Helly Hansen Shoes Size: Men, Women, Kids

All of Helly Hansen’s measurements depicted here are about a foot in length. Helly is one of the manufacturers of the safest footwear for outdoor activities. Some of their products make for a very durable work boot (skip straight to the Helly Hansen Shoes Size Charts).

The wrong size is just painful to buy. The physical pain of the feet, the emotional pain of regretting picking a better size, and the social pain of being unable to wear the footwear to desired places. The list goes on.

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Luckily, here is a size guide to help with the size dilemma.

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Helly Hansen Shoes Table of Contents

Helly Hansen Shoe Size Chart For Kids

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HH shoes for kids are made with high quality materials that end up making the shoe durable and cost-effective. Most of their shoes come with a concept referred to as Helly tech protection.

This “tech” provides protection against rain, dust, heat, cold, and microbes. Enough talk, let’s check out the sizes.

USUKEUFoot (Inch)Foot (Cm)
Y32338.5 21.6

Helly Hansen Shoe Size Chart For Women

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The first thing you notice about a HH shoe size guide for women is that it has a few sizes. The sizes may be few, but they are true.

USUKEUFoot (Inch)Foot (Cm)
1084210.2 25.9

Helly Hansen Shoe Size Chart For Men

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Helly Hansen men sizes are also few. The short size range is so as to keep the quality high.

USUKEUFoot (Inch)Foot (Cm)

Learn more about Helly Hansen footwear (Video)

Helly Hansen Footwear Tech by Netrail Holding

Frequently Asked Questions

Which HH size should I buy?

Keep your feet in a relaxed position and each foot flat on a sheet of paper, you can measure your size in inches or centimeters.

Using your measurements, go through the size charts here on using an online shoe size calculator to estimate your size. If your measurement falls between two sizes, pick the larger one.

Should I size up for kids’ shoes?

No, you shouldn’t. Many people buy a size larger for their kids because they expect that the kid’s feet will later get larger and fill in the excess space. This is super wrong.

The manufacturer has also factored in the growth when designing the shoe, therefore you don’t have to worry and get the wrong size.

What size is a 12 in HH?

Based on the regular product description, US size 12 is the largest adult size for most of the models of HH shoes. This particular size is made for a foot that is 11.25 inches (28.6 cm) long. 

What is the most common HH shoe size?

For kids, the most common size is US size 11. For women, the most common is US size 9 and for men, it is US size 11. Refer to the charts above for size conversion.

Needless to say, each of the sizes is not exclusive. Every model is available in a range of sizes, these sizes mentioned are just the ones that have been ordered a lot.

Do HH shoes run big or small?

Standard sizes of HH shoes have been known to be roomy. However, if we consider the product weight of each shoe model, one wouldn’t be so fat as to say that they run big. They run properly and fit true to size.

How well do Helly Hansen’s shoes fit?

Sustainable products of each HH shoe are known to latch onto the upper foot. Your toes should not be poking against the tip of the shoes, at the same time you should not be able to freely wiggle the toes inside the shoes.

The first scenario is an example of a tight undersize while the second is of a wide oversize. 

Can I resize Helly Hansen shoes ?

Yes, but you shouldn’t. Any shoe can be resized to half a size or one size larger. Resizing a shoe wears out the walls and floors of the shoe and naturally reduces the lifespan of the shoe. There is even a possibility of wearing the shoe just once and that’s it, the shoe goes out of order beyond repair.


Helly Hansen’s shoes are known for their great grip on the ground, whether snow or ice or mud. They also offer great waterproofing. If you get the size right, chances are high that you will enjoy a pair of HH.

Helly Hansen shoes are the boot of choice for dozens of customers worldwide. Likewise, their sneakers are a successful product series. We wish you the best, and it will be really handsome if you can share this article and leave a comment about HH.

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