Heelys Size Chart

Since Heelys doesn’t always use similar sizes for shoes, Heelys charts are provided to help you choose the correct size for your sneakers. As reviewed earlier, the charts present all sizes in three standards; American, English, and European, and fundamental measurements in inches, millimeters, and centimeters (skip straight to the Heelys Size Chart).

However, before you refer to the Heelys size charts, you need to measure the length of your foot first to get the proportional size. After that, contrast your measurements with the size chart to get the correct size for your shoe. We always recommend that you buy Heelys shoes of a higher size than your current shoe size.

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Now, why is a good Heelys size chart important? When shopping for Heelys online, you may experience difficulty choosing the correct shoe size. Getting a good Heelys shoe size is very important to us, as it indicates customer satisfaction. We ensure that you understand our comprehensive size charts regardless of where you come from. With our standard universal size charts, you can now purchase your favorite Heelys shoes with confidence as the risk of buying the wrong size of shoes is minimal. 

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Heelys Size Chart Table of Contents

Heelys size chart

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You can work out the sizing you require for Heelys, by evaluating the length of the inner sole of a current pair of sneakers. In case you are not able to take out your shoe’s inner sole, carry out foot tracing. You can watch a video on foot tracing. Compare it with the size chart provided below.

Heelys size chart for youth

12C 113017
13C 123118
1 133219
2 13320
3 23421

Heelys size chart for Men’s/Unisex

10 94328
11 1044.529
12 1145.530

Heelys men’s shoe sizes

This Heelys size chart is comprised of an extensive section, focusing on men’s shoe sizes only. The chart incorporates all three standards to accommodate customers interested in purchasing Heelys shoes from any country.


Heelys women’s shoe sizes

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Heelys size charts are indiscriminative against any client. Below is an extensive size chart specifically for ladies, to which they can refer when purchasing their desired Heelys footwear based on American, English, and European measurement standards. This is to ensure that there are no challenges whatsoever with comprehending the datasheet.


Heelys shoe sizes for youth

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As we all are aware, young people are the biggest customer bases, which is why we have prepared a size comparisons datasheet just for them. This allows them to review the size guide to determine the correct size.


Heelys size guide

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12 Kids133118 cm
13 Kids13219 cm
1 Kids23320 cm
2 Kids33421 cm
3 Kids43522 cm
4 Kids536.523 cm
5 Kids63824 cm
6 Adult73925 cm
7 Adult840.526 cm
8 Adult94227 cm
9 Adult104328 cm
10 Adult1144.529 cm
11 Adult1245.530 cm

Heelys official size conversion charts

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We recommend that you utilize the official size conversion charts provided below, for a better shopping experience.

Heelys shoe size conversion chart for men

7M6399.75 inches 25 cm 250 mm
8M740.510.25 inches 26 cm 260 mm
9M84210.75 inches 27 cm 270 mm
10M94311.00 inches 28 cm 280 mm
11M1044.511.50 inches 29 cm 290 mm
12M1145.511.75 inches 30 cm 300 mm
13M1247.512.25 inches 31 cm 310 mm
14M1348.512.50 inches 32 cm 320 mm
15M1449.513.00 inches 33 cm 330 mm

Heelys shoe size conversion chart for women

5W3358.75 inches 22 cm 220 mm
6W436.59.00 inches 23 cm 230 mm
7W5389.50 inches 24 cm 240 mm
8W6399.75 inches 25 cm 250 mm
9W740.510.25 inches 26 cm 260 mm
10W84210.75 inches 27 cm 270 mm
11W94311.00 inches 28 cm 280 mm

Heelys shoe size conversion chart for youth

12Y11306.75 inches 17 cm 170 mm
13Y12317.00 inches 18 cm 180 mm
1Y13327.50 inches 19 cm 190 mm
2Y1337.75 inches 20 cm 200 mm
3Y2348.25 inches 21 cm 210 mm
4Y3358.75 inches 22 cm 220 mm
5Y436.59.00 inches 23 cm 230 mm
6Y5389.50 inches 24 cm 240 mm
7Y6399.75 inches 25 cm 250 mm
8Y740.510.25 inches 26 cm 260 mm

How to pick an ideal Heelys shoe size for you

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The best Heelys size for you

Shopping for Heelys shoes can sometimes be complex and puzzling, especially for amateur customers. Heelys shoes are made one size shorter than the normal shoe size. Therefore, you should always select a size larger, exceeding your current shoe size. 

