Filling Pieces Size Charts

Filling Pieces is a luxury footwear brand based in Amsterdam. The brand was founded in 2009 by Guillaume Philibert, and it is best known for its high-quality sneakers. Filling Pieces sneakers are from premium materials, and they are designed to be both comfortable and stylish (skip straight to the Filling Pieces Size Charts).

The brand offers a wide range of sneaker styles, from classic low-tops to trendy high-tops. Filling Pieces has garnered a loyal following among celebrities and fashionistas, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world.

Filling Pieces Size Charts
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If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that combine style and comfort, Filling Pieces is definitely worth checking out. In this guide, we help you to find the perfect Filling Pieces sizes by answering some of the most pertinent questions about Filling Pieces sizes.

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Filling Pieces Size Charts Table of Contents

Filling Pieces shoes size chart

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CMInchEU SizeUK SizeUS Men SizeUS Women Size

Filling Pieces clothing size charts

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Tops (Men & Women)

SizeChest (cm)inchHem (cm)inchSleeves (cm)inchCuff Opening (cm)inchTotal Length Front (cm)inch

Hoodies & Sweetshirts (Men & Women)

SizeChest (cm)inchHem (cm)inchSleeves (cm)inchCuff Opening (cm)inchTotal Length Front (cm)inch

Jackets (Men & Women)

SizeChest (cm)inchHem (cm)inchSleeves (cm)inchCuff Opening (cm)inchTotal Length Front (cm)inch

Pants (Men & Women)

SizeWaist (cm)inchHips (cm)inchFront Rise (cm)inchBack Rise (cm)inchLeg Opening (cm)inchInside Leg (cm)inch

Learn more about Filling Pieces size and more (video)

Bridging The Gap: 10 Years of Filling Pieces by Filling Pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Filling Pieces true to size?

Yes, precisely. Filling Pieces is your trusted shoe brand whose sizes can never go wrong. The brand, besides offering very accurate sizes, produces a wide variety of shoes in different sizes. This allows you to have literally any type of shoe you can dream of without hurting your feet or changing your walking style.

Filling Pieces fills the gaps in the shoe industry where many brands produce only the common shoe sizes and leave out a big part of the global population in desperate need of a perfect fit. This is why the company has maintained a strong foothold in the international shoe markets. Buyers get what they want without sizing up or down which improves their shopping experience whether they do it online or physically visit a Filling Pieces store.

The company understands that buyers deserve the best, this is why it is cautious to provide sizing charts and work with just that. Being privy to the dangers of wrong shoe sizes on the buyers’ health, the company would rather have the perfect shoe and go ahead to provide a free consultation to new clients than be negligent.

Should you go big in Filling Pieces?

There is no need to go big because you’ll find a shoe that snugly fits in. Whether taking out Alpine Loafers or Gali Chelsea Brown boots, you’ll find a shoe that addresses all your needs. The shoe brand understands that feet tend to increase in size when worn the whole day or when the wearer undertakes rigorous activities like working out. This is why you’ll never need a size up when taking out Filling Pieces Sneakers or hiking boots.

The same applies to all shoe types and genders. Are you taking out Filling Pieces clothes? Be sure to work with the brand’s sizing charts to take a true-to-size outfit. Upon the unlikely event of taking out the wrong shoe size, the Filling Pieces replacement and refund policy allow you to either replace the shoe or get a refund within 30 days after the purchase.

To avoid all this, just find time to visit the nearest shop where you’ll try out different sizes until you get a perfect fit.

How wide are the Filling Pieces?

Filling Pieces’ widest shoe is 5 ⅛” which is wide. The shoe is size 47 – 48 EU, size 14 US women, 13 US men, and size 12 UK. The shoe is 30cm (12.1 inches) long, which is mostly taken by the big and tall. Good thing, there are multiple shoe designs including Alloy LT 01 sneakers, Navy Premium Suede Sneakers, or Lower Eva Sky Velv.

Likewise, Filling Pieces cares about clients who are on the narrow side of the scale. Hence, you can forget the era of wearing shoes that fly in the air whenever you kick a ball. There’s so much harm to your feet and even back whenever you wear an oversized shoe. This will not only affect your body balance but your walking style may suddenly turn weird.

The emotional aspect of it goes without saying. Everyone notices when you’re in oversized shoes, and you don’t want to deal with odd looks the whole day.

The more reason why Filling Pieces will always come to your mind whenever you think of getting the right size and width.

What is size 8 in Filling Pieces?

A UK size 8 is the same as a US men’s size 9.5, US women’s size 11, and an EU size 43. This site also comes in different widths to suit all feet widths and shapes. A shoe’s design doesn’t interfere with its size at Filling Pieces. Hence, if you wear size 8 for your leather loafers, you’ll still take the same size for ankle boots or workout sneakers.

Many brands have this size as the most-selling for people above 40 years and may try to change what a UK size 8 should be. However, the case is different for Filling Pieces because a size 8 will never run bigger or smaller than it should because of pressure. The brand always remains true to international sizing standards and offers free consultation services to clients who keep shifting sizes.

What’s the largest man’s Filling Pieces shoe size?

EU size 48 which is US 13 and UK size 12. The shoe is 30.7cm long and can be as wide as 5 ⅛” inches, and as narrow as 4 ⅜” inches. Most men taking out this size have wide feet which is why the shoe is made generally wide.

Moreover, shoes under this size are made of rich material to enhance their durability. This is explained by the amount of weight that they support and the normal wear and tear that happens when you wear shoes.

What is size 12 in Filling Pieces?

US men size 12 is EU size 46 and size UK size 11. The shoe is 30.3cm long and is available for a variety of foot widths. If you find this size going small all of a sudden or have started feeling frumpy in it, you may want to check your weight and overall health. Those are some of the factors that influence your feet size.


Having read all that, you’re now a better shoe buyer who will not go wrong henceforth. Feel free to buy the shoes online or better visit a Filling Pieces shop near you. Got any burning questions? Please ask in the comments.

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