Baretraps Shoe Size Charts

Baretraps is a famous footwear company whose story began in 2001. Now, more than two decades later, the brand is growing at an advanced pace, especially in the US. It features a wide collection of head-turning styles that come at affordable prices (skip straight to the Baretraps shoe size charts).

Baretraps Shoe Size Charts
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If you are looking for a unique selection of men’s and women’s footwear, you can find some of the coziest styles in Baretraps. Choosing the right Baretraps size can be tricky, so we’ve assembled all you need to know in this guide. Find out why Baretraps is the best shoe brand for you right now.

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Baretraps Shoe Size Charts Table of Contents

Baretraps Shoe Size Chart

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Baretraps Shoe Sizing

US SizeEUCNUKStandard width (cm)standard width (in)Length (cm.)Length (in)
535.5537.1 cm2.8 in22.2 cm8.7 in
5.5365.53.57.4 cm2.9 in22.6 cm8.9 in
636.5647.4 cm2.9 in23 cm9 in
6.5376.54.57.6 cm3 in23.4 cm9.2 in
737.5757.9 cm3.1 in23.8 cm9.3 in
7.5387.55.57.9 cm3.1 in24.3 cm9.6 in
838.5868.1 cm3.2 in24.7 cm9.7 in
8.5398.56.58.4 cm3.3 in25.1 cm9.9 in
939.5-40978.4 cm3.3 in25.6 cm10 in
9.540. cm3.6 in26 cm10.2 in
10411089.1 cm3.6 in26.4 cm10.4 in
10.541.510.58.59.4 cm3.7 in26.8 cm10.6 in
1142-42.51199.4 cm3.7 in27.2 cm10..7 in
11.54311.59.59.6 cm3.8 in27.4 cm10.8 in
1243.5-4412109.6 cm3.8 in28.1 cm11 in
1344-4513119.9 cm3.9 in28.6 cm11.3 in

Women’s Full-Size Styles Chart

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US SizeEUCNUKStandard width (cm)Standard width (In)Length (cm.)Length (in)
535.5537.1 cm2.8 in22.2 cm8.7 in
636.5647.4 cm2.9 in23 cm9 in
737.5757.9 cm3.1 in23.8 cm9.3 in
838.5868.1 cm3.2 in24.7 cm9.7 in
939.5-40978.4 cm3.3 in25.6 cm10 in
10411088.6 cm3.4 in26.4 cm10.4 in
1142-42.51199.4 cm3.7 in27.2 cm10.7 in

Why Choose Baretraps Shoes?

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There are numerous brands that offer shoes for women. What makes Baretraps shoes the best option? Let’s look at a few reasons why you should choose Baretrap shoes.

1. Style Variety

The first thing to appreciate about Baretraps is that it provides multiple choices in style. This allows you to find shoes that match the type of look you want. Baretraps offers everything from a flat sandal to perforated booties. If you want a quick overview of the different boots, sandals, and sneakers available from this brand, check out the lists below.

You can find BareTraps boots in the following forms

  • Wide calf boots
  • Rebound boots
  • Hiking boots
  • Duck boots
  • Knee-high boots
  • Riding boots
  • Waterproof boots
  • Cold weather boots

If you want a pair of sandals for the summer, check out the following options.

  • Active sandals
  • Wedge sandals
  • Slides
  • Slip-Ons
  • Rebound sandals

There are also some options if you need footwear to support an active lifestyle. These include:

  • Slip-on sneakers
  • wedge sneakers

Baretraps casual shoe styles include:

  • Flats
  • Loafers
  • Slippers
  • Clogs

2. Fit

The different styles that Baretraps sandals and shoes feature each deliver a unique fit. That’s why you should consider the type of fit you need depending on the designs of the shoe. You can clearly see how different styles can help you find a good fit in this post.

Something else to consider is the width of the shoe. Most shoes come in medium width, but if you have wide feet, you don’t have to worry. There’s a wide option for those with broad feet. Whether you want retro-style shoes or contemporary summer sandals, you can find something that fits at Baretraps.

3. Rebound Technology

Wearing poor-quality footwear can take a toll on your well-being. You’ll need more energy to accomplish simple tasks when the shoes aren’t designed properly. Baretraps shoes feature Rebound Technology to ensure you get the same amount of energy with every step you take. These shoes can sufficiently support an active lifestyle without putting stress on your feet.

Another thing that makes Rebound Technology useful is the microbial insoles. Say goodbye to foot odors and bacterial growth inside your shoes. The antimicrobial shield inside the shoe will help preserve a fresh and conducive environment for your feet.

Baretraps are among the most comfortable shoes thanks to the arch support they provide.BareTraps women’s shoes have insoles designed to promote proper posture and weight distribution whenever you are on your feet. This makes them great for people with flat feet since they help reduce strain on your back and body.

Additionally, shoes with Rebound Technology also have shock-absorbing capabilities. As a result, they protect your feet from taking in the vibrations that arise from impact with the ground.

4. Posture Plus+ Technology

We can’t talk about Baretraps shoes without mentioning Posture Plus+ Technology. About 80 in 100 Americans suffer from aches and pain in the joints, back, and feet. Most people get through the day by ignoring the discomfort or finding another means to cope.

Baretraps Posture Plus+ Technology provides relief by helping you maintain good posture. The shoes feature orthotic insoles that improve balance and foot alignment to control the causes of chronic pain.

Posture Plus+ shoes provide much more than arch support and reduce pressure on your toes, ankles, and knees. As a result, you’ll be in a better position to enjoy a pain-free and productive day in whatever you are doing.

5. Waterproof Performance

When the weather seems unpredictable and you suspect it could pour out of the blue, there’s no better pair to wear than Baretraps waterproof boots. The footwear features a water-repellent coating that keeps moisture from seeping through whether you step in a puddle or are out in the rain.

The outsoles are also flexible to ensure the shoes adjust to the natural movement of your feet. So you won’t be trading comfort for functionality by choosing a pair of stylish waterproof boots.

6. Thermal Technology

As winter draws near, it’s time to put away your sandals and shoes and get something to keep you warm in the freezing temperatures. Fortunately, you don’t need to look too far for a pair of temperature-rated boots. Baretraps has footwear with thermal insulation technology to ensure you don’t get cold feet as you handle your daily tasks.

These thermal boots can keep your feet warm even when temperatures fall to -5°F or -20°C. While the footwear is reinforced to shield you from the cold, the shoes are still lightweight enough to let you move without dragging your feet.

Learn more about Baretraps shoe size and more in this video

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Baretraps sandals true to size?

Baretraps sandals run true to size.

2. Are Baretraps shoes comfortable?

Baretraps shoes feature a cozy insole that makes them comfortable to wear.

3. Do Baretraps shoes have arch support?

Yes, they do. Baretraps shoes have orthotic midsoles that provide arch support for those with flat feet.

4. How should Baretraps shoe suppose to fit?

These shoes should feel snug around the length and width of your feet.

5. How wide is Baretraps shoe?

Baretraps shoes can be medium wide or extra wide.

6. Should I size up the Baretraps shoe?

Yes. You should order a half size up for your Baretraps shoes.

7. Should I choose my regular shoe size for Baretraps sandals?

Yes, you should order your regular size because Baretraps sandals run true to size.


Baretraps has a vast collection of women’s footwear, and you can undoubtedly find something to match your style. Choosing the right size doesn’t have to be a hassle since the shoes run true to size. If you don’t know your regular shoe size, you can measure your foot length and use the charts to choose a fitting pair.

If you have any questions about Baretraps shoe sizes, leave them below.

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