Oakley Boots Size Charts: Men, Women

Since releasing its first pair of boots, Oakley has established a reputation as one of the best performance footwear manufacturers in the world (skip straight to the Oakley Boots Size Charts).

The California-based company is renowned today as a pioneer in innovative footwear and is adored by elite militaries for its ground-breaking engineering, diverse range of styles, and unmatched boot technology.

The range of Oakley’s footwear products includes anything from standard eyewear to polarized sunglasses made for certain outdoor activities like cycling and fishing.

Oakley Boots Size Charts: Men, Women size-charts.com
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Oakley also creates a variety of boots with its own technology tailored to a wide range of customers. Oakley Field Assault Boots, Oakley Waterproof Boots, Oakley Black Boots, Oakley Light Assault Boots, and Oakley Hiking Boots are a few of the most comfortable boots they sell.

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You’ll be relieved to learn that even a pair of used Oakley boots can be a better investment than a brand-new pair of boots made by a rival if you’re trying to buy Oakley on a tight budget. Oakley’s products are designed to perform well even after years of use in harsh environments.

You can choose the greatest pair of Oakley boots by learning more from our comprehensive size chart below.

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Oakley Boots Size Table of Contents

Oakley Men’s Boots Size Chart

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Oakley Men’s SizeUS Men’s SizeUK SizeFoot Length
4.554.59 in 22.86 cm
55.559.2 in 23.36 cm
5.565.59.3 in 23.86 cm
66.569.5 in 24.13 cm
6.576.59.6 in 24.38 cm
77.579.8 in 24.89 cm
7.587.510 in 25.4 cm
88.5810.1 in 25.65 cm
8.598.510.3 in 26.16 cm
99.5910.5 in 26.67 cm
9.5109.510.6 in 26.92 cm
1010.51010.8 in 27.43 cm
10.51110.511 in 27.94 cm
1111.51111.1 in 28.19 cm
11.51211.511.3 in 28.7 cm
1212.51211.5 in 29.21 cm
12.51312.511.6 in 29.97 cm
1313.51311.8 in 29.97 cm
13.51413.512 in 30.48 cm

Oakley Women’s Boots Size Chart

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Oakley Women’s SizeUS Women’s SizeUK SizeFoot Length
1.531.58 in 20.32 cm
23.528.2 in 20.82 cm
2.542.58.3 in 21.08 cm
34.538.5 in 21.59 cm
3.553.58.7 in 22.09 cm
45.548.8 in 22.35 cm
4.564.59 in 22.86 cm
56.559.2 in 23.36 cm
5.575.59.3 in 23.62 cm
67.569.5 in 24.13 cm
6.586.59.6 in 24.38 cm
78.579.8 in 24.89 cm
7.597.510 in 25.4 cm
89.5810.1 in 25.65 cm
8.5108.510.3 in 26.16 cm
910.5910.5 in 26.67 cm
9.5119.510.6 in 26.92 cm
1011.51010.8 in 27.43 cm
10.51210.511 in 27.94 cm
1112.51111.1 in 28.19 cm
11.51311.511.3 in 28.7 cm
1213.51211.5 in 29.21 cm
12.51412.511.6 in 29.46 cm
1314.51311.8 in 29.97 cm
13.51513.512 in 30.48 cm

How to choose the right Oakley boots size

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Choosing the right Oakley boots size is an important factor. You should know you right size to get the next-level comfort when wearing your Oakley boots.

These tactical boots have proved to be nice boots when you get the right size. Either heavier boots or heavyweight boots, the right size is important.

Of these Oakley boots you can choose your boots to include:

Oakley Field Assault Boots

These fantastic boots have the following outstanding features; AR670-1 compliant, 1000D Cordura/Suede upper, Vibram rubber outsole, Injection polyurethane midsole, Molded EVA insert, Braided nylon laces, Lace-lock system, 8inch stack height.

Oakley Light Assault Boots

These excellent boots have an 8-inch height, 14-ounce weight (per boot), Flesh-out bovine leather and 1,000 deniers Cordura upper, Metal speed loops with anti-IR exterior coating, Lace lock system, Braided nylon laces, Air vents on the instep, lightweight boots, and a Slip-resistant rubber outsole. They are official duty boots.

Oakley Hiking Boots

While delivering luxurious shock absorption, the EVA midsole, and outsole flow naturally with your foot. The lightweight Cordura and breathable synthetic upper provide long-lasting, ventilated comfort.

This military assault boot is made to withstand any adventure and is finished with tough nylon laces.

Check out this Oakley Boots Review (video)

Oakley Light Assault Boot 2 Review (Oakley Military Boots Review) by Ultimate Survival Gear

Tips For Getting The Best Fit

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A good fit is the most important factor in choosing the ideal military boots. If your boots fit properly, you can avoid many foot issues. Here are some pointers to help you make sure your new boots fit well and last a long time.

1. Wear Boot Socks

You should always wear boot socks with your boots for the best fit and most comfort. Boot socks are thicker and offer more heel and toe padding than athletic socks. This will ensure the most comfortable fit and lessen the possibility of hotspots or blisters forming.

Choosing a pair of boot socks with moisture wicking or moisture dissipation will be especially beneficial when it’s hot outside, or you’re exercising.

Remember that you want to keep your feet dry and comfy besides having boots that fit properly.

2. Ensure You Have Adequate Toe Room

The front of the boots should have just enough area for your toes to move. The general rule of thumb is to have about a finger’s width behind your heel as you slip your feet all the way to the front of the boot.

This is done to ensure your toes have enough space and provide extra toe room as your feet will swell throughout the day.

3. Ensure Your Heel is Secure

With room for your toes, your feet should be snug in the forefoot, ankle, and heel. Your boots in the width department should feel a touch snug (but not tight!).

While walking, your heel should remain in place and not budge (which can cause blisters). Try adjusting the laces at various locations on the boot to achieve the ideal fit in order to improve fit.

4. Walk Around In Your Boots

Try wearing your boots on the carpet if you need to return or exchange them. Observe how the boot bends as you move about.

Keep an eye out for any hotspots or rubbing. If you experience any of these hotspots immediately away, they will probably worsen over time and result in blistering.

The feet of each person are unique. What may be cozy and suitable for your friend may not be suitable for you. Although there might be a brief “break-in” phase, they will probably stay that way if the boots are uncomfortable right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Oakley boots true to size?

Yes. Oakley boots are true to their sizes.

2. How do I know what size my Oakleys are?

Use our size chart to guide you on getting the right Oakley boot size.

3. Does Oakley run small?

The Oakley combat boots run small.

4. Are Oakley boots waterproof?

These functional boots are not waterproof.

5. Should Oakley boots be tight?

Speed loops are practical, but they can work against tight-fitting boots because the rugged nylon laces slide through them too quickly as the wearer moves.

6. Are Oakley boots good for hiking?

Light boots are ideal for hiking. This model has a high top to prevent injury while walking on unsteady outdoor routes. Its design also encourages airflow, which keeps your skin dry and fresh.

7. Are Oakley boots good for rucking?

The Oakley Light Assault boot is a sturdy and comfortable pair of high-top, lightweight tactical boots that are suitable for rucking.


Oakley boots have become the boot of choice for many people in the boot industry. This is because they offer high-quality products, mostly for their boots.

Oakley also offers other variety pairs of shoes which have a comfort package, such as casual shoes or office shoes.

Leave a comment in the comment section. Thank you for reading our article, and I hope it was helpful when purchasing your Oakley boots.

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