European men’s clothing size – European sizes into US, UK,… sizes

European men’s clothing size is made of different measurements for men’s apparel. Many of these clothes are from European brands which are well known for their outstanding fashion worldwide. Even though the European clothing brands offer the best fashion, the struggle of getting the right size is inevitable if you don’t have the right sizes. Converting clothes and shoe sizes for men can be tedious, but our charts will help you easily convert your US size into European, UK, French, Japanese, or Italian. Our guide we have guided you on how to convert these sizes to United States measurements, western Europe countries, or the United Kingdom.

What are European men’s clothing sizes and why is important to know your European men’s clothing size?

There is a huge difference in the sizing of European clothes if you plan to travel or purchase European men’s attire whether you are from the US or any other country in the world. Our charts go a long way in ensuring you have an easy time when shopping for your European clothing, especially for men. With our charts, you can convert any size for any country to get the equivalent size from the European size you want. Despite the different brands in Europe, our charts go a long way since our sizes are universal in all these brands so you don’t have to worry.

With the correct leg, chest, hip, and shoulder size, getting your European attire becomes an enjoyable experience. You don’t have to go through any unnecessary struggle if you have our European men’s clothing size chart as it has simplified your work when shopping any day any time for any body type.

European Men’s clothing size charts summary

  • Introduction
  • European Size Chart for Men
  • European Men’s Jeans Size Chart
  • European Men’s Underwear Size Chart
  • European Men’s Jacket Size chart
  • European Men’s Shirt and Sweater Size chart
  • European Men’s Suit Size chart
  • European Men’s Pant Size chart
  • European Men’s Belt Size Conversion Chart
  • European Men’s Shoe Size Chart
  • How to choose the right European men’s clothing size
    The best European men’s clothing size for you
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Conclusion

European Size Chart for Men

Internat. SizesUS SizesUK SizesFrench SizesItalian SizesGerman Sizes

European Men’s Jeans Size Chart

waist (inch)Length (inch)USEuroUKwaist (cm)Length (cm)
283028/304028/3070 – 7276
293029/304229/3073 – 7576
303230/324430/3275 – 7781
323232/324632/3280 – 8281
333233/324833/3283 – 8581
343234/325034/3285 – 8781
363436/345236/3490 – 9286
383438/345438/3493 – 9886
403440/345640/3499 – 10586
423442/345842/34105 – 11086
443444/346044/34110 – 11386

European Men’s Underwear Size chart

International sizeUS/UK sizeEU sizeFrench sizeIT size

European Men’s Jacket Size chart

Body height (inch)Chest width (inch)US/UK sizeEuropean sizeBody height (cm)Chest width (cm)
63 – 6430 – 32XXXS40160 – 16478 – 81
64 – 6532 – 34XXS42162 – 16682 – 85
65 – 6634 – 36XS44166 – 17086 – 89
66 – 6736 – 38S46168 – 17390 – 93
67 – 6838 – 40M48171 – 17694 – 97
68 – 6940 – 42L50174 – 17998 – 101
69 – 7042 – 44L52177 – 182102 – 105
70 – 7144 – 45XL54180 – 184106 – 109
71 – 7244 – 45XL56182 – 186110 – 113
72 – 7345 – 46XXL58184 – 188114 – 117
73 – 7446 – 47XXL60185 – 189118 – 121
74 – 7547 – 483XL62187 – 191122 – 125
75 – 7648 – 493XL64189 – 193126 – 129
76 – 7749 – 504XL66191 – 194130 – 133
77 – 7850 – 515XL68193 – 196134 – 137
78 – 7951 – 525XL70195 – 198138 – 141
79 – 8052 – 536XL72197 – 200142 – 145

European Men’s Shirt and Sweater Size chart

Internat. SizeUS SizeUK SizeEuro SizeFrench SizeItalian Size

European Men’s Suit Size chart

Internat. Suit SizeUS Suit SizeEuro Suit SizeUK Suit SizeChestWaistArm
S34463434 in 86.36 cm28 in 71.12 cm31.5 in 80.01 cm
S36463636 in 91.44 cm30 in 76.2 cm32 in 81.28 cm
M38483838 in 96.52 cm32 in 81.28 cm32.5 in 82.55 cm
M40484040 in 101.6 cm34 in 86.36 cm33 in 83.82 cm
L42504242 in 106.68 cm36 in 91.44 cm33.5 in 85.63 cm
L44524444 in 111.76 cm38 in 96.52 cm34 in 86.36 cm
XL46544646 in 116.84 cm40 in 101.6 cm34.5 in 87.63 cm
XL48554848 in 121.92 cm42 in 106.68 cm35 in 88.9 cm
XXL50565050 in 127 cm44 in 111.76 cm35.5 in 90.17 cm
XXL52565252 in 132.08 cm46 in 116.84 cm36 in 91.44 cm