Even so, when it comes to smaller kid’s sized shoes, sizing is very distinct. This means that you should go for the Heelys shoes two sizes higher. 

How do I measure my feet for Heelys?

How do you know your Heelys shoe size though? Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can measure your feet size. 

  • Step 1

Tape a blank piece of paper to the floor, then stand up straight on it with your heel against the wall. 

  • Step 2

Have someone make a blot on the longest part of your foot (also called the heel-to-toe) on the paper. You can even measure yourself if need be. Since the right and left sizes differ, repeat this step for the other foot.

  • Step 3

All you have to do now is to measure the foot length using a ruler.

Difference between the four Heely models

To get a clear understanding of the function used for Heelys, look at the following differences;

  • One-wheel Heelys 

One-wheel Heelys are ideal for people whose sense of balance is excellent. They are uncomplicated in turning and are most people’s favorite for fast movement.

  • Double-wheel Heelys

Double-wheel Heelys on the other hand provides better balance.

  • Grind plates

These are included only in some Heelys. They let the customer slide along rails and curbs. However, these kinds of Heelys are preferred by extreme riders. 

  • Wheel Type

Most wheels are called FATS wheels. They represent the standard Heely wheel. 

Learn more about Heelys shoe size and more (Video)

Heelys – How to Heely by Heelys Europe

Frequently asked questions

Are Heelys shoes true to size?

All Heelys models are Whole sizes exclusively and medium width. For this reason, we recommend you select the larger size in case you are torn between sizes since they normally run true to marginally small. Please refer to our Heelys size charts when determining the best size for you.

Does Heelys run big?

We wouldn’t say that Heelys run small or big as they are a bit small if you have a wide foot, and a little big if your foot is narrow. That is why you should consider your feet size before you make a Heelys shoe purchase, to make sure they fit properly.

Is Heelys sizes the same as regular shoes?

Heelys make their shoe sizes one size shorter than the normal shoe size, meaning you should always select Heelys shoes two times higher. For instance, if your feet size is 3, select size 4. 

Additionally, Heelys doesn’t make shoes of half sizes. In case you are a half-size, we recommend that you go for a shoe one and a half higher than your regular shoe size.

What’s size 6Y in Heelys?

The US standard youth sizes range for the Heelys shoe are 12Y, 13Y, 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 5Y, 6Y, 7Y, and 8Y respectively. Size 6Y in Heelys is meant for youths whose shoe sizes are 6.

What’s size 8M in Heelys?

This refers to the US standard of Heelys men’s shoe size 8.

How do I know the proper size of the wheel and plugs sizes for my Heelys shoes?

If you take a look inside the empty wheel cavity, you will discover the type and size of the wheel for your shoe inscribed in the wheel cavity. However, some inscribes show a size (Large, Medium, or Small) only, which means you have to use the FATS style.

What Heelys are best for beginners?

 Heelys X2 Dual wheel shoes are specifically designed for amateurs. The double-wheel shoes give more balance, making it easier to learn how to use Heelys. Once you get the hang of them, you can proceed to remove the front wheel.


To wrap it up, shopping for footwear can be complicated for customers, especially amateurs. No one wants to struggle when purchasing shoes and then, later on, realize that the shoes are either too big or small to fit them. We all deserve transparency on the shoe sizes and measurements before buying. 

To make everything hassle-free for you, refer to the Heelys youth and adult sizes charts provided. You just have to measure your feet’ size and then juxtapose the measurements, in inches, centimeters, or millimeters, with the data provided on the Heelys size charts. The sizes available are given in American, European, and English universal standards. 

Sometimes, your feet size measurements may not correspond with the exact figures provided in the charts. That’s not abnormal. You just need to keep in mind that Heelys does not produce shoes of sizes similar to regular shoes. Therefore, you should always select a size larger than your current shoe size.

If you enjoyed reading our article, kindly share it with others. In case of any questions, please leave them in the comments section. Thank you.

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