FitFlop Size Charts for Adults and Kids

As one of the most well-known shoe companies, FitFlop shot to fame thanks to the success of a single shoe: the FITFLOP LULU Women’s Sandal. In 2007, before FitFlop, it was widely believed that a shoe could not simultaneously look beautiful and feel fantastic, especially after hours of wear. The goal of FitFlop is to give people the tools they need to lead an active and meaningful life. FitFlop’s foundational support comes from its stylish and functional design, which balances biomechanics and comfort (skip straight to the FitFlop Size charts).

FitFlop Size Charts for Adults and Kids
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FITFLOP incorporates this principle into all of their designs so that they distribute as comfortably your weight as possible. Every one of our midsoles accomplishes this in its own unique way to match the silhouette. For instance, FITFLOP would not apply the same technology to a shoe as it would to a ballet flat. However, both will ensure that your feet are just as content at the day’s end as they were at its commencement.

The arches of your feet are supported and they cushion your stride to perfection in a pair of FitFlops, which helps to emphasize the natural rolling action from heel to toe. The rolling motion, which is akin to walking barefoot on soft sand gently stretched the plantar fascia.

If you have any queries about what size you should buy, check out the FITFLOP Sandals Sizing Chart below.

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FitFlop Size Charts Table of Contents

FITFLOP Men’s Size Chart

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8741252 mm9.9 in251 mm9.8 in249 mm9.8 in252 – 256 mm9.9 – 10 in
8.57.541.5255 mm10.0 in254 mm10 in252 mm9.9 in256 – 260 mm10.0 – 10.2 in
9842257 mm10.1 in256 mm10.0 in255 mm10.0 in260 – 264 mm10.2 – 10.3 in
9.58.542.5260 mm10.2 in259 mm10.1 in257 mm10.1 in264 – 269 mm10.3 – 10.5 in
10943262 mm10.3 in261 mm10.2 in260 mm10.2 in269 – 273 mm10.5 – 10.7 in
10.59.543.5264 mm10.3 in263 mm10.3 in262 mm10.3 in273 – 277 mm10.7 – 10.9 in
111044267 mm10.5 in265 mm10.4 in264 mm10.3 in277 -281 mm10.9 – 11.0 in
11.510.544.5269 mm10.5 in268 mm10.5 in267 mm10.5 in281 -286 mm11.0 – 11.2 in
121145272 mm10.7 in271 mm10.6 in269 mm10.5 in286 -290 mm11.2 – 11.4 in
12.511.546274 mm10.7 in273 mm10.7 in272 mm10.7 in290 -294 mm11.4 – 11.5 in
131247276 mm10.8 in275 mm10.8 in274 mm10.7 in294 – 298 mm11.5 – 11.6 in

FITFLOP Women’s Size Chart

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5336221 mm8.7 in220 mm8.6 in218 mm8.5 in218 – 222 mm8.5 – 8.7 in
5.53.536.5225 mm8.8 in223 mm8.7 in221 mm8.7 in222 – 226 mm8.7 – 8.8 in
6437228 mm8.9 in226 mm8.8 in225 mm8.8 in226 – 231 mm8.8 – 9.0 in
6.54.537.5231 mm9.0 in230 mm9.0 in228 mm8.9 in231 – 235 mm9.0 – 9.2 in
7538235 mm9.2 in233 mm9.1 in231 mm9.09 in235 – 240 mm9.2 – 9.4 in
7.55.538.5238 mm9.3 in237 mm9.3 in235 mm9.2 in240 – 244 mm9.4 – 9.6 in
8639242 mm9.5 in240 mm9.4 in238 mm9.3 in244 – 248 mm9.6 – 9.7 in
8.56.540245 mm9.6 in243 mm9.5 in242 mm9.5 in248 – 252 mm9.7 – 9.9 in
9741248 mm9.7 in246 mm9.6 in245 mm9.6 in252 – 256 mm9.9 – 10.0 in
9.57.541.5251 mm9.8 in250 mm9.8 in248 mm9.7 in256 – 260 mm10.0 – 10.2 in
10842255 mm10.0 in253 mm9.9 in251 mm9.8 in260 -264 mm10.2 – 10.3 in
10.58.542.5258 mm10.1 in256 mm10.0 in255 mm10.0 in264 – 268 mm10.3 – 10.5 in
11943262 mm10.3 in260 mm10.2 in258 mm10.1 in268 – 272 mm10.5 – 10.7 in

