Musto Size Charts for Men and Women

The advantages of wearing the right size Musto are written all over the shoes themselves. They were made to fit and conform to specific shapes, buying a size larger or smaller without consulting a size chart might completely ruin the shoe experience (skip straight to the Musto Size Charts).

Musto’s ultimate performance footwear is a line in which each model is an excellent product. Their shoes designed for wet surfaces include sailing boots, deck shoes, and boat shoes.

Musto Size Charts for Men and Women
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These shoes have an exceptional grip on wet surfaces and are not tough on the feet, especially with their directional outsole grip on any clean surface.

Musto’s shoes are a popular perfect product wherever you see fishing products.

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Musto Size Charts Table of Contents

Musto Footwear Size Chart For Men

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Musto performance running shoes are breathable footwear that is made with a layer of synthetic mesh. Most Musto sneakers also follow this “breathing” design.

Apart from the mesh, they all also come with anti-microbial protection and TPU overlays – heel counter shock absorption. The shoes are comfortable to wear and give room to the feet.

Some people, therefore, make the mistake of actually buying a smaller size than they should. They do so with the belief that the shoe will get comfortable with time. Don’t be that guy! Your shoes should be comfortable right from the start.

You don’t have to put them in direct sunlight once you buy them in hopes that they “warm up” to your feet. Just measure the length of your feet and check the chart below.

USUKEUFoot (Inches)Foot (Cm)

Musto Footwear Size Chart For Women

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To achieve that luxury footwear care and day-long comfort, Musto women’s shoes use a single-layer mesh construction midsole for shock absorption. Most models have an EVA footbed and lateral support – EVA midsole.

If you get the size right, you will enjoy your shoes for some time.

USUKEUFoot (Inches)Foot (Cm)

Check out this video to see Musto’s clothing review

MUSTO 3 Layer System by Musto Clothing

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is women’s L in Musto footwear?

Musto women’s footwear doesn’t come with the lettered sizing scheme, however, women’s footwear marked size L is about equivalent to US sizes 9 to 10.

This corresponds with UK sizes 7 to 8 and EU sizes 40 to 42.

Is Musto true to size?

Based on customer reviews, yes, they are. The reviews make it clear that there will be changes in individual foot shape and therefore in individual experience.

Does Musto run big?

If we consider reviews with a review focus on additional comfort based on anatomical comfort fit (shoes that adapt to the shape of the feet that wears them), then we will have to conclude that Musto runs big.

What is size L in Musto?

Based on the product description, women’s shoe size L is similar to US sizes 9 to 10, while men’s shoe size L is akin to US sizes 11.5 to 14.

This translates to UK sizes of 7 to 8 for women and UK sizes of 11 to 13 for men.

Are Musto sailing shoes wide? 

Yes, they are. The shoes have to provide excellent shock absorption and be lightweight enough even when in regular contact with fresh water. They also need the wide sole so as to better hold on the ground.

Musto nautic speed shoes and Musto nautic zephyr shoes are wide on the outside but just the right size on the inside.

How big are Musto junior sizes?

Based on the original shape of their comfortable deck shoes, Musto doesn’t have a “size junior” and most size guides won’t have a children’s scale.

However, the impeccable shoes have a design that is friendly and their smallest sized and lightest weight shoes have proved to be a good fit for older children bordering on adolescence.

Can both genders wear the same size of Musto shoes?

Musto sizes are NOT uniform for both genders but what makes their product special is that you can adapt a size of one gender to the other.

Musto sizes length is based on foot length and some sizes overlap. For instance, US size 5 for men is good enough for a woman who wears US size 6.5, such a woman can wear it without worry.


Unlike clothing items, shoe products have a poor guarantee for products fit without a hiccup. Standing on a solid non-slip surface, use a tape measure to find the length of both of your feet and use the longer foot as your fitting foot.

Musto has a great reputation and you won’t regret your decision. Before you go shopping, please share this article and leave a comment behind.

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