort during your training.

So, if you are looking for a solid training shoe with all-around better construction than your previous purchase, below are size guides to help you make a great buy!

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UA Shoes Size Charts Table of Contents

UA Shoe Size Chart

UA Men Shoe Size Chart

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764025 cm 9.84 in
40½25.5 cm 10.04 in
874126 cm 10.24 in
4226.5 cm 10.43 in
9842½27 cm 10.63 in
4327.5 cm 10.83 in
1094428 cm 11.02 in
10½44½28.5 cm 11.22 in
11104529 cm 11.42 in
11½10½45½29.5 cm 11.61 in
12114630 cm 11.81 in
12½11½4730.5 cm 12.01 in
131247½31 cm 12.2 in
13½12½4831.5 cm 12.4 in
141348½32 cm 12.6 in
14½13½4932.5 cm 12.8 in
151449½33 cm 12.99 in
15½14½5033.5 cm 13.19 in
161550½34 cm 13.39 in

UA Women Shoe Size Chart

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535½22 cm 8.66 in
33622.5 cm 8.86 in
636½23 cm 9.06 in
437½23.5 cm 9.25 in
73824 cm 9.45 in
538½24.5 cm 9.65 in
83925 cm 9.84 in
64025.5 cm 10.04 in
940½26 cm 10.24 in
74126.5 cm 10.43 in
104227 cm 10.63 in
10½842½27.5 cm 10.83 in
11.08 ½4328 cm 11.0 in
11 ½94428.5 cm 11.2 in
129 ½44 ½29 cm 11.42 in

Underarmour Kid’s Shoe Size Chart

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US sizeUK sizeEuro sizeMeasurements
5T4.5214.25 in 11 cm
6T5.5224.62 in 12 cm
7T6.523.55.12 in 13 cm
8T7.5255.5 in 14 cm
9T8.5265.75 in 15 cm
10T9.5276.25 in 16 cm
10.5T1027.56.62 in 16.5 cm
11T10.5286.75 in 17 cm
11.5T11297 in 17.5 cm
12T11.529.57.25 in 18 cm
12.5T12307.33 in 18.5 cm
13T12.5317.62 in 19 cm
113.5327.75 in 20 cm
1.51338 in 20.5 cm
21.533.58.25 in 21 cm
2.52348.33 in 21.5 cm
32.5358.62 in 22 cm
3.5335.58.75 in 22.5 cm
43.5369 in 23 cm
4.5436.59.25 in 23.5 cm
54.537.59.25 in 24 cm
5.55389.5 in 24.5 cm
65.538.59.5 in 25 cm
6.56399.62 in 25.5 cm
76409.75 in 26 cm

UA Babys’ and Toddlers’ Shoe Size Chart

US SizeMeasurementsUA EU SizeUA UK size
2K3⅛ in 8 cm17.51.5
3K3½ in 9 cm18.52.5
4K4 in 10 cm19.53.5
5K4¼ in 11 cm214.5
6K4⅝ in 12 cm225.5
7K5⅛ in 13 cm23.56.5
8K5½ in 14 cm257.5
9K5¾ in 15 cm268.5
10K6¼ in 16 cm279.5

4 to 7 yrs Kids Shoe Size Chart

US SizeMeasurementsUA EU sizeUA UK size
10.5K6⅝ in 16.5 cm27.510
11K6¾ in 17 cm2810.5
11.5K7 in 17.5 cm2911
12K7¼ in 18 cm29.511.5
12.5K7⅓ in 18.5 cm3012
13K7⅝ in 19 cm3112.5
17¾ in 20 cm3213.5
1.58 in 20.5 cm331
28¼ in 21 cm33.51.5
2.58⅓ in 21.5 cm342
38⅝ in 22 cm352.5

8 – 16 Years Shoe Size Chart

US SizeMeasurementsUA / EU SizeUA / UK Size
3.58¾ in 22.5 cm35.53
49 in 23 cm363.5
4.59¼ in 23.5 cm36.54
59¼ in 24 cm37.54.5
5.59½ in 24.5 cm385
69½ in 25 cm38.55.5
6.59⅝ in 25.5 cm396
79¾ in 26cm406

How To Choose the Right UA Shoe Size

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So, you walk into an Under Armour store and encounter so much all-around training getting overwhelmed by the choices on the shelf. Don’t be anxious, as this happens to many customers, especially if it’s your first online purchase.