FitFlop Sandals Sizing Chart: Unisex sizes

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M4 | W6M3 | W436-37222308 5/8 in221 mm
M5 | W7M4 | W537-38232409 in229 mm
M6 | W8M5 | W638-39242509 3/8 in238 mm
M7 | W9M6 | W739-40252609 5/8 in246 mm
M8 | W10M7 | W841-422626510 in255 mm
M9 | W11M8 | W942-432727010 3/8 in263 mm
M10 | W12M9 | W1043-442828010 5/8 in272 mm
111045-462929011 in280 mm
121146-4730N/A11 3/8 in288 mm
131248-4931N/A11 5/8 in297 mm
141349-5032N/A12 in305 mm
151450-5133N/A12 3/8 in314 mm
161551-52N/AN/A12 5/8 in323 mm
171652-53N/AN/A13 in331 mm

FITFLOP Kid’s Size Chart

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UKUSEURsize (mm)size (in)
5638230 – 238 mm9.0 -9.3 in
4537222 – 230 mm8.7 – 9.0 in
3436213 – 221 mm8.3 – 8.7 in
2335205 – 213 mm8.0 – 8.3 in
1233196 – 204 mm7.7 – 8.0 in
13132188 – 196 mm7.4 – 7.7 in
121331180 – 188 mm7.0 – 7.4 in
111230172 – 180 mm6.7 – 7.0 in
101128165 – 173 mm6.4 – 6.8 in

How to choose the FitFlop size

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  • Measuring Your Foot Length And Width

It is feasible to determine your foot length and width without a Brannock Device, an all-in-one device. A skilled shoe fitter at a local shoe store can take the most precise product dimensions.

Most consumers who buy shoes do it online rather than in stores because they lack access to professional equipment, which is bad news for traditional shoe retailers.

  • How to Determine Your Fitflop Size and Width

Finding the correct shoe size for your feet (or your child’s) feet. Take gradual measurements of your foot length.

  • What You’ll Need to Get the Most Accurate Measurement of Your Shoe Size and Foot Width at Home:

Only two sheets of paper, letter or A4 size, are required. The use of a writing instrument, such as a pen or pencil. A person in a position of taking the measurement. To measure, use either a string or measuring tape. A confidant (recommended, but not essential)

  • Find out how to calculate your shoe size based on the sizes of your children’s feet.

In about 2 minutes, you’ll be able to get an accurate foot length. Below is an instructional piece that will show you how simple it is to calculate your foot size.

To keep things simple, here are our top suggestions: In the afternoon, take a measurement of your foot size. Since our feet enlarge throughout the day, it’s preferable to take their measurements in the late afternoon. When Taking Measures, Please Stand (this can be skipped for babies). It’s unnecessary to get out of a wheelchair to measure someone’s feet.

Please put on socks

People almost always wear socks with their shoes. When taking a foot measurement, be sure to wear the right socks. In order to get an accurate foot measurement for shoes with open toes, such as sandals, you can forget the socks at home.

To the point

Being accurate is necessary because the size variation between sizes is 6.6mm (or 0.26 inches).

Take a measurement of both your feet

Individuals on this planet almost seldom have identical feet (left or right). If you want to know what size shoes to get, measure your largest foot. Keep your feet planted firmly on that scrap of paper. Wheelchair users can get their foot size measured and seated comfortably in their chairs.

In the afternoon, take a measurement of your foot size. Our feet swell by the end of the day. Your chances of getting comfortable shoes that are too small will go down if you wait until the afternoon to get your feet measured.

