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Zeba, with headquarters in Las Vegas, is a U.S. footwear manufacturer. As a company, they set out in 2015 to make the most comfortable shoes ever using ground-breaking engineering. Using the proprietary shoe heel collapsible technology, the iconic Zeba sneakers make putting on shoes a breeze (skip straight to the Zeba Size Charts).

In fact, they first applied in 2015, and after spending four years refining their product’s form, function, and comfort, they only started accepting orders the next year. They waited to take orders until they completely satisfied us with the quality of the Zebas they had created.

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There should be this sort of innovation in all shoes soon. They are working on using this technology to make dress shoes, sandals, and other footwear. Using the same technology, they are creating footwear specifically for people with diabetes.

Zeba’s size chart is an innovative spin on the standard sizing system, but that’s not all the business is doing to challenge conventional ideas of beauty. Noor has always advocated for acceptance and self-love. After spending time with Zeba, she realizes that there is still work to be done to alter society’s perception of varied physical forms.

Before placing an order, international buyers can convert their sizes to U.S. sizes using the following charts.

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Zeba Size Chart Table of Contents

Zeba men’s shoe size chart

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739625.5 cm10.03937 in
7.5406.526.3 cm10.35433 in
841726.7 cm10.51181 in
8.5427.527.1 cm10.66929 in
943827.5 cm10.82677 in
9.543.58.527.9 cm10.98425 in
1044928.3 cm11.14173 in 
10.544.59.528.7 cm11.29921in 
11451029.1 cm11.45669 in
11.545.510.529.5 cm11.61417 in
12461129.9 cm11.77165 in
13471230.7 cm12.08661 in
14481331.5 cm12.40157 in
1549.51432.4 cm12.75591 in
16511533.3 cm13.11024 in

Zeba women’s shoe size chart

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534.5321.9 cm8.622047 in
5.5353.522.3 cm8.779528 in
636422.8 cm8.976378 in
6.536.54.523.1 cm9.094488 in
737523.5 cm9.251969 in
7.537.55.523.9 cm9.409449 in
838624.3 cm9.566929 in
8.5396.524.8 cm9.76378 in
939.5725.2 cm9.92126 in
9.5407.525.6 cm10.07874 in
1041826 cm10.23622 in
10.541.58.526.4 cm10.3937 in
1142926.9 cm10.59055 in
11.542.59.527.3 cm10.74803 in
1243.51027.8 cm10.94488 in

Women’s and Men’s Width shoe Size Guide

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Shoe widthlettersUSUKGermany
SlimAAAA, AAASS (super slim), S (slim)  
NarrowAA, AN (narrow)B, CE
Standard B, M (medium), R (regular)DF
Wide C, D, W (wide)EG
Extra WideEEWW (wide wide), EW or XW (extra wide) H

How to choose the right Zeba size

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Standardized U.S. shoe sizes are used for Zeba Shoes. Please convert your size to U.S. sizing before purchase if you are not a U.S. resident. While most styles come in a medium width, Zeba offers a small selection in an extra wide size.

The men’s extra-wide selection includes models in beige, steel onyx, steel navy, and jet black (4E). The colors peppermint, rose gray, black ember, cherry red, and sapphire blue are available in the women’s extra wide versions of these shoes (2E).

It’s a little more difficult to determine the correct shoe width than the correct size. To begin, not every maker follows the same standards regarding measuring breadth. It’s not as elementary as standard and wide. The quantity of width options is less crucial than the shoe’s actual shape.

The years of expertise have taught Zeba that the best approach to locate your perfect pair of shoes is to come to their stores so that they can customize the fit to your specific needs. They treat every customer as an individual, and they care deeply that the shoes you choose provide you with the utmost comfort and support.

Learn more about Zeba Size and more in this video

Zeba – Hands Free Sneakers by Zeba Shoes

Frequently asked questions

1. Is Zeba true to size?

The men’s sizing is consistent with that of other major American labels. If you’re familiar with the sizing of other major American brands, they suggest getting the same size you regularly wear from Zeba.

2. Should you size up or down in Zeba?

Women’s sizes should be ordered one full size larger than they normally would be from Zeba because their sizing runs half a size smaller.

3. What’s the largest Zeba size?

size 16

4. Does Zeba do plus-size clothing?

Zeba offers shoes for all different foot sizes.

5. What’s the medium in Zeba?

For ladies, a medium width is a ‘B.’ An ‘Extra Wide’ shoe for ladies is a size 2E.

6. What size is 3x in Zeba?

3x is the medium size.

7. Are Zeba shoes slip-resistant?

They make the Zeba for regular activities like walking and jogging. This footwear is designed to prevent slips and falls. For those who have problems stooping, a Zeba is an ideal present. That’s all, you can put down your shoes at last.


Zeba is there to help you to the fullest extent possible if you’re not happy with your purchase. Items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of the customer receiving the item. In order to receive a refund, your item must be in an unused, resalable condition. All tags and packing must be attached, and you must return the item in its original packaging. Shipping costs back to their Las Vegas, Nevada, office are the responsibility of the customer.

What about used shoes? Please try on your Zêba on a clean, carpeted, or interior surface to verify the correct size and style before wearing them outside. All returned footwear must be in a resalable condition. No outdoor-worn or soiled footwear will be accepted.

Leave any questions in the comment section. Thank You!

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