Here are a few factors that will help you get the best shoe for your versatile training needs:

1. What Is Your Foot Measurement?

Knowing your foot measurement is the initial step towards finding a perfect fit for your UA shoes. This will enable you to interpret the official brand size charts, providing you with the correct shoe size.

Whether you plan to attend athletic-focused training or single-leg training, here are steps towards figuring out your foot measurement:

Step 1. Trace Your Foot on a Piece of paper

To find your actual foot size,

  • Pick a plain piece of paper and place it on even ground.
  • Test whether the piece of paper can accommodate your entire foot. If not, take two pieces of paper, position them such that one overlaps the other, and tape them together.
  • Position your foot on the new piece while ensuring you place all the weight on it.
  • Trace the foot while maintaining your pen or pencils at a 90-degree angle.

Step 2. Measure the Foot Length

  • To measure the foot length, place the tape measure at the back of the leg drawing and stretch it to the big toe’s tip.
  • Mark the endpoint; this is the length measurement.
  • To find an accurate unit, repeat step 1 and 2 twice.

Step 3. Find the Foot Width

  • To obtain the foot width, place the tape measure on the widest part of the foot drawing.
  • Then mark the endpoint to get the foot width measurement.
  • Getting an accurate width measurement demands you repeat step 3 twice.

2. Affordability

Every individual has a unique budget plan according to their financial demands. That’s why it’s necessary to find an Under Armour shoe that matches your budget requirements. The great thing is that Under Armour offers you a wide variety of versatile shoes at different prices.

Again, don’t forget to check the shipping prices and delivery service charges. This way, you will plan for the total cost to avoid delays and financial strains. Consequently, receiving your pair of shoes on time ensures you enjoy your training.

3. Construction

Depending on your style of training, you need a UA pair of shoes that meets all your needs and offers you enough support to perform different techniques. Under Armour boasts the biggest construction features as it integrates consistent construction elements such as breathability, locked-down midfoot construction, and synthetic material.

This way, it provides you with different footwear product options to ensure you are comfortable and at your optimum performance. Hence, it’s vital for you to consult anytime you plan to purchase an individual product that meets your needs.

4. Long-Term Durability

Purchasing pairs of shoes regularly can be frustrating. That’s why the long-term durability concern is high for most prospective customers. It may mean parting with more cash and delays.

Fortunately, Under Armour offers you top- quality footwear for all your daily needs. Whether you need a morning run sneaker or casual footwear for your outdoor event, you can be assured of a great workout time (several months of training) without worrying about unexpected issues.

5. Flexibility

How flexible is the Under Armour shoe?

Is it light enough for my training styles?

Your UA shoe of choice should provide a balance of flexibility and construction to ensure you have enough support and maximum output. And suppose you feel uncertain about the style of shoe construction, don’t hesitate to ask the customer support team to expound on the different construction traits.

This will help you choose a well-thought-out construction for your feet and training styles. If you are looking for a special shoe, you may want to order an accustomed street shoe size!

6. Function

What’s the function of the shoe? Do you plan to get a matching family outfit for a future event or do you need a training shoe?

Depending on the function of the shoe, you can check different features such as lightweight, breathability, extra cushioning, and consistent construction traits that match your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do UA shoes run small?

Under Armour, shoes run true to size. So, if you prefer a more relaxed feel on your feet, you may need to go a half or one size larger.

How do UA shoes fit?

UA shoes fit snugly; however, if you like more roomier footwear you can explore the wider options. You can also find narrower shoes.

How are UA shoe sizes compared with Nike?

Nike footwear runs small compared to Under Armour shoes.

How wide are UA shoes?

Under Armour offers you different width options to ensure you are comfortable. Whether you prefer narrower, average or wider shoes, the brand got you covered with all these options.

What’s size 40 in UA shoes?

Size 40 UA is equivalent to Men US size 7, and UK size 6, which translates to 25 cm in length or 9.84 inches. On women’s footwear, it stands for US size 8.5 and UK size 6, equal to 25.5 cm or 10.04 in. 


Searching for an accurate UA shoe size for you or your loved one can be an uphill struggle, especially if you are not familiar with the official Under Armour size charts. Thanks to the size guide help you obtain your foot measurement and compare the figures on the tables.

This way, you can identify a fitting shoe size with the right ergonomics or construction. You are also able to find a shoe price that matches your budget plan with much ease. And suppose you get stuck interpreting the product details, our professionals can help you.

All you need to do is drop your question in the comments below and we will get back to you with precise details!

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