Take height measurements while standing

When taking a foot measurement, maintain an erect posture. When you stand, your feet will extend wider to support your body. In order to get an accurate measurement of your feet, have a friend or family member take a picture of you standing tall and looking forward with your weight evenly distributed over both feet.

Bear in mind that your foot size and shape may change depending on how you stand.

Make sure you’re sockless

If you want an exact fit, measure your feet while wearing the socks or stockings you intend to wear with the shoes you intend to buy. Socks are unnecessary for proper foot measurement when purchasing sandals or other barefoot footwear.

You should be specific.

It’s important to get accurate measurements of your feet because shoe sizes vary by only approximately 1/8 of an inch. Several shoe sizes can be found in a conversion chart. The measurement’s precision will suffer and it could end up being a different size whether rounded up or down.

Take your own measurements for the length and width of both feet.

Take a measurement of both your feet. The feet of almost everyone aren’t perfectly symmetrical. It is recommended that the larger foot measurements be used when using a conversion size chart or purchasing footwear.

Place your paper on the floor.

Put the paper where your foot will walk on it. Put some tape on the paper and maybe think about it. Be wary of placing paper on the carpet or any other surface that may prove challenging when writing. After you’ve done that, put your foot firmly on a sheet of paper and trace its outline. Make sure your foot is on the paper and you’re standing tall.

If you can’t reach your toes without help, having a friend there to trace your foot will make the process much less difficult. Make a complete drawing of your foot. Trace the foot’s outline as precisely as you can while keeping the pencil as straight and perpendicular to the paper as you can.

Socks are permissible, but as stated before, shoes are not. Create a sketch of your other foot in the same manner.

Take your feet’s length.

Measure the footprint using a ruler or measuring tape from the inside/back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe. (often the great toe, however, it varies per foot) Repeatedly tracing your foot will get more precise results.

Draw your ideal width to fit your body.

Calculate your foot’s circumference (in millimeters) at its widest point, typically where your toe joints meet your foot. To determine the width of your shoe size, use the tables below.

Use a measuring tape to determine your ideal width

If you put your foot flat on the floor, measure it across its widest point (the ball of the foot). Note the dimensions. Why it’s crucial to have shoes that fit properly in terms of breadth. Look at this, read it, and learn.

Check out the size conversion charts.

Find the right shoe length by comparing your foot measurements to the ones on our shoe length chart for men or shoe length chart for women.

To determine which letter represents your foot width, please refer to the Men’s fit flop favorite shoe width chart or the Women’s cute shoe width chart.

Learn more about FitFlop size and more in this video

FitFlop Lulu Leather Toe Post Sandal by HSNtv

Frequently asked questions

1. Do FitFlops run big or small?

Fitflops runs bigs

2. Are shoe size and FitFlop shoe size the same?

Your sandal size is probably your true shoe size. On the other hand, if you want to get a pair of shoe sandals made, you’ll need to get your feet measured.

3. Should you size up in FitFlops?

Fitflops tend to be on the large side. The width of the laces on a pair of Rally sneakers is quite large. If you want a better fit, try buying a half-size smaller than your regular casual shoe size. It’s important to know that the smallest UK size accessible is 6.5 and that they do not offer half sizes (8.5 US) though.

4. How wide are FitFlops?

For people with wide feet, you don’t have to worry. Whether you have wide feet, narrow feet, a high arch, or a flat feet, FitFlop sandals will fit perfectly!

5. What’s size 39 in FitFlops?

This will depend if it is a woman’s shoe, men’s, or a kid’s.

6. What’s the largest FitFlops size?

SizeStandard sizelength
Medium6.5 – 7.510″
Large7.5 – 8.510.5″
X Large8.5 – 9.510.75″

7. Do podiatrists recommend FitFlops?

The American Podiatric Medical Association has recognized FitFlop sandals by bestowing upon them their Seal of Acceptance for contributing to positive foot health. In addition, the Microwobbleboard midsole technology used in FitFlop sandals can help you avoid foot injuries and feel better on your feet.


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