What is my Bates Boots Size?

Bates footwear is a company that makes high-quality boots for first responders, troops, law enforcement, and casual boot enthusiasts. If you are looking for a reliable vendor of durable, flexible, and high-performance boots, Bates is the way to go (skip straight to the Bates Boots Size Chart). 

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Before you place a pair of boots in the Bates footwear cart, it’s essential to learn what makes an excellent boot. This will help you make a decision that you won’t regret. Learn more about Bates boot sizes in this post. 

Let’s get started.

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Bates Boots Size Table of Contents

Bates Boots Size Charts

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Bates Men’s Boots Size Chart

USA SizeUK SizeEUR SizeJPN/Foot Length (cm)Foot Length (inches)
323621 cm8.3 in
3.52.536.521.5 cm8.5 in
433722 cm8.7 in
4.53.537.522.5 cm8.9 in
543823 cm9.1 in
5.54.538.523.5 cm9.3 in
653924 cm9.5 in
6.55.539.524.5 cm9.6 in
764025 cm9.8 in
7.56.540.525.5 cm10 in
874126 cm10.2 in
8.57.541.526.5 cm10.4 in
984227 cm10.6 in
9.58.542.527.5 cm10.8 in
1094328 cm11 in
10.59.543.528.5 cm11.2 in
11104429 cm11.4 in
11.510.544.529.5 cm11.6 in
12114530 cm11.8 in
13124631 cm12.2 in
14134732 cm12.6 in
15144833 cm13 in
16154934 cm13.4 in

Bates Women’s Boots Size Chart 

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USAUKEURJPN/Foot Length (cm)Foot Length (inches)
2 3219 cm7.5 in
313320 cm7.9 in
423421 cm8.3 in
4.52.534.521.5 cm8.5 in
533522 cm8.7 in
5.53.53622.5 cm8.9 in
643723 cm9.1 in
6.54.537.523.5 cm9.3 in
753824 cm9.5 in
7.55.538.524.5 cm9.6 in
863925 cm9.8 in
8.56.539.525.5 cm10 in
974026 cm10.2 in
9.57.54126.5 cm10.4 in
1094227 cm10.6 in
1194328 cm11 in
12104429 cm11.4 in

How to Pick the Right Bates Boot Size

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You can choose a fitting pair of Bates boots using your normal shoe size because the footwear is made according to American sizing standards.

However, Bates boots come in a variety of widths symbolized in letters. Check out what they mean in this post

If you aren’t familiar with your US shoe size, you can use a tape measure to determine the length and width of your feet. Once you do so, check out the measurements against the size charts and choose a fitting pair of boots. 

What Makes Bates Boots so Great?

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 Bates boots stand out from other boot brands in a couple of ways. Let’s see why Bates boots are among the best options on the market.

1. Design

There are different boot designs available on Bates. You’ll find everything from formal military boots to unisex styles. There’s something for everyone in the various collections Bates features. 

If you want hiking footwear, you can go for a sporty boot that can deliver an athletic performance. Such boots can have a collar ranging from 4 to 6 inches high.

On another note, a tactical boot is great when engaging in training, combat scenarios, and walking long distances. These will have an ankle height of 8 to 9 inches to provide additional support to your ankles. 

The other alternative is a military-style boot that has a collar of 10 to 11 inches high. It gets as close to your knees as possible to ensure you have ample leg coverage. 

2. Slip-Resistant Rubber Outsole

It’s tricky to walk on wet surfaces without slipping. However, there is a solution for this situation because Bates boots are fitted with rubber outsoles that ensure you have a good grip on the ground. 

These slip-resistant shoes reduce the chances of falls in the workplace and also outdoors. Whether you are walking on ice, on a wet floor, or on river rocks, you can do so stably without fear of slipping, thanks to the high-traction outsoles. 

The soles also feature deep tread patterns that increase stability as you walk on slippery surfaces. 

3. Comfort

Another thing to expect from Bates boots is comfort. These boots come with a thick removable insert that absorbs the shock you generate during movement.

As a result, your feet will only feel part of the impact, ensuring you can avoid soreness and fatigue as you walk. 

Plus, since the insert is removable, you can detach it if it makes the boot feel smaller. This will create more room in the boot, allowing you to enjoy more comfort.

On the other hand, if you need more cushioning, you can add or replace the inserts to meet your fancy. 

4. Breathability and Insulation

You can say goodbye to sweaty feet thanks to the lightweight uppers of Bates boots. The materials have moisture-wicking properties, meaning they pull sweat from your skin toward the outside of the boot, where it can evaporate.

So, there won’t be a build-up of moisture inside your boots, reducing the chances of foot odors and similar conditions.

While breathability is a must-have for hot weather boots, there’s another feature you need when it comes to low temperatures, which is insulation.

Bates cold weather boots come with an insulated design that traps warmth inside. This helps keep your feet nice and cozy even when temperatures outside are freezing. 

5. Side Zippers

Sometimes, putting on your boots and taking them off seems to take a lifetime, especially when the laces reach higher than your ankles. This can make it challenging to quickly slip your boots on in case of an emergency.

Thankfully, Bate boots can feature a nylon side zipper that’s conveniently placed to help you wear and take off your boots without hassle. 

6. Waterproof Performance

Working in wet environments can leave your boots soaked and socks wet. This can make it really uncomfortable to keep your boots on.

So, if you anticipate that you’ll be getting in contact with moisture, you should get some waterproof boots.

These boots are built to keep water and other liquids out, ensuring you can keep your feet dry even when walking in the rain or stepping on a puddle. 

7. Toe Safety Cap

Lifting and operating heavy equipment or machinery can be dangerous. If someone accidentally drops something heavy on your feet, your toes could end up crushed. That’s why it’s important to have boots with safety toe caps for extra protection. 

Some toe caps are made of non-metals, while others are made of metals like steel. Regardless of which you choose, having a toe cap in your boots can be a lifesaver. 

Learn more about Bates Boots in this video

Bates Tactical Sport Boots Review (Bates Tactical Boots Review) by Ultimate Survival Gear

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Bates boots true to size?

Yes, they are. 

2. How do you measure Bates for boots?

Measure the length and width of your feet and look for a fitting comparison from the charts. 

3. Should I size up my Bates boots?

There’s no need to size up since these boots run true to size. 

4. What size is my Bates boot size?

You can find your Bates boot size by measuring the length of your feet and checking it against the size charts.

5. Is your Bates boot size the same as your shoe size?

Yes, it is. 

6. How should Bates boots fit?

Bates boots should have a snug fit but shouldn’t feel too tight. 

7. How high do Bates boots reach?

Bates boots can reach as high as 11 inches if you want. 


Boots are great for outdoor adventures, workplaces, and formal looks in office settings. Finding a fitting pair of boots can be challenging, but with your foot measurements and a size chart, you can choose boots that deliver a snug fit.

If you have questions about Bates boot sizes, please leave them below. 

Picture in this post is from baresfootwear.uk.com

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