Unisex Size Chart for Clothing & Shoes: What Size to Order?

Have you ever wished to wear the same outfit as pals, friends, hubby, brothers, boyfriend or girlfriend no matter their gender? Unisex outfits are designed to help you do that. Knowing how to get your size is all required to make the most of unisex clothing designs. That’s exactly what a unisex size chart is for!

What exactly is unisex Sizing in clothes?

Unisex sizing is when the same cut of clothing is available in a wider range of sizes. This can range from XXS to XXL and beyond. Both male and female customers can wear this type of clothing.

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Initially, unisex clothes were mostly found in various styles of sweatshirts and jeans. But now, there is a unisex outfit for virtually every clothing design. How then, can you know the right size of unisex outfit for you?

The best thing to do is start with unisex size charts. These charts are pretty simple to use; all major brands have a size chart for all their unisex clothing line, making it easy to convert regular measurements taken with a tape measure to a standard or local clothing size.

Unisex Size Chart for Clothing & Shoes: What Size to Order? size-charts.com
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The following tables feature a collection of several size charts from different clothing brands and fashion houses. Each table shows the normal body measurement and the clothing sizes that go with them.

To use the charts, you may first take your body measurement and then look through the tables to find the standard sizes that give you the best fit. Remember, the charts usually work with your natural body measurements, natural waistline, chest, bust, and hips measurements. 

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Table of Content of Unisex Sizing

Unisex Size Chart Trousers (Inches/CM)

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The below size conversion chart compares your measurements with Pants size for women and men, in international sizes and alfa sizes.

Your Waist in InchesMen’s Pant Size (W/L)Women’s Pant Size (W/L)Men’s SizeWomen’s Size
23 – 24/ 58.42 – 60.9623/24 (58.42/60.96)XXS
24 – 25/ 60.96 – 63.525/63.5XS
26-27/ 66.04 – 68.5826/ 66.0426/66.04XXSXS
27-28/ 68.58 – 71.1227/ 68.5827/68.58XSXS
28-29/ 71.12 – 73.6628/ 71.1228/71.12XSS
29-30/ 73.66 – 76.2029/ 73.6629/73.66SS
30-31/ 76.20 – 78.7430/ 76.2030/ 76.2SM
31-32/ 78.74 – 81.2831/ 78.7431/ 78.74MM
32-33/ 81.28 – 83.8232/ 81.2832/ 81.28ML
33-34/ 83.82 – 86.3633/ 83.8233/ 83.82M/LL
34-35/ 86.36 – 88.9034/ 86.3634/ 86.36LXL
36-37/ 91.44 – 93.9836/ 91.4436/ 91.44XLXXL
38-39/ 96.52 – 99.0638/ 96.5238/ 96.52XXL1XL
40-41/ 101.6 – 104.1440/ 101.640/ 101.61XL2XL

Unisex Size Chart Shorts (Inches/CM)

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Men’s sizesWomen sizesWaistHipsInseam
XXSXS24-25/ 61-6432-34/ 81-8628.0/ 71
XSS26-28/ 66-7132-34/ 81-8629.5/ 75
SM29-31/ 74-7935-36/ 89-9129.5/ 75
ML32-34/ 81-8638-40/ 97-10230.0/ 76
LXL35-37/ 89-9641-43/ 104-10930.0/ 76
XLXXL38-42/ 96-10444-46/ 112-11730.5/ 78
XXL3XL42-45/ 107-11447-49/ 119-12430.5/ 78

Unisex Size Chart Sweatshirt (Inches/CM)

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Men SizesWomen SizesBody LengthBody WidthSleeve Length
SXS26/ 66.0420/ 50.833/ 83.82
MS27/ 68.5822/ 55.8834/ 86.36
LM28/ 71.1224/ 60.9635/ 88.90
XLL29/ 73.6626/ 66.0436/ 91.44
2XLXL30/ 76.2028/ 71.1237/ 93.98
3XL2XL31/ 78.7430/ 76.2038/ 96.52
4XL3XL32/ 81.2832/ 81.2839/ 99.06
5XL4XL33/ 83.8234/ 86.3640/ 101.6

Unisex Size Chart T-Shirts (Inches/CM)

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Men’s sizesWomen sizesChest
XSXXS34 – 36/ 86.36 – 91.44
SXS36 – 38/ 91.44 – 96.52
MS38 – 40/ 96.52 – 101.6
LM40 – 42/ 101.6 – 106.68
XLL42 – 45/ 106.68 – 114.3
XXLXL45 – 48/ 114.3 –  121.92
1XLXXL48 – 50/ 121.92 – 127

Unisex Size Chart Shoes

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Men’s sizes (US)Women’s Sizes (US)Unisex (UK)Unisex (EU)

Learn more about unisex size chart and how to measure unisex tees (video)

Unisex T-Shirt Measurements & Size Chart Guide by Size Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Is unisex sizing different?

Yes. Unisex product sizes differ slightly from male and female standard clothing sizes. Usually, the unisex sizing for any brand is one to two inches bigger for the female while it could be a standard large sizing for the male. This variation in size is to make allowance for the different chest measurements for both genders. For kids below the age of ten, the sizing is almost the same due to the similar body shapes of both males and females.

How does unisex sizing fit?

The unisex outfit runs big for women’s clothing. It often comes in the XL sizes or vintage, especially in the T-shirt size. Check the T-shirt size chart for details. However, for men, the unisex sizing is in the standard large sizes. If you want to buy a unisex, opt for outfits one or two inches above your normal measurements. It is also best to use a brand-specific size chart when making your purchase decision on any kind of outfit. 

Is Unisex sizing bigger than women’s?

Yes. The unisex sizing is often at least one inch bigger for women’s clothing. It is also common to find unisex items two or more inches bigger.

How big is a unisex large?

For men, Unisex large is usually their accurate size. However, for women, it comes in a larger size.  I would fall in the XL. Most unisex outfit for women ends up being vintage style. And Kids sizes are usually their accurate sizing for both genders.

Conclusion on Unisex size charts

Unisex outfits are usually fun to wear, especially when you have a large company of friends hanging out together. But, it’s easy to mess things up if you are not familiar with unisex sizing.

First, get a tape measure and figure out your body measurements: body length, bust measurement, natural waist, arm length, etc and write it in a piece of paper or anywhere. Then, decide the brand you want to buy and check the charts above to know your correct size. It’s that simple.

If you have any questions or find it difficult to use any of the charts, leave a comment below and you’ll get a swift response. Again, remember to share the article with your contact because It’ll keep them informed and help them look great.

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