European Men’s Pant Size Chart

US / Internat. SizeUK SizeEuro SizeFrench SizeItalian Size

European Men’s Belt Size Conversion Chart

US / UK Belt Size (inches)European Belt Size (centimeters)
32″81 cm
34″86 cm
36″91 cm
38″97 cm
40″102 cm
42″107 cm
44″112 cm
46″117 cm
48″122 cm
50″127 cm

Men’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart (US, UK, EU)

Easily convert your US shoe size to UK or EU with this shoe size conversion chart.

US Men’s ShoeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length in InchesFoot Length in CM
32.534.58 1⁄221.6 cm
3.53358 2⁄322.0 cm
43.535.58 5⁄622.4 cm
4.5436.5922.9 cm
54.5379 1⁄623.3 cm
5.5537.59 1⁄323.7 cm
65.5389 1⁄224.1 cm
6.56399 2⁄324.6 cm
76.539.59 5⁄625.0 cm
7.57401025.4 cm
87.540.510 1⁄625.8 cm
8.5841.510 1⁄326.2 cm
98.541.510 1⁄226.7 cm
9.5942.510 2⁄327.1 cm
109.543.510 5⁄627.5 cm
10.510441127.9 cm
1110.544.511 1⁄628.4 cm
11.51145.511 1⁄328.8 cm
1211.54611 1⁄229.2 cm
12.51246.511 2⁄329.6 cm
1312.54711 5⁄630.1 cm
13.51347.51230.5 cm
1413.548.512 1⁄630.9 cm
14.5144912 1⁄331.3 cm
1514.549.512 1⁄231.8 cm
15.5155012 2⁄332.2 cm

How to Convert European men’s Clothing Size into other size?

Start with measuring your body to find the right size

Accurate body measurement is critical to selecting the appropriate garment size. Men’s and women’s measurements are generally different; men’s measurements include the chest, neck, arm, and waist, while women’s measurements include the bust, waist, and hips.  The best and most complete post on how to measure your body for clothing sizes

You’ll need a flexible tape measure for the process. Always keep the tape parallel to the ground when taking horizontal measurements like the chest, waist, and hips.


When getting fitted for a shirt, getting the chest measurement is crucial. You’ll need to keep a tape measure handy to accomplish this. using a  tape measure over the broadest chest region under your arms.


To take neck measures, wrap the measuring tape around your Adam’s apple in the centre of your neck. Leave the tape a bit loose to make the shirt more comfortable. Remember to keep the tape horizontal to avoid errors.


When getting fitted for a shirt, the arm measurement is also crucial. Place your hand on your hip and bend your elbow 90 degrees. Place a durable tape measure in the middle of your neck. Measure your shoulder to your elbow and down to your wrist. Your sleeve length is the whole length.

Size Waist

Waist measurements are crucial when getting fitted for a bottom (pants, jeans, skirts, boxers, etc.). Measure around your natural waistline with a little loose tape to acquire your waist measurement. The waist measurement is your waist circumference in inches or centimeters. Measure just under your ribs or along the navel to find the correct waist size. 


For women’s bottoms, hip measurements are incredibly crucial. Measure around the broadest area of your hips while standing with your feet together.


Rise measurements determine the length of the bottoms, especially for long jeans and pants. Rise measure from the top of the waistband to the leg seam to get the rise measurement.

The length of the bottoms is determined by the rise measurement, which is especially important for long jeans and pants. To get the rise measurement, measure from the top of the waistband to the leg seam.


The bust measurement involves measuring the fullest part of your breasts to the back. Your chest measurement is taken just above your bust, while the underbust size is below your breasts. The hip measurement is the circumference of the widest part of your hips. 

After recording your measurements, check them against the information in our charts to find the best size for your outfit. 

How to choose the right European men’s clothing size
The best European men’s clothing size for you

There’s a reason European men’s clothing is renowned for having great style. They offer typically men’s wear in premium, elegant attire that makes the fashions of most other nations look dull and uninspired. Thus getting the right size for you will enhance the fashion and the elegance of your dressing code.

Choosing the right European men’s clothing size can be guided using a unique formula that can help get the right sizes for you. According to many shops, you can get your measurements by dividing your chest measurement by 2 cm. This method is a quicker way of getting your clothing size. Always be keen whenever you are getting your right size since a small error can cause you a huge size error on your clothing size. In Italian dressing rooms, the mirrors frequently reflect scared expressions. When vacationers suddenly no longer fit into their usual size, for instance. This frequently occurs because of how drastically various sizing systems are in European nations. Despite some initiatives, the European standardization has halted before the garment sizes. Whether it’s France, Great Britain, or Spain, every nation has its unique system for sizing apparel.

European clothing sizes were to be standardized as early as 1994 using the EN 13402  standard outcome. However, this norm encountered considerable opposition in significant fashion nations like Italy, France, Great Britain, and Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, there are no available European-wide standards, and the manufacturers of the various brands adhere to their criteria. Body measurement procedure either in French sizing, Japanese size, United States, South Asia, southwest, channel islands, even when the population growth increases the procedure is similar.

The cloth measuring in the US is different compared to other countries. The sizes measure from small, medium, and large. Small is denoted as S; they denote medium as M while large as L. For extra-large mostly they use X in front of L to show it extra large. They start from XXS to XXL on the system to expand it upwards and downwards.

The chest circumference serves as the standard for European sizes. Measurements for the inside seam, arm length, chest/breast, hips, and waist: Men’s size measurements are halved in Germany, and women’s measurements are decreased by an additional six cm. Example: A size of 48 for men and 42 for women is determined by a bust circumference of 96 cm. Besides Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, South Africa, south wales, the Netherlands, and Poland, these countries also follow the standard sizes for normal sizes in Germany.

They have also incorporated unisex sizes in these clothing sizes of European clothing. Mostly this occurs in the sports field and industry. Small (S), Medium (M), and large (M) have rapidly been used internationally. The number 48 above equates to a size M for men and a size XL for women, however, the underlying proportions might vary. Therefore, an Asian M is sometimes significantly smaller than a European M!

Frequently asked questions and answers

1. What are EU men’s sizes?

European men’s sizes mean the measurement of men’s clothing in the European dimension.

2. What is European clothing size conversion?

European clothing size conversion is the information on how to convert Euro cloths measurement to different countries such as US, UK amongst many others.

3. What is a size 42 in Europe?

Size 42 either US or UK is equivalent to 54 sizes in Europe.

4. What is my EU shirt size?

This will vary from one person to another. It will depend on your body measurement which will guide you in picking your correct and fitting shirt in EU size.

5. What is men’s medium in European size?

Medium size in European size is 46 – 48.

6. Is European XL the same as US XL?

No. there is a huge difference between XL in US and XL in Europe. This is because an L in the US is equal to XL in Europe while XL in the US is equal to XXL in Europe.

7. What size is a Euro 44 in clothes?



Many clients have trouble with pants sizes since the ratio of hip circumference to leg length does not always match the normal apparel sizes. Because of this, some manufacturers offer various lengths for their pants. Jeans are the clothing item where this is most frequently seen. The sizes used here are called inch sizes since the inside leg length, also known as the “inseam,” and the waistband circumference are measured in inches. European men’s clothing has been doing well because of the different size measuring methods which act as a guide before you purchase your clothes. Each European nation may have a different standard for labeling apparel sizes. The size systems in the UK, Germany, Italy, and France, for instance, are unique i.e. size coding scheme. For this reason, it’s important to usually refer to the seller’s size chart in order to confirm the sizes way before making any purchase on men’s clothing.

For men, avoiding anything garish, large, artificial, or tacky is good. Instead, pick low-key accessories that go well with your attire. Keep your wardrobe simple and minimal. Apart from that, attractive necklaces, scarves, delicate caps, and jewelry are all good options. Avoid carrying a bulky backpack in a tourist manner when you’re traveling. Carry a messenger bag, leather satchel, side bag, LeSportsac bag, or anything similar. Add a pair of sunglasses to it. European clothing styles prefer the more understated, sophisticated sunglasses. Any outfit would look great with a pair of gradient Ray-Bans with a wooden frame.

If you have questions concerning our article, please leave questions in the comment section and we will gladly help.

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